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Matthew Birt  says:

Qatar MotoGP: Valentino Rossi seeks smoother Ducati power

Understeer is not the only issue that Valentino Rossi believes is preventing him from moving the Ducati GP12 closer to challenging Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo’s recent domination of the MotoGP world championship. After he ended practice with the eighth fastest time in Qatar tonight, the 33-year-old said taming Ducati’s aggressive power delivery would help him reduce the gap to the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (06 April 2012 22:42)

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Mar 11

Posts: 50


never youre fault is it mate, always the you and jb take a look and see what the other duke teams are doing..

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Feb 09

Posts: 846

chrisg011 says:

Rossi thinks to much

He needs to think less, ride more and start to enjoy the experience...

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Aug 02

Posts: 2738

spondonste says:

Can rossi survive another mediocre season?

There's no denying Rossi's talented but his team mate is now setting quicker practice sessions times. The Ducati is just a motorcycle with an engine in the centre and a wheel at both ends. It's somewhat suprising that Rossi and JB can't dial out the front end issues on any MotoGP bike ducati have made. They should at least be giving the design team some steer as to how to overcome handling issues.


If Rossi has another lack lustre year I'm not sure there will be much reason for him to stay in the show.

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Aug 02

Posts: 30

stormr says:


Rossi is the GHOAT - Greatest Hypocrite Of All Time.

In 2007 he whinged, bitched and moaned that the only reason he got beaten was Stoner's traction control advantage.

Here we are, with 5 more years of Ducati electronics development AND a big bang engine, and he needs MORE electronic intervention?????????

Time to retire champ.....

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Aug 10

Posts: 19

wallymann says:

just ride the damn thing, vale

i'd LOVE to see vale just quit his whingeing and whining and just ride the damn thing!  so he needs to steer with the rear, do like stoner did -- bend the ducati to his will!  if he did that this season, that would be something special.  recapture some of his GOAT magic.  ...right now, it's fading...

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Aug 11

Posts: 437

Who doesn't (moan) ?

Rossi has always had a spot on bike so never needed to moan apart from 06 when his bike was full of chatter and breaking down.  Now his bike is not the best and needs more work on it to refine it and is talking of his problems.  Moaning ? if he keeps being asked about his bike by journo's what is he to say, no mate the bike is perfect. 

Everybody who's bike ain't at the top need to work on it to get it there and how do they do that ? by telling there crew chief what they think the problem is.  I am not a Stoner fan but when he was complaining about his bike at Ducati he was just doing the same thing, jouno's just print everything they say to sell there papers and mags and thats how it comes across.

Testing times and Qual times mean shit, race day is the only times that matter.  If Nicky and other Duke riders then start beating him then he maybe has lost his magic touch but way too early to say.

Well done to Cal by the way.  Lets hope his race craft on sunday seves him well. 

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Aug 11

Posts: 437

Anyway, not long until qualifying and race day.  We'll know then where the Ducati stands and how far off the pace they really are or hopefully not (fingers and toes crossed). 

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

Viva La Shit Pig!!!

Here we are, with 5 more years of Ducati electronics development AND a big bang engine, and he needs MORE electronic intervention?????????

Time to retire champ.....

And in the same breath, Stoenzo after 2007 shit himself, vomited, falsified injuries to the scaphoid, broken back , quit and went fishing, then abruptly quit and signed with the best and richest Bike Manufacturer. Why oh why did Stoenzo leave the Championship winning, title earner GP bike for an HRC one.

Deja Vu all over again as the bike he won a WC on in 2011 begins to fall into the category of becoming a one man bike. We are hearing comments to offset this development failure from orange thong fanboys about, where would Honda be if not for Stoenzo......LOL....LOL....Deja Vu 2007 all oer again. Suddenly Dani cannot ride the bike, just like Melandri, Nicky, Rossi. Shit pigs are flooding the Factory paddock and Satellite paddock and the one leading the development is Stoenza.

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Jan 09

Posts: 960

RawDawg says:

lol @ Milkybars

"Suddenly Dani cannot ride the bike, just like Melandri, Nicky, Rossi"...wait, wait, wait!!!! Dude, surely you did not just blame Rossi's poor performance on Stoner??!!! Really??!! Proving once again why I feel MCN has some of the most ignorant and ill informed posters on the internet. Seriously dude? Ducati's bike today has FUCK ALL to do with Stoner! And Hey dumbfuck, riders don't "develop bikes" - engineers do you retard. If riders develop the bike than maybe Val who's fanboys have been saying for years is the best "developer" wouldn't be struggling and getting beat by satellite riders on Yamahas and DUCATIS. Maybe, just maybe (wait for it)...............Yamaha have good engineers as well as Honda and have made a great bike. Listen here genius, do you think riders go back to the factory and crunch the data and decided what decision need to be made on the bike to make it faster? Do you believe riders are bench testing engines, designing parts on the computer, weaving the carbon fiber or running a CNC machine? So what fucking part does Casey or Val or any other rider have on "development"? Shut the fuck up and stop dumbing down the thread.

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Sep 11

Posts: 2284

YamahaGYTR says:

Too bad Rossi has made himself look like a complete Jackass are the jibes you took at Stoner during his time at Ducati starting to bite you.

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