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MCN  says:

Poll: What's the most common bad driving habit you see while riding?

Filter through slow moving traffic these days and you'll invariably see a car slowly weaving out of its lane, its driver hunched over a smart phone updating his Twotter or Faceberk. But is this modern failing now more common than traditional idiocies such as not indicating before turning, swerving while shouting at kids in the back, and thrashing through a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (02 May 2012 15:50)

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May 06

Posts: 3

TA1CH1 says:

you forgot to mention spinning up doobies ....and tucking into Happy Meals.

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Nov 07

Posts: 180

bird1050 says:


Bloody smokers flicking ash and dog ends out of the window . Dirty bastards .

Loads of times ive had ash in my eyes while riding behind these dirty twats


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Aug 02

Posts: 263

Jonathan says:

Not indicating

is a real problem these days. I have ordered a crystal ball.

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Dec 02

Posts: 17

wurzel714 says:


how the hell are you supposed to pick just one???????  you will see these day in, day out....

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Dec 09

Posts: 2492

supermario says:

All of the above

Cars seem to be an extension of peoples living rooms these days. Driving is generally third or fourth on the list of things to do, whilst actually driving.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8414

snev says:

my latest moan is....

The amount of drivers with mis-adjusted mirrors, if I can't see their face in them I doubt that they even know I'm behind them. Also the Twats that have dark tinted windows in the front, When they are waiting to pull out onto the road as I approach. I really do want to see your eyes looking at me. Allthough if I lived after hitting them side on, at least I could say SMIDSY.!!!

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Nov 11

Posts: 203

jimbo8098 says:


Just good old fashioned stupidity. Weaving in their lane is a good example , you think they are going to come out but then they go back in to the other lane GRRRR! CHOOSE A LANE! ANY LANE!

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Oct 10

Posts: 19

Fragpig says:

Overtaking Parked cars

Through a village i travel through twice a day it is essentially single carriageway because of cars parked outside the owners houses, the number of cars that overtake these cars straight at me expecting me to ride through the gutter, scraping my footpegs on the curbs. A TNT lorry did this in the rain, i was aquaplaning through massive puddles at the side of an HGV. Also on a long straight not far away a car had pulled over (to use his mobile)bearing in mind most vehicles are doing 70 along here, everyone coming towards me was overtaking it, i was going slower and slower, then about 20metres away a bus pulled out to overtake it, i was doing 30 now, well to the left so everyone could see me, and he pulled out, i gesticulated that he was a wanker, only to promptly get a grip of the handlebars again as the next 3 cars passed and forced me onto the verge and toward the 3metre deep ditch at the side. People are very reluctant to slow up/stop and will assume you will move over. Indeed through that village before, i have stopped in the road and had a standoff with a car overtaking into my right of way.

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Feb 10

Posts: 199

wesley01 says:

The common ones are drivers talking blatantly on their cell phone without a hands free kit and never using their indicators to show any intention, also next time you are out walking look at parked cars tyres for lack of tread im sure you will get a massive shock as I have lost count of all the bald tyres I have seen on road worthy vehicles. Cops cream over speeders etc please can they start policing bad driving and vehicles that should not be on our roads.

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May 08

Posts: 45

mickra says:

All of the above

are problems for us at some time. But...the thing that REALLY amazes me, both when riding the bike or in the car, is the moronic and lazy habit of an awful lot of drivers to hang on in the middle or outside lane (especially the outside lane). This is particularly bad when, due to the massive queue in front of them, they all end up actually doing well under the limit for the road. Which then encourages (some of) the frustrated drivers/riders behind to undertake them in order to either:- maintain the speed limit, go faster, or just beat the queue. To be doing 50 or 60 on the outside lane of a motorway or dual carriageway and leave the middle and left lane clear seems perverse. Please people, move back into the clear inner lanes (where you may end up actually making quicker progress) and open up the other lanes for overtaking or faster drivers. Oh......and by the way....please indicate your intentions to do this clearly and early. As for the centre lane drivers...they must get dizzy with vehicles overtaking on both's getting just like the US with people going past on both sides.

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