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Steve Farrell  says:

School tells 17-year-old: Stop riding in or we’ll expel you

A school has threatened to expel a 17-year-old if he carries on travelling in by motorcycle. Jack Deeley has twice been sent home from school for arriving on his Aprilia RS125. The Windsor High School and Sixth Form College says students are not allowed to travel by ‘motorised vehicle of any kind’ but Jack says other students park cars outside...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (27 April 2012 10:40)

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Aug 02

Posts: 46

jallen says:

That is crazy I used to ride my motorbike to school (some years ago) and they provided parking for them too.The company I work for now provides secure motorcycle parking too. In both cases they recognise that the motorcycle is a valid form of transport.

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Oct 04

Posts: 55

ldashworth says:


To the chap in the article: ride your bike to 6th form (it's not school as such...) SENSIBLY and park it legally and securely as you can outside the school premises.  Then find a lawyer who rides bikes (must be dozens reading MCN) who is willing to work for nowt when your school expels you.  I guess it's up to the school what sort of vehicles, if any, are allowed on site, but I'm pretty certain your pig-headed teachers can't dictate what parks legally outside their premises.  It's very important that you don't act like a tool though when you are riding around on your bike as you will make it very hard for yourself!  However, if you signed up for the college with this rule having been made clear to you in the first instance, you may be in breach of contract, so to speak.  It'd be nice to see the rule applied to young car drivers too.


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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Sadly - School Has The Right.

I'm reminded of something that was explained to my school in an assembly once, the Headmaster told us that between our homes and school it was the school which was "in loco parentis" which in plain English means in place of a parent. Therefore whatever he said was law as far as we were concerned.

He was actually referring to school uniforms and keeping our caps on as well as our general behaviour. Assuming that he was right, even though it seems rather unfair, our motorcycling student will have to obey or bear the consequences. 

We can only hope that he isn't being singled out for this treatment and that it applies equally to all other pupils. Hopefully he will go on to a college or Uni' where he will be treated like an adult.

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Apr 12

Posts: 4

brassbiker94 says:


This is pretty stupid on the schools part in my mind. I too ride my 125 to sixth form everyday, I park it in the corner of the school car park, people drive their cars to school as well, but have to park them outside. There has never been a problem. And my school recognise that public transports is an unnessasary cost to students on top of their own transport.

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Jul 03

Posts: 3

CADS5 says:


Just a typical bunch of jumped up hitlers as always on school boards

they have never delt with real things from outside of school life

and would have us all scared of our own shadow like them

Nanny state strikes again.

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Jan 12

Posts: 4

megawilhelm says:

Contact email

As the other email adress's for the headteacher and his assistant seem to be bouncing back emails, try this email adress;

It's the email the school are using for applicants of jobs, so should work. We can at least fill that inbox with protest emails! :)


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Apr 09

Posts: 1928

hawk750 says:


Are getting getting something together on to this!

Now I wonder how they got to know :smile

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Mar 10

Posts: 32

cetdac says:

Teachers short sightedness?

These are the people who are teaching our children?

How forward thinking are they?

Clearly the kid needs to go to a school where the teachers are able to recognise the benefits of using different forms of transport.

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Aug 07

Posts: 6169

stevebaldy says:

well it could get

out of in a rural area as i do, we used to get lads of 16 turning up in tractors......not so clever !.................surely though if he can find somewhere to park up outside of school premises they can't stop him? :unsure:

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Mar 08

Posts: 132

tman39a says:

out of order

whilst i appreciate that the school has a duty of care to its pupils, once outside the gates he's in a public area and that is beyond the schools jurisdiction. If they expel him I dare say a good solicitor will take them apart on grounds of discrimination since car driving pupils aren't being targeted. Yes to a certain extent bikes represent a potentially more dangerous means of transport vs a bus etc but at least compared to a push bike the rider needs a licence and insurance etc never mind safety clothing and helmets. Its another case of Safety clowns trying to get their way.

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