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MCN  says:

Honda Crosstourer SE unveiled

The Honda Crosstourer is to be joined by a higher spec SE model, when the new adventure bike hits dealers April 14-15. The Crosstourer SE comes with an aluminium look 32 litre top box, which can be expanded to 39 litres, matching panniers, taking the total capacity to 123 litres, heated grips, centre stand and a front cowl bar. The Crosstourer SE...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (06 April 2012 11:02)

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Aug 02

Posts: 107

1100970 says:

Woo!! what a real bargain for that price I dont know how they do it, cant wait to buy one. where`s my puk bag.

Yamaha tried the same trick with there XT tarted up basic bike for 13500 now they sell for 3 grand plus less stuck in the dealers shops.

  Honda you are a load of money money men that have lost the plot, you can get a new car for far less, look forward to seeing them in the dealers later in the year for £10000.     Andy

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Oct 05

Posts: 515

evilamnesiac says:

Bitter Much?

The BMW GS1200 is the same money, exactly the same, ABS, Heated Grips, Traction Control, Panniers and Topbox, tot that up on the BMW website and see what it costs, the basic bikes are with a few hundred quid of each other and the specced up version are too. So the price is exactly where you would expect it to be, same ballpark as all the large touring type adventure bikes.

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Mar 09

Posts: 738

bikerbit says:


I like the Kawasaki better than any of the rest and if you want something diffrent would say the moto guzzi stelvio is a nice looking bike if your wanting high tech it has to be the multi strada the bmw is a mess never like them and less said about triumph the better quality control be damned lol

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Oct 05

Posts: 71

mattiboy says:

The issue I have with these is that, while many race-rep type bikes don't get taken on a track, they are clearly designed with the track in mind. However, the quarter ton off-road bikes type concept just seems a bad one. Off road bikes need to be light as possible for when you drop em and to float over obstacles easier. These seem like too much of a compromise to me. I know people that have similar bikes and say that they aren't bad off road. But, I would have thought the idea of an adventure bike was that it was positively great off-road. I can't think of too many race-rep bikes which are only so-so on tarmac.

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Oct 11

Posts: 1

neile1960 says:


In the mcn newspaper, eight bikes compared in this category. Look at the performance figures on the table, and you can then create an accurate mean result for the overall best bikes ,from one to eight.      First ducati, 2nd was triumph and 3rd was in my view one of the best anyway, Kawasaki Versys. This is based on the actual test performance figures from MCN !      I know where my money is the way Honda was 5th and BMW 6th Yamaha 7th

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Sep 09

Posts: 835

Rogerborg says:

Can we please stop pretending these are offroaders?

Ewan-and-Thingy had at least 3 men on hand at all times to help pick their behemoths up.  The lack of a centre stand on the standard bike just highlights that servicing means dropping it off at a dealership, not busting out the spanners in the middle of Mongolia.

It's a road tourer.  It'll be used for road touring.  The furthest that these bikes will be taken off road is the valet parking at the Shag-your-Secretary De Vere.

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Are you sure Rogerborg?

While this Honda is simply and adventure look-alike, I and many others I know regularly take our GS bikes off-road on a regular basis and have taken it on many multiple week trips to places where the road simply doesn't exist. We also commute on them.  Me, I do it daily.

We, unlike you, understand that the GS type bikes are NOT enduro or MX bikes nor were they meant to be.  Yet, guys like you keep bringing this comparison up saying the GS falls short because it is not a true off roader.  It isn't meant to be one.  The GS absolutely does not fall short of it's intended purpose, which is akin to that of an SUV.

An SUV is not a Dakar off road trophy truck.  An SUV is also not a 1 ton pickup truck.  An SUV is not a McLaren F1.  An SUV is not a minivan.  An SUV offers a good bit of "can do it all" compromise, just not as well as a purpose built vehicle focused on a single task.

An adventure bike is the same way.  It can go on or off road quite capably and comfortably for thousands of miles carrying 100 pounds of luggage without stopping for fuel for 350 miles at a time.  It also will carry you and all your gear into the back country, cross streams and sand dunes, weave through the woods if the trail is wide enough, climb hills and traverse rutted out fields.  You just can't be stupid enough to think you can do it at David Knight's pace.  I've gone a lot of places that people with pure road bikes will never see.

Likewise, I wouldn't dream of taking my plated CRF450X on a 6000 mile road trip while carrying anything.  It must be a failure as a road bike then.  Fekkin' Honda trying to pull one over on us. 

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May 09

Posts: 14

joeguvnor says:


Why do so many people think adventure means off-road?

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Jun 11

Posts: 539

ratchetman says:

A bike is what you make it. My suzuki drz 400s trail doesnt go of road but it makes a  bloody good town bike other people tour on gsxrs and other people do track days on bandits So while a bike may not fit a certain catorgary it can generally be used for many things

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:


"Adventure!!!  Why do so many people think adventure means off-road?"


Because on-road is what every other person in the country does on a daily basis in their car, bus or bicycle?  I think that makes "on-road" too typical or common to be an adventure.

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