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Liam Marsden  says:

Jerez MotoGP: Stoner takes first win of 2012

Reigning MotoGP champion Casey Stoner has taken his first race win of 2012 at Jerez today despite suffering from arm pump in the latter stages of the race. The start of the race saw some of the best racing seen in the premier class for a long time, with the first six riders all switching places as they battled for the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 April 2012 14:17)

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

a couple of corrections

First one is for Wosi. I know here in the UK the only difference between beaches and gravel traps is that gravel traps don't smell as bad, but in Australia you could never confuse the two. Beaches there have this stuff called sand that is actually quite pleasant.

Next one is for Zogg. I know you probably have fond memories of Rossi toying with Biaggi and Gibernau like that, but he was never able to with Stoner or Lorenzo. Last time I remember Rossi following Stoner around for an entire race was Phillip Island in 2009, very few looks up the inside then just as Lorenzo only managed 1 yesterday. They are all at the limit trying to stay with each other.

I did my first Cadwell trackday last week, was funny listening to the "old folk" talk about Crutchlow - "if you'd told me that kid was going to go well in GPs ... "

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Feb 09

Posts: 846

chrisg011 says:


Jeez fella you know how to bring down a party.

Cheers for the insight, you're not really adding anything though. I'm surprised DB and 'Mighty Mick' didn't see stoners wide run through the corner, the guys here in Italy did the same but they are more passion than pontification. JL ran pretty much prefect lines the whole race, though when he did run wide and stoner turned up the wick in the final laps there was never going to be an answer...

It was about as exciting as racing gets, elbows and fairings being bashed in the first laps, then the tension of the remainder. Cal looked good but was on the edge to stay with dani who looked comfortable. I am sure that if Cal had made a move hen Dani would have pulled the pin and opened a gap. Positive that Cal was ther and able to remain, roll on silverstone!

Spies and chatter and ballast and woe is me. The team need to sort it, they have for the rest but Spies still has issues.. Seems as though he can't work it out but I guess it's a learning curve and one he will climb - but quicker.
MSMA have 3 manufacturers and one didn't vote hence the added weight. Pisser for all but at least the fans win. Am sure Honda will find thier cure (though they state the new parts will be ready post Estoril) so soon enough natural order will resume.

Dovi Dovi Dove Dovi ? Wrong tyre, makes no excuses and admits his error. Got to be better. Hayden looked good, the duke looked good until the tyres faded.

Rossi looked lost all weekend, poor show... Oh well at least HB kept him company lol

And still no insults in this thread (Aquarius' post aside) - this is fresh air!

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Sep 11

Posts: 402

jollyboy says:


Like riders don't have a history of lying and making stupid excuses? When reading post race interviews I start from a policy of extreme scepticism - it's served me well in 35 years of watching GPs. The lap times and video simply don't bear out what Hayden says. As has already been pointed out the fast boys turned up the wick after a handful of laps and Hayden had no answer. His lines in the early laps show he was all over the place trying to stay on the pace, nothing to do with tyres he was simply riding beyond the bike's limits to try to stay with the fast boys who were neat and tidy. Credit to him for that, but his story about the tyres is not borne out by the available evidence.

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Aug 02

Posts: 191

mike27 says:


Thanks for the insights Aquarius - hadnt heard via the UK media that Spies was suffering with chatter.  His drop off in pace this year (admittedly on the back of only 2 races) has been huge.  As has been said, he was very good last year and it would be a shame to see him fade back to WSB.

The race itself was a great watch - tight at the start and tense at the end.  I was watching with my 10 year old son and he was asking why it was always the same 3 at the front.  I explained that they're the best 3 riders and would be at the front whatever they were on - Ducati, Tech 3 Yamaha...

I did wonder afterwards if I'd let my pro-Stoner bias cloud my tutelage of the youngster, but a cursory examination of Rossi's laptimes backed up the point.  When battling with the satellite Ducati of Barbera at the end of the race, he was suddenly able to drop his lap times by 0.7 seconds.  Stoner or Lorenzo would have that thing on the podium, no bother.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1823

doohanfan says:


I wasn't biting (so to speak) on the gravel trap comment, especially since I didn't see the moto3 race (was at a rugby game). Sissis is supposed to have talent, and as I said earlier cal crutchlow may be starting to prove as stoner did before him that you can teach a fast rider not to crash etc. Probably a good idea to get far enough into a few races particularly at the beginning of your career to demonstrate your pace though.

You definitely have current bragging rights on the cricket but it is starting to look a bit as though uneasy lies the crown etc, and Australia didn't have a bad decade or two prior to England's recent ascendancy.


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Sep 11

Posts: 402

jollyboy says:


Listening to Spies fans going on about him having tyre problems is like some sort of Rossi sequel. Call it chatter or bounce if you like, but it's missing the point. There were 19 other riders out there with the same tyres and three other riders with the same bike. They didn't seem to have issues. Or if they did it didn't slow them down. If Spies is suffering catastrophic chatter then there are two possible causes. Either he's not setting the bike up to suit the tyres (damping issues?) or he's not riding the tyres right. Either way it's something he needs to sort out himself, either through setup or riding style. The same applies to Rossi, he can whine on about the Ducati not being the bike he wants, but when it comes down to it he's supposed to be among the best. Like an old mate of mine used to say, you can only f**k with the prick you've got.

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Oct 11

Posts: 617

revnev7 says:


        Wosi, isn`t it time you faced the fact`s ? You wan`t a return to the "catty,bitchy day`s". Really !  The day`s when your heroine would pretend to enjoy other rider`s company,up to and untill they became a threat of any kind. This ain`t boxing,you half-wit,although you probably know just as much about the subject as you do about motorcycle racing,oh and people too.   Best you bury your head back in your reference book`s,cherry pick some more "fact`s",and come back with some more of your epic knowledge. For instance,Stoner getting "plated" by his team-mate Dani just like Spies with Jorge,brill ! Sound`s very similar to your mate milkybollox when he came out with, Dani handed Stoner his arse when he slaughtered him in pre-season practice in 2011 by a whole tenth of a second.      So take my advice,find something you know about,and piss off and bore some other fu**er`s with it.   A library would be a good place !

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Feb 10

Posts: 566

RobTZ says:

Jolly Boy

With reference to Spies, there is 1 other bike out there like his and this belongs to Lorenzo. That is where the comparison should be. Cal and Dovi are on the Tech 3 bike, which I am led to believe is of a lower spec.

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Dec 11

Posts: 10

bushy1 says:


Stoner is the new GOAT

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Mar 09

Posts: 5398

Nostrodamus says:

Ho Ho Jolly

So Hayden's bullshitting? Perhaps but only the bit where he said he bike was set up O.K. Yes he was all over the shop and deliberately to me - even looking to go the long way around, which is why he screwed his rubber along with an imperfect set-up to go the distance. He ran the pace he could early doors when conditions were most iffy and couldn't handle the pace once the big boys got into their rhythm. Nothing surprising in any of it. Pretty standard Hayden fare for a long time.

Great comments Weskit!

I'm getting a little tired of this "I'm still learning the M1" line of Dovi's. Stoner made the RCV his in about 3 laps of his first test. You're on the silkiest handling MotoGP bike on the grid Dovi. What more do you want?

So Wosi wants the bitch fighting days back. Somehow I just can't see his hagged old whore swinging a handbag very effectively anymore. His last P.R stunt of a public criticism of Ducati backfired so much he had to go on a T.V charm offensive with his Dad. I'm taking that one with a big bag of salt too. Rossi needs to work out how to set the damn thing up rather than this silly game of 'She loves me, she loves me not...'

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