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Steve Farrell  says:

Why police won’t know a bike is stolen after six years

Police only keep records of stolen vehicles for six years meaning bikes missing for longer are unlikely to be detected. An MCN investigation has discovered that stolen vehicles’ details are automatically deleted from the Police National Computer on the sixth anniversary of the crime report. Because officers rely on the PNC when running vehicle checks, bikes stolen before 2006 are...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (16 April 2012 10:11)

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

Another bit of process nonsense...

Thanks Steve for finding this. Clearly this is a bit of housekeeping nonsense on the Police computers that has been inserted to try and save money but needs to be removed otherwise they will lose valuable information. It isn't correct so it shouldn't be done (as always with computers you need to make sure that the process you implement makes sense and has no security flaws - even a minor security flaw when combined with another can cause catasphic failures)

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Aug 02

Posts: 109

1100970 says:


A good piece of freedom of information work, if the police wipe clean theft records of one sort do they wipe all theft records of all crimes. 

Wait till you get elected leaders for some forces later this year they will be wiping all sorts of crimes of the system so they can get top marks which lead to a heavy bonus.  Does honesty pay it should in a free country but the leaders up the smoke stand in to many dark corners to get caught. 


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Nov 05

Posts: 59

offordc says:


It's not just motorcycle theft this 6 year rule relates to, we had a chap caught, dismissed & prossecuted for stealing from other members of staff where i work, he is now working back on site again, after my colleague & i took it on our own backs to bring it to the on site police womans attention she looked into it & said that as the thefts had occured more than 6 years ago they could no longer be taken into account, now i'm not pointing a finger but it is strange that theft from staff changing areas has started again!!!

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

good job ive just bought myself a brand new 2012 cbr125. atleast i know its not stolen :P

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Oct 11

Posts: 87


EngieBenji650 - good job ive just bought myself a brand new 2012 cbr125. atleast i know its not stolen.

After a couple of months on that you will wish it does get stolen.

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Nov 02

Posts: 76

Devil's advocate

Playing devil's advocate for a minute; If they haven't found it after six years they're unlikely to find it. It's not like a missing person, it's a pile of metal and plastic which, after 6 years, will in most cases be worth a quarter of it's original value. However, I really don't see the point in removing it from their records. These days data storage is so much cheaper than it used to be. Strikes me of a policy laid down when technology prices dictated that memory was a lot costly. The cynic in me says it will make their stats look better if there are less unsolved cases on their systems but experience says "Never assign to malice that which can be explained by incompetence"

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Feb 11

Posts: 47

GrazzerFazer says:


Plod are a joke, more interested in making money by setting up speed cameras, they don't have to get off their arse to improve crime figures

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Mar 09

Posts: 48

Fz6daveg says:

Six Year threshold

It's interesting to read this article but isn't it great news for theives. Why advertise this so they can plan ahead!!


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Aug 08

Posts: 514

KWAKZ750S says:

engy benjy

park that anywhere without a decent lock and chain and it certainly will be

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Dec 10

Posts: 242

blue200tdi says:

Log book loans are the thieves charter, not this.

I'd be more worried about buying a car or bike that the seller has had a log book loan on! These vehicles will not show up on any check you do. A log book loan isn't finance, or HP. When you get a log book loan, the vehicle belongs to the lender until you pay them back. The seller gets a loan, then sells the vehicle, the log book loan company do not go after the seller, they just want their vehicle back. You then lose it because it officially belongs to someone else.

Very very dodgy, made so because of old laws to safeguard owners of ships that still apply today! That bike you bought yesterday, may not be yours, and you will not know until they come to take it away!

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