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Liam Marsden  says:

Jerez MotoGP: Stoner takes first win of 2012

Reigning MotoGP champion Casey Stoner has taken his first race win of 2012 at Jerez today despite suffering from arm pump in the latter stages of the race. The start of the race saw some of the best racing seen in the premier class for a long time, with the first six riders all switching places as they battled for the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 April 2012 14:17)

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Oct 11

Posts: 617

revnev7 says:


        Why should Nicky be expected to be right at the front ? In gOD know`s how many year`s he has only won thrice,and now there is strength in depth, where is he expected to finish ? The soft tyre`s were mullered,so I think he did as well as expected,he ain`t done that many dry mile`s so the bike is not set-up quite right yet.No suprise, as far as I can see, put 1 of the 3 quick boy`s on it,or even Cal,then we`d really know how good it is.

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Apr 06

Posts: 1216

CosherB says:

whilst not a brilliant race, it was much better than what the 800s offered up last season.  tyre management is now reminiscent of the 990 days, with dicing likely right up to the chequered flag.  i doubt MotoGP will ever be like Moto2, but it's most definately heading in the right direction.

for the first time this weekend, i've now started to doubt if Rossi can turn things around at Ducati.  the manner of the performance and the gaps in the qualifying to his team-mate, and the front of the grid, now leads me to wonder if a combination of a number of thinks (bike, shoulder/leg injuries, Simo) means that he's genuinely not at his best.  for his sake, i hope he still has the enthusiasm for the Ducati MotoGP project, or the eloquent posting from Nostro on an earlier thread will most definately be realised.  at least on race pace, Rossi wasn't out-gunned that much by Hayden, but there's little time to turn things around before the next race.

elbowz will do well to keep his head down for a few days, that was a shocker from Spies.  finishing behind Rossi and Barbera, more than half a minute behind the fella on the same bike, and being shown the way by the Tech 3 boys.  last prototype bike home again - something is very wrong with him.  i suspect that he's not right mentally at the moment and the pressure of expectation has got to him.  needs a big result at Estoril to prove the perrenial doubters (like me) wrong.

and last, but by no means least, another top performance from Cal.  he appears to be in a good place at the moment, both professionally and personally, leaving him relaxed to deliever what he is capable of on the M1.  i just hope we don't big him up too soon, it's still very early in the season.


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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

you've got a cheek 3358

saying I dont show much enthusiasm towards Stoner.
I will admit he is not my favourite rider although I do admire his riding style but I dont put him down the way you do with Rossi.
All these riders deserve respect even the one that finishes last.
You can think I am daydreaming if you want but I know for a fact the majority of other GP riders dont think he is finished and they know more about it than most on here.He will be in Moto GP next year and hopefully on a bike that can run up front.

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Jun 09

Posts: 12

trannie680 says:

Rossi comeback

It would be great to see Rossi fighting at the front again but just saying 'if not on a Ducati then some other bike' ,  isn't going to make it happen is it! At the risk of sounding 'foolish or stupid' , can anyone run a scenario which would place Rossi on a competetive bike!? Honda and Yamaha are doing very nicely thank you so thats not going to work. Tech 3 also, (with Smith coming on board next year they have more riders than they know what to do with! )  So, can Suzuki or Kawasaki be tempted back now they are 1000's. Even if they did it would take longer than Rossi's got to get up to speed. So that really only leaves Ducati as his only chance to get back to where he should be. Perhaps they will!

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Aug 11

Posts: 437


Nah mate, your definately wrong. You five year olds are all the same. Occasionally soiling yourselfs and believing everything you say is true.

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Aug 11

Posts: 697

Bootlegger says:


The battle between Lorenzo and Stoner was totally absorbing. I rank it up there with Philip Island 2009.

As for kit, I reckon we safely rank Ducati on par with Yamaha. Witness Rossi and Spies today.

Accomplished factory riders on factory bikes. Of course I'm taking the piss and making a stupid point but nevertheless a point. When you have sat Yamaha riders trouncing a  factory Yamaha rider and a sat Ducati rider going hammer and tongs with highest paid racer in the world on a factory Ducati ,you just have to question the rider's rather than their steeds.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Buell, continue to spew the rubbish you come out with. Obvisouly they all deserve respect(you donut). But when you are hailed to be the greatest of all time and you are struggling to beat satellite Ducati's let alone your team mate, you deserve no slack whatsoever. Anyone but Stoner, that attitude is a funny one. Sad, but funny.

I know for a fact the majority of other GP riders dont think he is finished.
Would you care to share your evidence and how you 'know for a fact' ?

You've been saying the exact same thing for over a year now with Rossi.
'He's got something up his sleeve'
'He could be sandbagging'
'It's early days for Ducati'
'Rossi will make the bike a winner'
'Give them time'
'He will be back up the sharp end'
'He will go better on raceday'
'Of course he will be top Ducati'

Seriously, you're boring.

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Jan 11

Posts: 648

carloslavado says:

I have never been more wrong in rating a Moto gp rider, than i was at rating Cal Cruthlow! I thought he would go nowhere at the top level, and look at him now. Verry happy to be proved wrong though. I think all of us on this forum should be happy that Yamaha gave Tech-3 a bike that is not far of the factory M1 at all. If Honda would do the same i reckon Bautista and Bradl could also mix it up right behind the Alliens. Still Scott Redding is the rider of the day for me, he might have finished outside the top 10 if the race had been full distance. But that riding style freakin rocks!!

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:


    Jerez is one of my favorite curcuits & always provides good racing.Todays race was very good by Moto GP standards,very entertaining at the beginning,a little dull in the midle with a little bit of suspence at the end.

    Casey - Once we got to the front it was obvious that he would be very hard to beat.He kept cool under preasure & pulled the pin on the last lap.Good job,well done & a well deserved win.

    Jorge - Almost but not quite,I thought he was going to pass him on the last corner a few laps from the end but he missed his oppertunity & didnt get anouther.Very,very close between Casey & Jorge,I think Casey is a little bit faster & Jorge a little bit more consistant.Really nothing in it,championship could go either way.

    Nicky - An exellent race by Nicky.He really gave it his all for the first part of the race but feel back mid race.He often does this,this is obviously an issue with him or the bike or both.Either way he put up one hell of a fight as usual & beat his team mate again.

    Rossi -  ?  A broken alien.Nothing more to say.

    Cal - Man of the race & the man to watch.Ben should be afraid,very afraid.

    Dani - Same old,same old.Hes good,very good but theres that 1-2 % missing for most of his races.Hes most defenatly an alien but its unlikely he will ever win a Moto GP championship.If you toke Casey & Jorge out of the equation the championship would be his.

    Dovi - Good ride,always finishes well,very consistant & evey now & again exels with podiums & the odd win.He is an exellent choice for any sattelite team or as a factory team wing man.

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Oct 11

Posts: 251

redracer46 says:

game of two halves,? or 3 !!

Kind of an odd race, first few laps was banzai !!! Great stuff and lots of riders all dicing for positions :P Then the middle of the race was a bit flat, then the last 7/8 laps was kind of will they wont they with CS and JL for 1st and DP/CC for 3rd !!!! Shame the last part never quite materialised. Not the result that would have been predicted after qualifying, I had the finishing 3 down for reverse order with Dani taking the win given his pace all weekend. No change at Ducati so no need to discuss there, disappointing race from all Ducati riders after showing much promise in qualifying and warm up. Excellent from Cal again, proving that he is on the rise in the class and rising to the challenge of having to be the no.1 at Tech 3 to keep his job next season. Like many others I am going to join in in saying (sadly) what is happening with Ben S !???? For one thing he in on my fantasy MCN league, I was sure he was a very good prospect, but more importantly why is he going backward on a machine that has clearly leaped forward between seasons??? Real headscratcher???

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