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MCN  says:

Poll: Are car drivers better or worse than they used to be?

There are currently more cars on the road in the UK than there have ever been, but does that mean the standard of driving has improved or declined? Vote in the poll, and don't forget to let us know your thoughts and experiences with the best and worst drivers. The best comments will be published in MCN.   pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (11 April 2012 09:36)

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Oct 10

Posts: 183

toadhancocks says:


Ok so im a newbie and while out on my ride to the mod one test center in Brum I encountered, lane changing within an inch of my wheel while talking on a mobile, u turns, with no indication or concern for following traffic, all the while I was wearing a 'clown-like' day glow bib. Whilst i may add being followed by my instructor in his 'clown-like' get-up, riding a CBF600 with tennis court sized Givi Box on top! How much more visually evident do you want me to be?????!!!!!   :ph43r:

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Sep 10

Posts: 8

doughnut1 says:


There are more gadgets inside the car and they feel more like a house, so with the distractions inside and the feeling of safety, I reckon that they lose touch with the road they are on and the things around them

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Sep 09

Posts: 20

vstrombandit says:

Maybe / Maybe not

You could also ask the same question - Are motorcycle riders worse than they used to be? Maybe / Maybe not..... 

When I'm driving / riding / cycling I see bad behaviour from all groups (and average / good behaviour). However, with modern cars, people have become more detached from their surroundings and there are more distractions (mobile phones, sat nav's - even seen someone reading the paper at 70on the M3!!). I see more m/c riders doing stupid things (undertaking at high speed, filtering at high speed, not reading the road, overtaking cars indicating a right turn near a junction (this prat of a rider had gloves/leathers/boots that matched his bike, so probably thought he was Stoner or someone) etc.) and don't get me started on cyclists........

So, my answer is yes that drivers are probably worsse but then the other groups are as well. It would be better if enforcement of traffic laws were stepped up to instill more discipline but Traffic cops have been slashed nationally, so this isn't going to happen

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Mar 09

Posts: 5

valiantboy says:

Bikers worse

In my 3 years of riding bikes in the UK (based in London), I've had two "moments", both caused by other bikers riding recklessly; maybe it's down to the traffic here, cars don't have the space to cause trouble where as some bikers think the road rules don't apply to them.

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

bergboon1 says:

I am a paramedic and I have to say that generally that a vast majority of drivers are worse than ever, with some bikers thrown in. If you cant see a big yellow ambulance making a lot of noise coming down the road what chance does a bike have? What are mirrors for? Though I do have to say it is only a very small percentage of bike riders that dont see me and at least they know how to get out of the way when I am seen! It seems that there is a lot of 'selfish' people on the road that only care about themselves and where they are going, stuff everyone else. I have even been held up by drivers for some considerable time, with my lights and sirens going, only to pass them and find that they are laughing at me as I go past! WHAT IF I WAS GOING TO ONE OF YOUR RELATIVES. Think about it.

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Jan 09

Posts: 13

fatshady808 says:

Driving Standards

God has marked all the bad drivers look at the car if its got dents steer clear. Obviously this does not cover all eventualities so as the late great Shaw Taylor said Keep em Peeled

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May 10

Posts: 9

ccarrera42 says:

Driving standard have definitely went down, and it's not just people not noticing you, it's people noticing you and choosing to get in your way.

I don't think that increasing the number of traffic cops is the answer, making them recognise bad driving and enforce it instead of just focusing on speed limits. I watched a car run a give way line and nearly take the nose off a fully marked cop car that had the right of way. The police cars response... nothing, didn't pull him over or anything.

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

Cavywavy says:

Int he Last 10 years I think all road users have become less observant, But int he last 2 I have noticed a growing lack of respect for bike ridders, the need to follow Inches from the rear wheel, even at night so you swamped by the headlights of the car behind or to force there way into traffic even though your there.

I went for 8 years without so much as a scratch but I have had a couple of moments in the last year. the last one ending in a bump and I watched the driver spot a space and pull out without even looking.

And I belive this is leading to a much more aggessive ridding style ( for most of us its a protection thing ) I dont leave gaps where its not needed or pull over far enough to let traffic past when turning right for example anymore I let them Queue. in some cases this can be taken to the enth degree and become down right dangrus but its somthing that we are all adapting even if not on purpose to survive ont he roads.

I now live in Derbyshire and they have the normal Think Bike campaign up but its focused on the bikes telling em to ride safe and not on the car driver. a couple of days ago I was pulled over not a big thing just checking the details on my bike as im on a hire bike from the insurance and when I was stopped I asked why they hadnt pulled the car driver who was less than a meter from my rear wheel and had been closer at times. and the officer didnt have an answer he just advised me to let them past next time.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2755

spondonste says:


Nowadays more car drivers seem to  readily move out of the way to let me through when filtering on the bike then they used to do. That said however many drivers accelerate aggressively in areas where there isn't much space for them to do that safely.

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Apr 03

Posts: 7

ascutt says:

A 4-wheeled 'My Little World'

I have been riding /commuting/'trying not to get killed' for 12 years now and I am certain driving standards are dropping on a near daily basis. You only have to look at lane control on multi-lane roads - people just plod along in the middle lane paying zero attention to what goes on around them. It is clear that they know they shouldn't because as soon as a Police car(or 'Traffic Officer') appears they are fighting each other to get into the nearside lane! I blame advertising - they set a clear message: car=freedom. Your car is your ticket to freedom, open roads, excitement etc etc etc. The reality is very different and that failure of expectation leaves many feeling angry, aggressive and defensive of 'their' bit of road. One final thing - I am 100% certain that the vast majority of drivers have no idea that motorcycles filtering is legal. None of my friends knew when asked - they just assumed it was impatient riders forcing their way through.

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