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MCN  says:

Poll: Would you pay more for better dealer service?

Two major dealers – George White and V&J Superbikes – who sold bikes and kit at rock-bottom prices have recently gone into administration. The situation highlights the difficult decision made by some dealers to offer cheap prices and an Easy Jet-style service in an attempt to attract bargain-hungry customers. But is that the right way to go? Or would you...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (18 April 2012 17:20)

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

I won't shed a tear if every dealer in the country goes under

Oh noes, where will we buy our bikes?  Straight off the boat, or from Hinckley.  It costs about £100 to have a bike delivered to any civilised location in Great Britain.

But where will I get my ZZXZRXRRX serviced?  By a bloke with an oily rag and 30 years of know-how rather than Trainee Terry down at Mega Bikes.

I can't be doing with dealing with oiks when I buy and sell bikes, I want to go to a big shiny warehouse outlet and be mugged off for about two grand in return for some cheap coffee.  Then pay for it, but don't expect anyone else to do so.

We (the general we) don't need dealers.  They're handy for trying out bikes, but they're increasingly an anachronism in a just-in-time delivered-to-the-door world where every penny counts.

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Aug 09

Posts: 36

morristhemog says:


In my opinion, motorcycle dealers are the biggest problem.  They should be held to a much higher standard than they are.  For heavens sake, the motorcycle industry is 20 or 30 years behind the car industry in terms of knowledge, professional and customer service.  Most dealers I know act like the old stereotype of a used car salesman in the 70's and 80's!  They barely have any loan vehicles if the bike you just bought from them goes bang due to something done incorrectly in their workshop. 

Finding a good dealer now is like finding a good NHS dentist!  If only a visit to a dealer for a service didnt feeling like having your teeth pulled. I think that the manufacturers are complicit in that they should manage their dealer networks a lot better, and hold them to account much more strongly.

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Sep 11

Posts: 402

jollyboy says:


I couldn't quite believe what I was reading there. Car dealers are, by and large hopeless. They can't seem to diagnose anything that doesn't fit into the Haynes manual trouble shooting page. Their labour prices are obscene and the markup on parts is almost criminal. A couple of examples on prices. A job supposedly taking four hours labour (according to the factory manual) over £400 on labour alone! That's over £100 per hour for labour not including VAT. Another was a clutch pedal quadrant, main dealer quoted £75 + fitting + VAT - IOW £75 for the part alone for a toothed plastic quadrant. Independent garage quoted £35 for the job complete. The breakdown showed £13 for the part. When the owner asked the garage where they got the part fearing it was a cheap pattern part the mechanic showed them the OE box and told them they had sourced the part from the same dealer who quoted £75. So £13 trade or £75 retail - or to look at it another way the minimum markup on retail is almost 500%! The indepenent garage charged a markup of zero on the part choosing to make money only on the labour. Main dealers are ripoff merchants whatever they sell cars, bikes or washing machines. And don't kid yourself into believing they employ highly paid skilled and highly trained "engineers" and "technicians" rather than spotty youths with no mechanical sympathy. Next time you're down at the main dealers ask to take a look around the service bays, talk to the mechanics. Do you find yourself talking to hiughly skilled engineers who understand the deepest inner workings of your car? No you find yourself talking to the same sort of mechanics who capanle of following instruction manuals that they employ at the independents. The main dealers can argue about having to pay all sorts of fees to the manufacturer or importer (such as compulsory training courses for staff) in order to maintain their franchise, but that does not justify ripping customers off with a 500% markup.

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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:


the dealers, both main and independent.  Yet to come across a competent and honest one.  I'd happily see them all go to the wall.  Manufacturers could set up regional sales and service centres i.e. a South East, South West, East & West Midlands, North West, North East, Central Scotland, Wales, NI... maybe a max of 9 in total, properly trained knowledgable staff, reasonable fixed price menu servicing and common repairs, no bullshit.  Punters would have to travel, but it would be worth it to get the job done properly and at a fair price.

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Nov 07

Posts: 180

bird1050 says:



Last year i took my 07 speed triple for a service to Philip Youls in manchester for a service and was screwed for  £600

for that  a service a set of rear pads a down load and labour and MOT. ROBING BASTARDS

And to top it all a spark plug was seized  in the head and they said it will be £500 if we snap it , to wich my reply was if YOU snap it you pay for it.  TOSSERS

I then asked about a trade in against a new speed triple and the checky twats would only offer me £4800

( bottom book price on a shiter )

and said the tyres wernt legal ( they had just MOT'd it ) to wich i said go fuck your self pal his face was a picture

Deffo wont go back there again

Been qouted £150 for a full service including a full brake service ,

The factories should have proper service centres across the country and screw some of the rip off merchant main dealers


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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

In a word - NO

New bike prices are going through the roof and dealers servicing costs are are getting ridiculous. Original manufcturer parts are getting expensive too.

Bikes are now becoming rich boys toys and with that comes a price. When they decide to take up another hobby, the dealers and manufacturers will be fuc*ed.

A Triumph 12000m service is approx £700, That is astronomical for what amounts to some throttle body balancing and some valve checks. I don't want to pay £12k for a new bike and be hit with those servicing costs. On top of that, tyre prices are so expensive with a new pair costing about £250 every 4000m.

I love bikes but my car is cheaper to service and retread.

Triumph and other manufacturers need to concentrate on bringing prices down. That way, they might get a few new people into bikes.

Until prices start dropping, I'm holding on to my bike, doing most of the servicing myself and keeping it running as cheaply as possible. 

My old GPZ900 was fast enough. 150mph, Relatively comfortable, easy to service and tyres were cheap.

We all want the latest bit of wizz bang 2 wheeled techno gadgetry but at what price. My local paper advertises brand new cars for £6150 with 3 years free servicing. I think some manufacturers like KIA offer 100000 mile guarantee.The bike industry needs to wake up.  

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Feb 09

Posts: 541

jon66 says:

no choice

for me i do around 8k a year and if i had to take my cbf in for a dealers service every 4 k i would pay minimum 150 for small service n 250 big , i prob wouldnt be able to run the bike , so i do the simple stuff me self n call in favours for more complicated stuff

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Jan 09

Posts: 158


Motorcycle maintenance costs are just getting silly and the service quality is usually abysmal.  I asked a (now defunct) Harley Dealer what the cost of an annual oil change would be - £150+vat - no wonder they went out of business! Did it myself for less than £50. However, when my Sportie developed an electrical problem, a different Harley Dealer spent an hour sorting it for me and charged me £25 including a part - good service.

Triumph need'nt pat themselves on the back either - "£400+ for a 12k service, not including valve check, and they left  the fork centre-nut finger tight when it should have been torqued to 90ftlb !! At the same service, they did'nt put the seat back on properly either - two life-threatening errors in one service!!


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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

Do Harleys need oil changes as such?

I thought you just keep them topped them up at the same rate as it leaks out the bottom?

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Jan 09

Posts: 158

Ha Ha

No Roger, that's an Audi A3 !!

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