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Nov 08

Posts: 114

GixxerDream says:

Petrol stations, removing helmets

Why don't we make a stand?????????????????

Lets stop using petrol stations that for some reason seem to believe all bikers are guilty until proven innocent.

I'm going to make a start of petrol stations demanding the removal of helmets before filling.

The BP petrol station at the top of Churwell hill, Morley, West Yorkshire.

All Morrison’s.

Keep this thread going please. It’s really pissing me off now.


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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 March 2012 12:36)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8586

aehewitt says:


Vote with your feet,go some where else.(if you can)But make sure you make a big fuss,arm waving,gesticulating and lots of complaining.:biggrin:

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Apr 11

Posts: 856

Richnotrich says:

I always take mine off anyway.

Don't see what the big problem is.

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

Removing helmet

In (almost) 34 years of riding I have never been asked to remove my helmet in a petrol station.

Maybe I just have an aura of innoncence about me :biggrin:   

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Nov 04

Posts: 3840

750FLYER says:

I've been asked

before... and I understand the reasons, It's not the end of the world to remove it really except when i'm on my way to work at 5am, it's cold and i'm all snug in the lid the last thing I wanna do is remove it and at that time of day they never ask me too

I used to get very angry about it and I found the best way to piss them off is to throw the nozzle onto the floor, remount and ride off.... But really.....

...Is it worth it??

I was once in a petrol station and a little scooter c*nt in a track suit pulled up and filled up at the next pump.. he gave me a nod like to say 'hey.. we're all bikers eh?'.. He filled up and rode off without paying and giving me a nod as if to say 'hey.. you saw nothing right mate?'...

I gave his number plate to the cashier... Little fucking twat.. and i'd punch the cunt if I ever saw him again! cunts like him are the reason we have to remove lids!

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:


I take it off anyway mostly. I have occasionally used an open face one and left it on without a problem, but I tend to use the same filling station most of the time and they recognise me (or the bike) anyway.

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Mar 09

Posts: 9092

jaffa90 says:


I was asked at the till in Morrisons a few years ago and i refused,they asked why,so i said i`ve an ugly face.Paid up and left.

Another reason is say your wearing a burka underneath.:shock:

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Only been asked once

when paying, so removed my lid, placed it on their sweet display next to the till, as no-where else to put it (and it wasn't going on the floor).

Got my wallet out, paid, picket up the lid, and unfortunately most of his sweet display came with it and fell on the floor. Ooohps...

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Oct 11

Posts: 3061

roseyeric says:

would just

like to set the record straight. Not all Morrisons. I've never been asked to remove my helmet at the pumps at my local Morrisons. Always remove it when entering the shop, so not sure whether that's the difference.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:

This again?

it comes round and round and round and the subject never dies!

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Apr 11

Posts: 856

Richnotrich says:

Haha subject never dies

along with chain or shaft, the biker nod, which bike should I buy and a host of other mundane stuff.

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