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MCN  says:

You ask/you answer: How can I convince my son his first 'proper' bike shouldn't be a sports 600?

My son understandably wants to get the fastest, coolest bike he can when he graduates from his 33bhp bike, but I feel strongly this is a bad idea, based at least in part of my own experiences of being a young lad. But if I really push it, the more he'd want it. What's the best approach? Your advice could help. Leave...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (03 April 2012 11:44)

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Apr 05

Posts: 77

firkit says:


What cost will his insurance be ? How old is he ? This my be the killer for him Got a quote for my lad on a 6 and it was well over 3 grand even if he went on mine it Was 10 grand mine is a 04 tuono Got a quote for a sv650 this was £650 with 1yr no claims Point this out to him and let him look

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:

sorry to say this

but he wont look very cool in a body bag. get involved with the bike safe coppers. or take him to a bike show where bike copers are going to be attending, remember half of the battle is not what you ride, its how you ride. if he wants a bike which you do not approve of, he has to pay for everything himself. can he afford it?? If he wants to treated like an adult so he gets what he wants, start charging him rent

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Feb 09

Posts: 4777

philehidiot says:

If he's

young enough the insurance will stop him in his tracks.

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Sep 10

Posts: 120

daveire says:

My very first bike was a gixer 750, had it for 2 years with out insurance. As I got older I wanted to be road legal so sold it for a sv 650. Everyone thought I was mad and going to kill myself buying the gixer. I never had an accident on the 750 as I had too much respect for the power. Came of the sv with in 6 months of buying it, spun up the rear (new tyre) on a damp white line while overtaking a car and had a highside.

My point is power isn't dangerous if you treat it with respect. Plus sport bikes have better brakes and handleing, I think the accident I had on the sv wouldn't have happened with the gixer because of better handleing. 

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Jul 08

Posts: 134

kennygorrie says:

600 sports bike

I'm not sure what age your son is but when I passed my test when I was 26 my first bike was a 954 rr2 fire blade that never once seemed to big to handle, I always respected the bike, and new that I needed to be very carefull with the throttle. I personaly think that if his time is served on a 33bhp bike then a 600cc sports would be a good option for him. Most bikes out there now are more than capable of high speeds, it's not so much the bike he needs to worry about but the concrete walls or other road users that should have gone to specsavers

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Jun 09

Posts: 110

nigel966 says:

600 Sports bike

I agree with most of the comments on here. If he respects the power of the bike then whatever he rides will be fine. If he doesn't then he is going to have an off. It is all too easy to ride like a loon and crash. Bike safe course is the way to go and then ensure he rides to his capabilities.

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Jun 06

Posts: 7

steveingle82 says:

He will crash!!

When I first passed my test at 17 I wanted the fastest bike I could get. So I bought a brand new Aprilia RS125 as was quicker than a restricted 400. I spent over 4k on the bike and at 17 that was a lot of money (Mum refused to help me fund!!). After 1 week of riding I was on the floor, a few months later, on the floor again, and again and again. I lost count how many times I came off that bike, luckily they were never serious, just sliding down the road, but I was lucky. All those crashes were a learning curve though and as I progressed to my next bike, an SV650, I was a much better rider for it. The power in the SV kept me happy for two years, until I wrote that bike off! Next up was a GSXR750 and I'm proud to say that after 3 1/2 years and many a track day I've never dropped it and can ride it pretty (I think) fast. Morale of my story is that part of learning to ride fast is the crashes and it is much better to do on a small bike and get out of the way than do at 150mph on a 600! Good Luck!

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Jul 11

Posts: 6

indiekid1986 says:

Get a 600

I passed my test in Oct 2011. Then in Nov 2011 bought a 2000 Honda CBR600F. A huge step up from my horrible Chinese 125. But that's the point. It's a step up. I showed my 125 no respect whatsoever. It was slow, it handled badly, it was cheap. My CBR is the polar opposite of all those things. Now at the time I had no intention when passing my test to head straight out and buy a 600 sports bike. I in fact test rode an ER6F, SV650, Fazer 600 and an old GSX750F before having a shot of the CBR. In principle nothing was wrong with these bikes but as my life long biker dad told me at the time, "If a bike doesn't scare you, you've got the wrong bike". You buy a bike that is just so, fast enough to entertain you for a month or two but ultimately you have not respect for as a machine. This will be the bike that kills you. Get a bike that you know you can't fully tame and you will pay more attention and show it more respect. Get a 600 Sports Bike.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2704

Piglet2010 says:

Start Big

So he won’t outgrow the bike, as a minimum he should get a Hayabusa or ZZR1400 with an aftermarket supercharger. Can’t ride with less than 200-hp at the rear wheel.


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Oct 11

Posts: 3

elemeshko says:

Hi there. My fisrt bike was HONDA CBR250RR (4-cylinders, from japan) and I was 26. That was great machine to start, but I think 600cm3 is very powerfull thing to young man. Why?......Speed!!! Speed kills! There is 200km/h is so simple for 600cm3.If you want something with less power but with more sport character - use 250RR or 400RR...

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