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MCN  says:

Poll: Are car drivers better or worse than they used to be?

There are currently more cars on the road in the UK than there have ever been, but does that mean the standard of driving has improved or declined? Vote in the poll, and don't forget to let us know your thoughts and experiences with the best and worst drivers. The best comments will be published in MCN.   pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (11 April 2012 09:36)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:


"Are motorcycle riders worse than they used to be? Maybe / Maybe not"

Generally motorcyclist who ride recklessly don't tend to be on the road for too long... partially because the general standard of driving has dropped so low... as a high mileage rider you've got to be more switched on than 10 years ago or you're gonna be fetched down by  somebody.

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

awd505 says:


Worse not just for motorcycles, but everything. I wonder sometime how peopel make it from point A to point B every time the drop their ass into a car. The sheer lack of respect, courtesy, common sense for so many drivers is incredible. And getting worse.

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Feb 11

Posts: 47

GrazzerFazer says:


I ride into Sheffield most days and the big danger is cars swapping lanes without looking or caring just because the lane  they were initially in has slowed and plod need to get a grip and treat it as it should be dangerous driving, a car lost his aerial the other day cutting me up, as I threw it threw his open window with the words "You cut me up like that again and the next time it will be your head I pull off"

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Nov 11

Posts: 9

I ride every day and through the winter, I think its getting better. I must say though that once I cross the border into England it gets worse. Are english drivers just more bitter? I went to leeds for the easter rally at the weekend and my journey down was full of people trying to block me when filtering and pulling to the right when being overtaken at speed. helpful hint - If someone pulls out in front of you then stops in the road, ALWAYS go round the back of the motor.

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Apr 12

Posts: 143

69Fastback says:


Definitely have to be more on the ball, the eye ball! When I started riding back in the 70s, there was far less traffic on the roads. Now It's like an arcade game, everything jumping out from everywhere! Wether car drivers are worse, or it's simply the volume of traffic is far greater, makes it difficult to asses driver standards over time. Having (Independently, like many on this site) travelled the world on bikes, I have to say; India makes UK riding appear a cakewalk. May I also ( please don't take this the wrong way) say, that many ethnic drivers bring their driving culture on to our roads, and I find some parts of the UK more dangerous than others.

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Apr 12

Posts: 8

europeben says:

Britain vs Europe

I've not been riding for very long, but I can say one thing with absolute certainty. Drivers over in Britain are worse than the ones on the continent. I'm not familiar with drivers in Wales, Scotland and (N) Ireland, but in England, the standard of driving is very poor. I've driven and ridden in Holland, and drivers over there are all very passive. Road rage is practically inexistant. Everyone is happy to go where they are going. There are rules of the road, and drivers are obliged to follow them. Over here, everyone on the road is seemingly out to prove they are the king. People don't let you past. There's no lane discipline. If you give someone hogging a lane a reminder by flashing them, they will jump on the brakes. In Germany, there are also rules and people abide by them. Yes, they have the uncanny knack of pulling out from behind a truck doing 110km when you are in a fast lane doing double that, but at least you know how they drive. Here people turn the indicator on, hesitate, hesitate, hesitate and when it's almost too late, decide to pull out. I can't say I am familiar with French driving as I have not ridden there yet (though being half french myself, I know we don't do so well). In europe, the requirements for driving are more stringent. Tests are harder, learning periods longer and theres none of the "Learner" licenses we have here. You are either qualified to drive/ride or you're not. In my opinion, thats a good thing.

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Apr 09

Posts: 100

kgb333 says:

The further South you go ....

The worse it gets, in the SE of Eng it is astonishing how crowded the roads are. It seems if you start up north where people try to share the road, by the time you get to southern England the drivers have become insufferably arrogant, narcissistic and belligerent in their approach to road use. I was amused recently when instead of a large 4 wheel drive trying to force motorbikes of the road it squared up to an equally aarogant driver in a similar vehicle. Their game of chicken ended in a collision with each yelling at the other that they were in the wrong. Idiots.

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Sep 10

Posts: 7

mesbclar says:

car drivers

Every day you see more and more drivers using mobile phones when driving, just on a short 10 mile trip out you will see 2 or 3 doing it. if you stick to the speed limit yourself you will soon have a car or van tailgating you, or even worse overtaking in a totaly inappropriate place then cutting you up to get back in. cars pulling out of junctions as you approach despite you making eye contact with the driver. your bike having headlamp on and you wearing high vis jacket. This has happened to me more times than is healthy. but then I have seen cars pull out of junctions on other cars so is it just the crap standard of driving these days? 

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Jun 11

Posts: 556

ratchetman says:


I have been riding bikes since the early 70s I was knocked of back then. and was also knocked of two years ago. The car drivers are just as careles. The only good thing thats changed both cars and bikes stop alot quicker than they did 30 years ago . The best bit of advice i can give is ride defencevly and give way when you can even if your in the right  

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Nov 02

Posts: 76

Hard to tell

I commute through Nottingham and I'd say the drivers there still do silly things but a lot of them seem to be more aware of their surroundings than they used to be. Either that or I'm getting better at avoiding situations before they manifest themselves. I'm nowhere near "bike courier fast" and I regularly see a few motorcyclists who ride like they've either left their brain at home or they don't care if they live or die. I think sometimes, and this applies to all road users, people just don't do the maths; jumping lights to save yourself a minute or two, overtaking into oncoming traffic because the car in front is going 2mph below the speed limit. Employers could do a lot to sort this with flexible working hours. If you haven't got to be in for 8am on the dot then you don't have to take risks. I've seen a lot of road users that have it in their head that they have a "right" to a piece of tarmac. Knowing the law says you were in the right will not mend your bones any quicker.

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