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Michael Neeves  says:

Ducati 1199 Panigale Tricolore first ride

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to stump up the £23,495 for the Tricolore version of the Ducati 1199 Panigale, you’re in for a treat. Not only do you get this sexy colour scheme included in the price, racing ABS and the latest-generation ‘Ducati Data Analyser’ (DDA+) datalogger, you get a pair of titanium Termignoni slip-on cans, which boosts power...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (20 April 2012 10:31)

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Feb 11

Posts: 87

draper12807 says:

I don't really see the point of having a bike like this on the road, but I would definitely have one if i had the money no matter how uncomfortable or harsh it is. This is a race bike only top level riders can use properly not fat dave from accounting. Plus i would like to see fat dave keep up with me over rivington pike in bolton with me on my gsxr 750 :). Also gixercarl isn't checa top of world superbikes on a bike that was hit with a 4kg weight increase over the more powerful inline four bikes (last year duke= 200bhp, R1=240+ bhp) ducatis are so good because of the chassis setup. "Ducati are incapable of making a decent bike" Don't know what world you are living in but just have a look at world sbk championships, 17 of 24 championships, hardly from shit bikes. And remember ducati are a small company that only make bikes not like honda or suzuki with lots of different stuff to generate revenue.

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Jul 10

Posts: 15

shanes says:

"Tricolore is still as friendly as an 848 Evo on the throttle" well with a statement like that it should turn everyone off the 848 EVO was the biggest piece of shit i have ever owned , it was a complete nothing bike average handling average brakes , poor turn in and shit power . i had ordered a 1199 but was lucky enough to realize it was just more Ducati hype written by these brand loving morons that spend most of the time parked up if front of star bucks . i wasn't about to spend that type of money on a bike then have have to throw most of it in the bin to get it to handle and make some real power .

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Apr 12

Posts: 24

momomomo says:

Ever owned one?

I wonder how many of these Ducati haters ever owned one or even tested one... Soooo... All Ducati owners are just posers that know absolutely nothing about bikes and obviously are not internet motogp riders like most on these posts. Probably because they own a Ducati they prefer to pass their time riding. RIDE ONE! I have owned all sorts of bikes and to be honest I have given up on sport bikes many moons but there are a few bikes that give me as much pleasure as a Ducati's engine fat growl. Unfussed, relaxed, planted, solid and mental when required... You feel good on it as opposed to frantic revving of maybe overall better Japs or the cold supposed technical superiority of the Germans. Yes, because of their price most Ducati's are bought by a more affluent rider than average but being affluent doesn't make you a w....r does it?

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Nov 04

Posts: 69

viaciofano says:


I have to say its down to choice. the more that is out there the better. i started out life as a motor bike mechanic and have seen the Japanese bikes dominant but now...Triumph has to be one of the successes so we need more choice and Ducati is one of those. If you go on about your particular model is the best, i cant agree. riders on motor bikes are the best bunch but not slag each other off for what they ride... vinnychoff ducati916bp wordpress

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Dec 09

Posts: 63

twobike says:

Differing Comments

There are some interesting comments below and a few Ducati haters, your choice guys but it doesn't have to be everyone elses. I have an Apilia RSV4F APRC which I mainly use on Track and it's brilliant in every respect to me, (don't care what anyone else thinks). I also have a Ducati Diavel which I use on the road and that to is brilliant and puts a big smile on my face each time I ride it, you either like or hate the looks, (don't care what anyone else thinks), I love it.

As for the Ducati Panigale S Tricolore, I admire Ducati for doing something so different, the engineering design and standard of quality is first class, it's power to weight is incredible and if I buy one which I most likely will, I won't give a flying toss what anyone one else thinks, cos I buy bikes for me and not anyone else. My money my choice. If others don't like that well thats their problem not mine.

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Sep 11

Posts: 402

jollyboy says:


The opposite applies too. How many Ducati fanboys have every owned one? People have been like this for as long as I can remember, but they're worse on internet forums. You will get arguments raging where neither side has ever ridden the bike in question. I'm not a Ducati hater, nor am I their biggest fan. For the record I nearly owned a Ducati, but was put off by the fact that the nicely prewarmed demonstrator wouldn't start. If the dealer can't start the demonstrator what chance do you have with a customer bike? To be fair to Ducati, however, that was a very long time ago.

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Nov 08

Posts: 109

smilo996 says:

Cannot think of a better time to buy a sports bike. Cross plane crank R1, Blade with no electronics, GSXR as it was some years ago, RSV the alternative v twin along with the RC8, the MV missile, the Panigale, the BMW 1000RR, what's not to like. Would it be better if there was no Panigale, nope. Is it a great bike clearly, is it the best, does it really matter that much. Have the BM and Panigale pushed the boundaries of what can be done in the past couple of years, yes. Ducati have been foreced by the Japs to make their bike more reliabel. But the shoes is on the other foot.

Will the Japs respond, likely. Is that good yes. kerwaski are back on the boil as well. We could wait until everything is built in China with bamboo trellis frames and the rest straight copied from the existing manufacturers. When Buell are back out from Harley's clutches and have some decent backing then it will get even better.  

Triumph now make some great bikes, Norton is getting there sort of. Christ even electric bikes are looking quite good.

So what is the problem exactly. We could all go back to the days of Ducati's that break down GSXR 1100's with microscopic frames, which are only good in a straight line and mediocre 2 strokes because the factories would not put out a real 500 race rep.

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

never seize to amaze

wow another great looking sportsbike, i would happily buy another italian sportsbike with no fuss what so ever, simply because i know how to maintain and service ect my own, currently own a 2001 rsv mille with no issues and plenty of superbike power for the slow roads we now face to ride on, any ducati owner ahem if u have been that is will always have a different opinion, deep down this is a bike we will always want in reality, just haters with no dole money left wont admit it, id buy that for a dollar!!!.

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Dec 07

Posts: 237

merv007 says:

times have changed gixercarl

"if it aint jap, it aint worth buying" always amusing to hear when gixercarl hasnt been to his anger management classes. The fact is right across all motorcycle classes, as reviewed by the worldwide press, the class leaders ARE NOT JAPANESE BUT EUROPEAN eg. superbike; bmws1000rr (perhaps soon to be the 1199?) supersports; triumph 675 adventure; either multistrada or bmw gs big naked; Tuono or Speed Triple naked 600; street triple cruiser; victory or triumph off-road; Husky or KTM tourer; take your pick of BMWs etc etc Now the Asians have lost their price/reliability advantage, there is no obvious reason to buy Jap in the UK anyway.

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Apr 12

Posts: 24

momomomo says:


I love it!!! Two wheels lovers have come out to play. It is true that the few that will ride this bike on the road will be posers but why not? I can assure you that the few ones around will turn heads. Also don't forget that there is a lot of people that will run them only on a track. I for one can't wait to meet one and I will follow it just to listen to it. With a bit of luck will be on termignonis. Mhhhh! Would never buy one though. I am well past the pissing competitions :-)

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