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Matthew Birt  says:

Rev limit best way to cut cost and performance of MotoGP prototypes

A rev limit is the most effective way of reducing costs and cutting the gulf in performance between the factory prototypes and new 1000cc production-based CRT machines in MotoGP. That’s the view of former Technical Director Mike Webb, who is now MotoGP’s Race Director in 2012. A rev ceiling of around 14,500 to 15,000rpm is currently under discussion to bring the high-revving...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 April 2012 09:25)

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

resolved issue

put them all on rvf 750's same tryes and race package, then we will see who is boss!! put ofggy back in there too and bayliss lol, iv esaid it before but that would make my life seeing all those boys in the mix again.

aand benny we can onlu hope at least rossi does make the right choice and sooner rather than later, someone might actually get that thing to work?? you have to recongnise what casey did on that its simply magic.not kissing his ass totally but jesus iv watched some re runs on gp site and he did man handle it most the time, maybe than difines him as a racer?. race on and good to see some fair banter on here and not a big slagging handbag fight as per usual. how long will it last tho???lol.

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:


what about a 500cc inline four with a single cam two valves per cylinder and a turbo ? should be cheap to build and powerfull enough to match todays 1000s also get an engine builder to produce the engines and teams build there own chassis as in moto 2 ,just a thought .full grids and well matched bikes would be good to see.

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Mar 08

Posts: 315

vmax4steve says:


to provide prototype engines only and teams to get the rest from elsewhere. Expand the CRT rules by allowing smaller capacity engines with turbos and superchargers. Ditch the control tyre, and allow as much fuel as is needed.

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

top stuff

im liking these new ideas, sort it out dorna!!!.

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

vstolr1 says:

rev limit

I think this is a RUBBISH idea. I know we all complain about the cost to fo fill our bikes up but fuel is a real cheep way to get power not spending millions on R&D to make an engine powerfull and economical, Also keep the rules the same for a few years this will give everyone chance to get on the same levle and we should start to see a real cloes season. other things I would like to see is

More fuel as above , The retun of other tyre manufactures , more testing mid season (allowing lesser teams to catch up) , leasing of engine only like in the day of KR Raceing , more engine alocation as it cheeper to make powerfull engines that only last a weekend rather than one that can do 4 or more ide say one a week in a single bike and a drop in grid position for a change of engine like in F1

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Jul 07

Posts: 87

1motion says:


where did the ideas for turbo's and superchargers come from? that is ridiculous... they are trying to cut costs not develop technology that has never been done by manufacturer before... thats just silly, turbos are for lowered busas not GP bikes... seriously wtf kind of idea is that this inst F1 where small displacment turbo engines have been produced throughout history.... seriously some people make me want to bang my head on the desk
and leasing engines only? how is that suppose to be cheaper than building streetbike engines? solutions need to be easy for everyone to follow through with... not redesigning a whole new type of engine or motorcycle... get with the program people

why build smaller displacment engines when they are already running 600's in moto2... its not going to happen... some of you people live in lala land for sure

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Jul 08

Posts: 1570

jamieg999 says:

How about

Rocket powered pigs with wings? That would work, you wouldn't need tyres very often so they could be made out cardboard. How about r/c MotoGP? The riders race r/c versions of their bikes and do all the spannering. They could all stand on a pedestal 250 high at every circuit and race from there in full clobber, to the death.

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