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Steve Farrell  says:

School tells 17-year-old: Stop riding in or we’ll expel you

A school has threatened to expel a 17-year-old if he carries on travelling in by motorcycle. Jack Deeley has twice been sent home from school for arriving on his Aprilia RS125. The Windsor High School and Sixth Form College says students are not allowed to travel by ‘motorised vehicle of any kind’ but Jack says other students park cars outside...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (27 April 2012 10:40)

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

blutonium92 says:

First hand confirmation of this

I myself had the privilege of attending this poor excuse of a school until i was 16 (Now 20). Four years ago i had the exact same encouter, i had a Aprilia RS 50 at the time and was told i wasnt allowed to ride it to school. Thus i ended up parking the bike round the corner behind a business opposite the local butty shop. On another note, though this school seems to have a good reputation and scores above the national average i can say from personal experiance from my length of education from years 7 to 11 at this establishment i was always dissapointed with the majority of staff and the poor level of teaching.



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Sep 09

Posts: 4

titotito says:


Teachers ~

If you can do................DO.

If you can't do...............Teach.

And If you can't teach..............Teach Teachers.

My comments do not apply to all teachers, some are excellent.

But for the most part they are Numptys,

who think they know everything.

From school to uni then back to school, with no life experience.

And if you need proof, just have a look at the kids around you today,

Out of all the professions teachers are the most stupid and nieve.

( men more so than females)

So head teacher Keith Sorrell has no comments about kids being dropped off

some probably in Chelsea tractors and I wonder how he and his staff arrive at school.

The man is an idiot.



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Sep 09

Posts: 397


You have to start learning sometime that any state run organisation and the authorities are a bunch of small minded, unaccountable morons. Learn from your experience on this point Jack, because it only gets worse when dealing with the authorities on any issue. At least you got a nice bike !

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May 08

Posts: 45

mickra says:


Can you get your hands on a horse?

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Oct 03

Posts: 16

stobes says:

School to stop rider

This is outrageous.....Yet again another piece of discrimination.  Surely the school have no such powers.  It makes my blood boil when such injustices occur.  The school stated that "students are not allowed to travel on any motorised transport of any kind".....therefore they will prob. need to expel a good proportion of their pupils judging by the number dropped off by parents.....

If I was a parent of any student who had this ruling, then I would make a formal complaint against the school to the Information Commissioner -  Infomation Commissioners office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.  This is wrong on every level.

Email the Headmasters office : to raise any complaint in the first instance.


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Feb 09

Posts: 515

I was under the impression that the majority of schools are anti - bullying, yet that is exactly what they are doing to this young man ! I live near 2 grammar schools, where the parents disgorge their precious cargo from 4 x 4's, people carriers etc. and cause traffic chaos in the process. I see pupils from both driving to school daily, who park a short distance away, who are dismal in their attitude to other road users. The only ones I see who display any form of road awareness or courtesy are - THE ONES WHO RIDE THERE!

The head of this school needs to drag his sorry arse into the 21st century; he also needs to formally write an apology to Jack for his shabby treatment and the threats he has suffered. Mr. Sorrell - you are an onanist of the highest order. Look it up teach, that's all you're fit for.

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Oct 11

Posts: 20

JKF011 says:

Tyranny of the Geeks

Once again an example of what I have coined: "The Tyranny of the Geeks" - that is, government agencies, schools, licence bureaus, etc. are run by the adult versions of the over-achieving, introverted, gourmless kids that got beat up in school. This is their revenge! ARSEHOLES!

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Aug 02

Posts: 1519

superbol says:

And I bet

That if an asian pupil arrived on a ped wearing a turban nothing would be said , oh and if a MUSLIM arrived on a bike the fucking red carpet would be laid for him ( not her as they are chauvanistic gits )

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Jan 11

Posts: 35

Get a car and a trailer, stick the bike on the back of the trailer, drive to school in the car and test their prejudice. Don't give in son. Matt

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Apr 12

Posts: 8


emailed my objection to the head lets all do the same and stick up for the kid

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