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MCN  says:

You ask/You answer: Post-crash confidence crisis

I crashed on diesel six weeks ago, I'm still waiting on the insurer to pay out on the bike. I haven't ridden since and my confidence has plummeted. I feel like this might be it for me and bikes. Can anyone offer any advice before I make a decision? • Your advice could help. Leave a comment below and we'll publish...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (26 March 2012 17:38)

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Jun 10

Posts: 3

Cazurela says:


That's why I commented about my spirited riding.... At that pace nothing would have saved me from the gravel patch (No visibility issues, it was an open road recently sealed with lots of loose bitumen still laying over it). It was my choice to ride hard, and unfortunately another rider crashed at the same spot after seeing me go down (he panicked, fixated into the crash rail and hit it dead on) However, if you ride sports bikes you aren't exactly planning on cruising at 40 mph on a ride, are you? That's why I would consider dirt bikes (lower risks at lower speeds, or perhaps (at some point) riding a track bike in a proper track and not a supersports on the road. Again, if I worked behind a desk I would be much less prone to give up sports bikes, but your mileage may vary.... Cheers!

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Apr 06

Posts: 56

pottersbar says:

Post Crash Confidence

Low speed crash on a small roundabout, still unable to analyse the reason why other than it being a damp road  (Riding a Fireblade), ruined clothing, brusied ribs and ego.

Having taken a Ron Haslam track day the year before, decided to attend the Premier Course, one to one tution. Explained to the instructor what had happened, confidence restored

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Aug 02

Posts: 2320

Hedgehog5 says:


Unfortunately it's like the lottery or being struck by lightning... the probability of it happening twice is lower but each individual occurance has the same probability... no doubt your esteemed colleagues will have pointed this out so why ignore it? Having a 1 in 14 million chance of winning the lottery doesn't mean after winning it you have no chance next ticket you buy... it's still 1 in 14 million... yeah?

"There's always one!"

I'm quite happy to be that one otherwise your comment might never have been clarified. Imagine a rider thinking he's imune to diesel spills 'cos he's hit one before... dumb!

P.S. I realise your comment was tongue-in-cheek... there's no way to calculate the probability of encountering diesel for a random individual... this has so much to do with your route to work/how many miles you ride/environment... it's quite possible in certain circumstances a rider may go past a puddle of the stuff every day (say an area of high traffic in London with a high concentration of petrol stations & roundabouts) where others may never encounter it. I've hit diesel several times but only crashed once on it... it's no joke.

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Feb 12

Posts: 201

Yamark69 says:

The common thread seems to be if you love biking youdont need to ask 'should I get back on?' I was taken out on the same road I ride to work everyday. Wrote off my lovely Thundercat so I thought fuck it time to buy the R1 i always wanted. Confidence does take a bit of a knock but you'll only get that back by riding again.

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Mar 12

Posts: 85

do it

if you ride a bike , youl spend a lot of time on the floor , i say hell with it , your still walking aint ya ? learn and live my friend , learn and live ...

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Jan 12

Posts: 53

Preadator says:


SEE!!!! You said yourself, you've hit diesel several times and only come off once! Thats the Preadator talking bol#ocks mathematical theory at work. My esteemed colleagues back at the university of clever bastards will be delighted to know our theory is working in the real world. Anyway with the price of diesel these days no-one can afford to spill it anymore so we should all be ok.

Joking aside, i was only trying to say if it has happened once its more unlikely to happen again because through the experience he will be much more aware of road surfaces in the future. I came off on oil at a roundabout when i was 16, im now 43 and ride a GSXR750 and not been off since, BUT, i've also taken lots more care at roundabouts. 

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Aug 02

Posts: 2320

Hedgehog5 says:


"Your confidence will be knocked because slipping on diesel that you are unaware of is totally out of your control, but the way to look at it is statistically it wont happen again"

"i was only trying to say if it has happened once its more unlikely to happen again because through the experience he will be much more aware of road surfaces in the future."

So now you're saying it's not totally out of your control & you can learn to be more aware & ride accordingly. We're getting there... slowly.

So statistically he probably will encounter diesel again but next time he'll be more prepared to take the appropriate action. I think that sums up what we're both trying to say but please feel free to correct me.

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