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Sep 11

Posts: 3

reabo says:

are waterproofs waterproof.

i ask this coz yet again i found another pair of textile waterproofs leak at the crutch. these are wolf titaniums, i have gone thru buffalo, spada, hein gerricke, all membrane lined waterproofs which leak after about an hour of torrential rain. my daily comute is about an hour and a half each way and i have yet to find a pair of trousies which will last. i have been thinking it is where i throw my leg over the bike stretching the seams, but there is room for two of me in the titaniums (bought big in case). i was searching for reviews on textiles when i saw a few posts saying they will leak in certain circumstances. i don't have this issue with jackets, but have just replaced my six year old ixs with a hein gerricke summit jacket which seems to be the bollox. anyone got any info on why i keep getting to work looking like i've pissed myself, it's not a good look.

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  • Posted 3 years ago (08 May 2012 11:17)

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Aug 09

Posts: 2714

MarcusMarsh says:


Assuming that each of these garments was guaranteed as waterproof I hope that in each case you retuned them for a refund. 

Modern kit is generally very good - far better than anything that was available when I first started riding.  Check out Ride magazine for reviews on kit.  Their opinion is usually spot on and you can get a list of their recommended kit if you search the interenet under 'Ride Triangles'.     

I am amazed the Hein Geicke trousers failed as I have always found their stuff to be really good quality.  I guess the best of the best is Rukka but it is expensive.  Having said that I have a pair of Millets waterproof overtrousers that I have had for years that have lived under the seat of manny-a-bike (just in case), only cost about £7 and have never leaked :smile   

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Oct 11

Posts: 3054

roseyeric says:


I don't have expereince of a variety of gear being relatively new to biking, but had exactly the same problem with a pair of RST trousers. Having got a refund I decided to get a pair of RST leather trousers along with a pair of these:


Under £20 and won't let a drop in. Leathers do a job in light rain so I haven't had to use the over trousers much. They pack small so fit under the seat and are rubberised so completely waterproof. Can't recommend them enough if you decide on a similar route.

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Sep 07

Posts: 2820

James600zx says:

Leathers with waterproof over-trousers when needed.

That's been my approach too. Leathers for crash protection, layering for warmth if needed and thin waterproof kit under the seat. All you need.

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Apr 12

Posts: 5

kwack750 says:


I have found that the best gear I have had has been Richo, they have never leaked and I have been out in heavy prolonged rain.

However, a one peice rain suit over the top may help. Even the previous reply stating over trousers from a camping shop work very well.
Keep dry!:laugh:

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Sep 11

Posts: 3

reabo says:

yep, all returned

except the wolf, which are about 18 months old now. generaly i wear leathers and overtrousies from halfords (£16 and pretty good) but when its cold i like the thermal lining of  textiles. i too was surprised at the hien leggings too, i have hein gerricke leather trousies, 7 years old now and perfect. the jacket is from them too, but only six months old and am loving it. was looking at the matching trousies which were a ride best a while back, they have gone up £60 quid since, although they are offering £40 back t the moment.
 the rukka gear is lovely, but way too much. thanx for yer input, will keep looking i think. cheers.

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

Waterproofs (or not)

Hmm good question. They all will leak if you subject them to heavy rain for long enough (at least so it appears to me) and an hour and a half of torrential rain on a sports bike or unfaired bike before they let go as you describe is pretty good (Has happened to me many a time too as my commute is about that long...)
The length of time you keep the rain out depends on a lot of factors:
1. The first is what bike you have and how fast you are riding. If you have a bike with a big fairing or screen like a Deauville, Pan Euro etc your waterproofs don't have to work very hard (probably a tenth of a bike with a small or no fairing). (My 250R was the wetest bike I ever owned and the fairing was perfectly designed for dumping all the rain in your crotch but the Deau was much drier and warmer and the F800ST is a bit better than the 250R). When I sold the Deau I had to upgrade my waterproofs fast...
2. Most leakages occur at seams or pockets etc. Whilst I don't think the basic Gortex material is particularly special the quality of the zips and fastenings etc mean that you are likely to have a closure that is more or less waterproof - I have bought non Goretex gear and it was shockingly bad and very difficult to wear with the zip protection correctly...
3. I always wear a reflective vest that has a side zip. That way it protects the front zip on my jacket from the direct rain blast.
4. To stop the embarassing marks in the trouser area I also wear Peter Storm Blue waterproof (and non breatherable) walking waterproofs underneath my textiles and over my work trousers. If its hot they don't breathe so you can fold them up and put them in your back pocket on your jacket - which is why I have such a big bum most of the time :lol:
5. I also really like textile trousers with built in bib and braces. I got mine from ebay (Dainese) and it gives a good six inches of overlap even with a sports style bike...
6. Gloves are the next disaster. Mine are waterproof but overlap on the outside of my jacket. If it rains hard enough the water streams down my arms into my gloves... (like it did last week).
7. I bought Gortex boots a year ago and they are much better than unlined ones that I had been struggling for the previous 4 years...
8. On the F800 i am also getting a small leak at the front between my helmet and jacket...
9. Lastly some bike seats need waterproofing every now and again - if you are sitting on a wet sponge its a good test of waterproofs...

Enjoy you riding...


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Nov 08

Posts: 879


Hein Gericke Cruise II GTX.  The construction is good, not a single leak point after four years daily use - except height of summer.  Dear, but no need to carry any other layers, or to sweat in non-breathable rain wear.  The Goretex membrane really does breathe.   There are other similar cheaper membranes, but they tend to get get assembled into cheaper, less well constructed, kit which may well leak.  Storm guard and bib when it get's really cold.  One issue with Goretex is it works by temperature difference - the moisture breathes from warmer side to the cooler side, so (a) not as waterproof in summer, can get a little clammy after and hour, and (b) when hung to dry it gets clammy through and through  - if you put it on still clammy it takes half an hour for your body heat to pump it dry again.

AlpineStars Waterproof SMX4 bought at the same time.  Brilliant.  Starting to look a bit tatty, but my feet are always warm and dry.  In summer, when the leather's inside my boots, instead of textile's outside, they even feel vented (outside their WP membrane) and cool.  I guess I'll be buying a pair of SMX5s soon.

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