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Marty Simpson  says:

Red tape destroying the industry

It had to happen sometime, the slow decline of the bike industry as we know it, probably blamed on the recession, or exchange rates. But here's my take on the situation so far, based on my son's experience. Firstly after paying £600 to insure his Aprilia RS50, his insurance company wouldn’t transfer the remainder of his policy onto an Aprilia RS125...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 April 2012 16:36)

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Sep 10

Posts: 171

More new anti-biking laws are on their way in a couple of years from the E.U. ,this linked with the insurance companies latest antics , on top of the cost of the bike test  and it"s many parts . Is it any wonder the only people I see on bikes around the country  are over 40 ! . If you really love bikes and are commited ,no doubt you will get a bike license and  get passed the obsticles thrown at you , but most youngsters feel it"s  much simpler to get through the cheaper car test . When I was young the bike was my only form of transport [and still is ?] but nowdays they are usually  "fun" weekend ,vehicles to most which make them a expensive hobby . And are the "girls" still up for a ride on a powerfull bike ,instead of a car that keeps their hair & make-up in place ? . Sorry girls if I put that wrong - but you know what I mean ! .

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Aug 02

Posts: 28

red tape is a very small part of it.. Motorcycling is no longer the poor mans method of travel... when you can buy a new Fiesta type car with a low emissions engine for £8,500 on the road, with cheap tax.reasonable insurance, service it ONCE a year and a set of tyres at around two and a half years. and you don't see it rusting in front of your eyes after 1 winter.. Compared to a bike, what do you get for £8,500.. ? If you use it all year round you will need 3 services a year, 2 new sets of tyres, more expensive road tax and your pride and joy slowly turn in to a rust bucket, because of inferior materials. The whole motorcycling industry and its associates ( Insurance companies, accessory industry) have as much of a part in their own demise

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Feb 11

Posts: 47

GrazzerFazer says:


Lets face it insurance companies are just trying to claw back the money that people claim with phoney car whiplash injuries and the industry that as sprung up because of the compensation culture of this country.  My wife had a car accident a year last November and spent 3 weeks in hospital, in this period I took 9 yes 9 seperate calls from Claims Companies asking was she going to make a claim. Where did they get our details, our insurance company and Plod, yes Plod selling details of accident victims.

This country has got the money for nothing culture and until this is erradicated Insurance will go up and up, top tip buy a classic bike that makes insurance much much cheaper

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Jun 11

Posts: 23

Goulash says:

@CaNsA Couldn't agree more with you fella. As to the original red tape argument, i can only add that how does red tape and not passing a theory test add up to destroying the industry? Your son's inability to pass after the third time is the issue here, nothing more. Plenty of books on the subject and test videos to try. Stop looking for excuses!

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Apr 12

Posts: 2

pottheed says:

erm....the bike test is pretty much the same as the car test, except a few questions about maintaining a bike which if he is an "avid biker" he should know anyway. I passed bike test with no revision and got 49 out of 50. I had a Derbi senda 125. my insurance was a grand total of £207 when I was 17 2 years ago. Go down the car route and find that it is even more expensive!!

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Nov 11

Posts: 203

jimbo8098 says:


The new test is a huge lump of bull , screw the insurance. Supposedly to make bikes safer when everyone knows that the majority of crashes have cars involved. So you are now supposed to do your CBT to get your 125 then a theory/practical when you want to move up then ANOTHER theory practical for a big bike when you are , get this , 21!

What changes for car tests you might ask?


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