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MCN  says:

Poll: Has the BMW R1200GS had its day?

With the Triumph Explorer 1200 performing well in tests and the GS finally looking not just outgunned but possibly out-funned by rivals, is it time to conclude the bike firm which started the class has had its day at its forefront? pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (03 April 2012 11:55)

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Oct 10

Posts: 182

zoobaz says:

Hope not..

there's 3 blokes in my circle of bike mates who have got GS1200s, all of them less than 4 yrs old (the bikes, not the mates..), and they've all had numerous issues with them. but they all still love them. good for them - it's their choice! 

But, £1100 for a new clutch on a 3 year old 30,000 mile GS from a dealer? Excuse me?? (Piddies, Long Eaton).

re the post below on a 600 miler locking up, I've had two VFR800s and they both suffered from 'the gearbox problem' (you know, the one Honda tried to bury) and both of them locked up. luckily, both at less than 30mph.

So, no bike, whatever the reputation is imune from faults.

The Explorer is a great bike - I don't think triumph are building a bike that will do what the GS does, because most owners won't ride the Paris Dakar on theirs, however Triumph are going for the Beemers sales, that doesn't mean building an equivalent bike - it means taking the best bits that most riders like, making them better and improving other bits too.

in the long run, it'll spur Beemer to build a better GS, so all you Beemer fans will get better bikes as a result...

Me, I'll buy a 1050 Tiger - I've riden the rest and to be honest the Tiger does what I want it to do, and it does it really well. it's more reliable and durable than some of the jap stuff, and sportier than the GS.

Enjoy the summer you lot - whatever you ride!



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Aug 02

Posts: 129

stevecase says:

Bit premature this one!

Does the explorer have a sticky out boxer engine - NO

Does the explorer have odd assymetric german styling - NO

Will it be ridden by men with facial hair who drink bitter - ER, don't know actually

Are MCN inventing stories again - YES

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:


"My 02 Speed Triple has 42,000 on the clock now and has only had a failed fan. My Sprint GT is up to 13k now without a sniff of a problem"

Do either of these bikes sell in the sort of numbers the GS does? It's been at the top of the sales charts for some time. You are one rider who's had no problems at reasonable to low mileages... I bet you even with the limited numbers of these bikes on the road I can find people who've had problems with them on lower mileages... more GSs break down 'cos there are more of them on the road & they generally do higher mileages... percentage-wise it would probably be impossible to speculate (info any manufacturer would hold tightly onto).

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Jan 10

Posts: 20

edsy007 says:

Triumphs MCN

Is this going to be the new name for MCN? Couldn't agree more with cmc1 and getting really bored with triumph biased review after review. Yawn.

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Mar 06

Posts: 253

stu_sp2 says:

Took the Triumph out on a demo the other day, mixed emotions, I'm a fan of the GS, as others have said, does everything well and just has that charm!! Riding position on the new Tiger didnt convince me , my 1050 Tiger is comfier, the GS on the other hand has a perfect riding position. The new Tiger has the GS whipped when it comes to the motor though and its got nowt to do with having 135bhp...its all that Torque!! its immense... I've come from sports bikes too, keep the track bike for brain out antics, the GS/Tiger are more than fun in the right hands...

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Aug 02

Posts: 1488

superbol says:

Advertising revenue

Motorcyclenews and others in the Emap group (might be new name now ) rely heavily on money baught in by the bike industry advertising .So being a cynical git I suspect that "maybe" BMW isnt flowing money through the doors of the advert dept .Yes the S1000rr wins regularly in comprison tests but that bike is one on its own .Back in the 90s all the magazines were raving about the lastest superbike that was because their pages was full of adverts from that manufactorer.Only Fast Bikes mag were honest enough and regularly contradicted the others ,thats because they wernt reliant on adverts .So buy the BMW if thats what you really want !

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Mar 10

Posts: 115

MudDoctor says:

The Explorer is not the only

adventure styled bike to take on BMW, as can be seen from the main article in MCN. The Ducati and Super Tenere have both been around for a couple of years, and I have yet to see more than a handful on the roads. In comparative terms, going by 2 year old BMW's I see on the roads, they are still outselling these others by a considerable margin.

That being said, the Tiger 800 did sell well in its first year, and I was one of the buyers, to go alongside my 2009 GS Adventure. Much as I liked the Tiger, I preferred, overall, the GS.

I traded in my GS for another one last month, a 1 year old bike with 2000 miles. I lost £3000 in value on my 3 year old GS, which I consider to be pretty good.

With no real reason to have two adventure bikes, I decided to trade in the Tiger. My own dealer, who sold me the bike, offered me more than £3200 less than I paid for it, an 11 month old bike. Yes, it had all the bells and whistles, an XC model, and I know that you don't recover the costs of the accessories, but Holy Cheapskates Batman, I felt as if I'd been castrated.

So, buyers of Tiger Explorers be warned. The residual values of BMW's remain high, and the residual value of the Triumph Tiger 800XC is just dreadful.

In the end, I took it to my BMW dealer, and traded it for a 2011 K1300R Dynamic. Cost me a bit more, but I was really, really angry about the offer from my Triumph dealer.

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

Stedavies45 says:


Too much of a Triumph is from China!!!! ;p

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Nov 11

Posts: 4

packman says:

I can't even beleive there is anyone given a choice would buy a Triumph over a BMW.  Triumph bikes seem to give off a cheap vibe and look and they really are kidding themselves if they think they can compete with the quality of BMW. They can build a bike that can do the same thing but thats as far as it goes.

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Jun 09

Posts: 110

nigel966 says:

Poll: Has the BMW R1200GS had its day

Only a totally biased publication like MCN could even ask this. Comparing the BMW to a Triumph is like comparing champagne to tramps piss. The build quality and reliability that BMW deliver as standard is miles from the standards that Triumph set in their machines. It is time to put to bed this misplaced belief that Triumph can compete in the modern market. They are a tired,dated and bland marque and the MCN should stop fawning over them just because they are British.

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