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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner urges rules stability in MotoGP

Reigning world champion Casey Stoner has urged MotoGP bosses to stop meddling with rules and regulations to have a period of stability to help the premier class prosper in the future.The Australian believes a lack of stability with technical rules in recent years has been the downfall of the series and contributed to small grid numbers and the huge expense...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (18 April 2012 12:37)

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

He is spot on

Funny how a guy on the grid gets it but the GP bosses don't.

Single bike rule to save money?  Bah!  Building the bike is cheap compared to engineering, testing, refining, and so on and so forth, over and over until the season starts.  The more of the bikes they're allowed to build, the easier it is to ammortize the costs of designing it in the first place.

There's no way to save money when you are constantly re-engineering your product year after year.  You save money buy designing the bike once, then just refine it over the next 5 seasons.  With the money saved here, you can still keep or add new tech.

Allowing more technical freedom within the rules would surely attract new teams with new solutions and possibly better chances at placing.  Not all teams wish to build the same exact bike of other teams.  Maybe Suzuki and Kawasaki would come back if they're allowed to express themselves.  Seems like Aprilia would like to as well.

And what is Ducati going to do if GP turns into Moto1/CRT?  They don't build 4 cylinder 1000cc bikes that would allow them to stay in the series.  Maybe Marlboro will sponsor Aprilia next season when the contract is up with Ducati.

I'm glad the MSMA is no longer making the tech rules to suit themselves, but like Casey stated, they need to pick a format and stick with it for a period of time.  Otherwise smaller teams can't even ante up.

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Anonymous  says:

Erase all rules!!

Who can remember Ilmor or Immotec? Those whould've been fantastic bikes to see on the grid and stoner is right in some ways. To take an argument by Lorenzo, 350 kph IS TOO FAST. Why don't they limit the top speed : because what is important is the power DELIVERY right? Limit the top speed to 300-320 and have FREE regulations. NO RULES Have 700cc two strokes, 500 cc turbocharged 4 strokes etc etc... What a championship that would be right? That is the true definition of a prototype. Not a super-duper superbike with a rigid chassis.

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

Buck tooth did not get proper schooling

nor does he induldge too much in reading or he would know that it's the Manufacturer that was calling the shots for the rule changes, especially the one he is riding for. Ducati simply threw a spanner in the works with the 5Kg lump to fuck them up.

With the success of Moto2 and with what we saw in Moto3 first race, I say that the CRT and ART is the way to go. So what if a few Manufacturers pout with their riders and want to take their toys and go home. Let them!!!!.

Make Motogp with the 1000cc equal or similar to the Moto2 series and then we can at least see race craft trump Billionaire Manufacturers bikes. Research and Development will always continue in some form. Shit....we all know that some of the technology will never make it to Street bike unless its Tom Cruise or Jay Leno buying th bikes for $100,000 US dollars.

Poor Stoenzo have always been uneducated about things and its easy to see as from his comments sometimes that he is not a thinker nor posess the knowlege on certain subjects. He should stick to fishing for Barramundi. 

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Apr 06

Posts: 1217

CosherB says:

Dorna are caught betwen the devil and the deep blue sea.  they desperately want to turn the premier class into 'Moto 1', but they don't want the factories to up sticks and disappear in a huff (although where to, i'm not sure).  what they are left with is a situation where they'll have to run with prototypes and CRT on the same grid.  CRT obviously have more engines and more fuel at the moment, but there's scope to slow the factory bikes down without wholesale changes - what is certain is the 1000cc engines must stay.  the big snag with running two types of bike has emerged already - at what point does a CRT bike become a prototype?  step forward ART.  the factories will always build the best bikes and attract the best riders with the the best budgets - that's always been the case and it will undountedly continue.

i'm a strong advocate of the standard ECU for all of the GP bikes, and a rev limit.  limiting the engines at the top end will effectively render pneumatic valves redundant, so ban them at the same time.  as adrenalin says, they can also ban carbon brakes on all of the bikes too - that'll help to limit top speeds as the braking distances will be so much longer, and hopefully make overtaking easier as well.  it's this sort of tinkering with the rules that will be needed, without the need for changing engine capacity or the really radical stuff.  i've also no problem with a reduction in the fuel limits - even MotoGP could then play the eco-card and say that the factories are investing in a greener technology that would benefit us all.

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Jun 11

Posts: 2569

PaceyCasey says:

Milkys right.

Let's change the whole format, forget the previous 50/60yrs of history, forget that we've been through recessions before, had small grids etc etc and start again. Well done bud.

Or, we can cosolidate for a few seasons to allow teams to grow. That appears to be the general opinion here from the posts.

PS........... If Vale said it 'milky', i guess your post would be completely different.



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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

No argument

The bloke is spot on. The game should have rules pretty much cast in Stoner' for a lengthy period.

Everyone and his bitch decries the demise of the 990 era. The bitching went about one thing only.

They were dangerously fast. The 800's were even faster. The sport became more expensive.

Had the GPC not yet again changed the rules,especially Dorna's push for CRT and kept it 800, Suzuki and Kawasaki would still be on board. Aprilia may have joined the fray in full flight along with BMW.

The regular shifting of goal posts is killing the sport.

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Sep 11

Posts: 402

jollyboy says:

I don't recall a major rule change for over 30 seasons from 1969 to 2001 and the grids seemed to stay pretty full. And don't forget on more than one occasion Honda tried to get the rules altered to suit their four strokes. They wanted a capacity advantage to suit their Never Ready four stroke and when that failed they asked about running smaller capacity turbo four strokes - perhaps a 250 - but neither was allowed. The FIM maintained that 500cc and four cylinders and no supercharging in any form gave a level playing field and exciting racing. And it certainly did. According to Dorna the switch to 990cc four strokes was to keep in line with what people were buying for the road. Sorry, but I thought WSBK was supposed to be about bikes similar to their road brethren. On four wheels F1 has remained popular even though the racing isn't very thrilling. You don't see many road cars with a single seat and a screaming 2.4 litre V8 mounted ahead of the rear axle. That could explain, at least in part, its continued popularity. The cars are exotic, unobtanable. If F1 was contested by a bunch of repmobiles would it draw such a huge worldwide audience? I think not. By all means rein in the budget, but stop trying to make GP bikes like road bikes. They need to be exotica, the absolute best yet they seem to be moving perilously close to turning MotoGP into WSBK+. It is a simple fact that a two stroke 500 will be cheaper to build than a one litre four stroke, so if they really are keen on reducing budget why not go back to the rules of 2001 and before? Better yet why not get rid of bloody Dorna and turn it back into more of a sport than a business? Christ I'd rather have little Bernie running the sport than Dorna.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


Cocoa brains’ envy & frustration means the only thing he can do to make himself feel better is take “personal” potshots, badly disguised as sage advice. Anyone like to bet Casey Stoner with his many Millions earned already & his current A$12-14 Million per season, lies awake at night worrying about what some shallow, jealous, nobody flake thinks of his pearly whites? And when it comes to what Stoner knows, big brain – the guy has been racing for 22 of his 26 years & “only” 8 of those at World Championship GP level. He currently has 2 x Senior World Titles & 40 x GP Wins to his name but these all just dropped into his lap, eh? As well as fishing, he also bow-hunts wild pigs & deer – something I do too but with a rifle. As a one-dimensional, sheltered, fairy-floss, metro-sexual, you would very probably run a mile from the tusks & blood screaming for your Mummy. So, what’s your claim to fame & record of achievement, then?

Nah! Stoner doesn’t “know” anything, much. Of course, your idol, VR had a University education & has multiple First Class Honours Degrees, including several in motorcycle engineering, right? No? We didn’t think so. But it didn’t stop him winning 9 x World Titles, did it? WTF does any GP rider’s education and/or 3 x “R’s” mean in the context of what they do? Judging by your serially bad grammar etc – you could stand a few lessons yourself. Your thought processes also give clues that indicate some professional help would benefit in that area too. Tell you what - while you’re at it – send the Editor @ MCN a good, clear, close-up picture of YOUR teeth for publication. Then, we can all critique them for you – FREE! Or does the reflection off the braces with the little animals etc on them stuff-up the camera settings? Get a life!

Your like-minded mate, supermario went very quiet last year but the long stay & treatment in the special Clinic has obviously ‘gee’d him back up again. Pity it didn’t do much for his grip on reality. He’s the only guy in the World that couldn’t see Stoner had to be “caught” from almost 3 seconds back when he slowed-down. So, a 3rd with physical problems equates with Stoner “not winning” the 1st Race = “moaning”? Jeez – are you guys on the same page as the rest of us, or off, lost in la la land, again? Talk to your Specialist, soon & get those good, strrong anti-depressants. It‘s going to be a very long, hard season again 4U. Cheers

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Apr 06

Posts: 57

jimsmimm says:

wish the folk running bsb would listen to what caseys sayin..... far too much F@cking about wi the rules in bike sport at the present moment ....


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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:


to get a reaction like that aquarius, I must really have hit a nerve. Truth hurts as they say.


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