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MCN  says:

Poll: Are car drivers better or worse than they used to be?

There are currently more cars on the road in the UK than there have ever been, but does that mean the standard of driving has improved or declined? Vote in the poll, and don't forget to let us know your thoughts and experiences with the best and worst drivers. The best comments will be published in MCN.   pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (11 April 2012 09:36)

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Dec 11

Posts: 8

davebuust says:

Is MCN making motorcycle riders worse?

How can MCN seriously consider publishing a poll on the quality of car driving when, in the same week, it's glorifying motorcyclists attempting to get their elbow down? If you want to improve road safety MCN, try looking in the mirror first.

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Oct 03

Posts: 16

stobes says:

Car Drivers

I believe that car driving standards are worse....their level of training is lower than that of the average motorcyclist....less awareness of their surroundings due to the tin box around them....simple as that. Couple this with the fact there are a lot more drivers from other countries where driving standards fall far below that of the UK (try Eastern Europe and some of the former Russian states.......I have first hand experience of their lack of driving standards over the last 14 years or so...!!!!).

Anyone who uses the excuse "Sorry mate, I didn't see you" should get the phrase right........."Sorry mate, I didn't look properly"........every time it is becuase the driver just didn't look properly,  and just use the former as the excuse for pulling out and causing an accident.  Anyone who uses the excuse should be made to have their eyes tested, at the very least, and if it proves their eyesight was ok should be charged with careless driving, as a minimum.  If their eye test showed they needed correction, then up the charge to dangerous driving as a minimum...........


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Feb 09

Posts: 515

The standard of car driving has been poor for many years, because people are taught how to pass a test, with no real effort made to improve on or hone their skills unless the person is keen to do so. These days, there is far too much reliance on safety aids,such as traction control, ABS etc. In most modern cars, very little skill is needed to drive it. Driving safely and with consideration for other road users is where things fall down. If you ride a bike, you learn about road surfaces, changing weather condition - the list is endless. Observation skills naturally develop the more you ride. I honestly believe that the whole car licence system needs a major and radical overhaul, but wonder whether the desire to change it and the  potential alienation of voters is what holds the powers that be back?

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Apr 12

Posts: 5

Dougald says:

The standard of road use full stop has gone downhill, or at least it seems to have due to the standard of traffic. Bikers are not immune to this, and even though I agree riding makes you a more aware driver, but care is still required. I remonstrated with a BMW driver who cut right into me a couple of weeks ago, who casually informed me that he couldn't have possibly cut me up because "I'm a biker too, I know when I'm cutting someone up".

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Dec 11

Posts: 2

Zubmadmonk says:

The Laws should be changed so that 16 and 17 year olds are made to ride a moped for a minimium of a year. 1/  This would benefit the motorcycle industry.  2/ Older drivers with children would be more aware (it could be their child they are about to mow down).  3/ These younger riders would benefit from there experience on two wheels i.e. they would have a better understanding of road conditions and how traffic moves etc. 4/ You might get more staying on bikes therefore benefits all round.

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Oct 11

Posts: 6

navsarrami says:


Cars are cheaper in real terms year on year, so something special that a family used to treasure 30 years ago is just owned used and chucked.
Side effects of cheap cars:
1. people increasingly gaining access to cars/driving who should not.
2. As cost of vehicle maintenance have increased; due to complexity of technologies now routinely used in every model. Reduced vehicle worth means reduced average maintenance.
3. As volume of traffic increases, average speed reduces (London average 11mph,7mph in rush hour) and cars limp further with major mechanical defects.
4. More cars mean police forces have become more reliant on technologies such as ANPR, speed cameras etc. and are fall less likely to pull defective cars or defective drivers over.
Finally curtsey of recession and silly public transport prices there are far more idiots on a 50cc lawnmower with L plates.
Conclusion: keep your wits about you, your brake lever covered and your undies clean (in-case the   medics have to cut off your leathers). Safe driving.

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Jul 11

Posts: 244

MakemRider says:


Is right, new drivers are often taught to pass a test rather than learn to drive.

One lad was told by his instructor to take his test because he was ready, he failed. His instructor wasn't able to give him any (extra) lessons (due to illness) so I took him on a 2 hr assesment drive at the end of which he said

'I've never worked so hard during my previous lessons, you have taught me so much in two hours I now realise I was nowhere near test standard, why did my last instructor tell me I was?'

Next 2 hrs lesson made him work even harder after which it was just a case of practicing what I'd taught him. He couldn't thank me enough for teaching him things he'd never been told before but by his own admission was thing he should know before going in for his test.

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Jan 10

Posts: 126

bike awareness better in devon

Down here in devon car drivers generally are pretty good towards me when I ride 99% always move out of the way when filtering and if they see me coming generally move over. I ride 20000 miles per year with my light on main beam during the day still got to keep your wits about you always.

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Dec 05

Posts: 39

owensj says:


I voted yes. Not that I think standards and skills have improved. I think they've stayed about the same.


But now drink driving is no longer considered socially acceptable. I remember when I was young, everyone did it.

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Aug 10

Posts: 14

Source of revenue

Ok so all of the points are valid as everyone rides/drives based on their own experiences and observations.

So for what it's worth here are mine:

As a biker I ride within the law as best I can (I'm sure I've done things wrong) this is not because I'm a particularly goody two shoes, but more the case I WILL be the one plod stops and the judge makes an example of. Yes I'm that lucky.

When riding at the speed limit (or below) it means I NEVER have to worry about speed traps and feel my observation is on the road and other drivers instead of looking for sneakily "obvious" yellow boxes.

The one thing that I feel needs to be done is heavily fine/penalise phone users. Like many others here, I ALWAYS see at least one per mile within any city limits. They're not paying full attention can't observe properly and surely the fines would pay for the plod who stopped them.

As with some others here I agree that a dedicated traffic division would pay dividends, the finance raised from all the fines imposed from the almost unlimited number of traffic offences you can observe would boost the economy, make the roads safer and maybe there would be enough left over to improve the road surfaces. I now understand why so many people ride BMW GS's you need them on some of the roads here.

Final point, noone would complain to their MP if someone had been done for speeding while using a phone in a built up area, at last a 'stealth' tax the populace would support. The roads would be safer, life expectancy raised and your pride and joy likely to last longer. So are drivers worse? YES, but maybe only because they have been allowed to become so, by weak legislation and non-existent policing.

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