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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi rubbishes retirement talk

Valentino Rossi has moved quickly to dismiss reports claiming the Italian star was going to retire at the end of 2012. A report in today’s Daily Telegraph claimed Rossi would retire at the end of his second season with Ducati, or even quit before the end of the campaign because of his failure to make the Desmosedici a competitive force in...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (09 May 2012 10:49)

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


this not cause him to close to yamaha and move there. LOL.

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Apr 12

Posts: 586


can u answer this......if the duke in 2007 had such a massive advantage over the rest......why is it that no other ducati was anywhere? surely if it was the best bike loris would have also been up there don`t u think??........when vale was "on the best bike" with honda then yamaha wasn`t he getting alot 1st and 2nd`s with his teammate....which u would therefore assume that it`s a pretty good bike.....even as is now with lorenzo still up there on the yam and the satellite bikes not far off either......where is the ducati now stoner has gone?......rock on stoner 17 wins in a season here we come....i really hope your blood boils over this year when stoner is winning over and over again.......of course he`s "on the best bike" isn`t he which han`t won a world championship for 4yrs and was only getting 3/4 wins a season compared to yamaha`s 12/13....but hey ho u keep on putting shit on here i love it

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Jan 12

Posts: 1606

doohanfan says:


I disagree, rossi was a great rider and likely still would be on an apropriate bike, and will be remembered as such long after this transient stuff on internet forums.

People who were strident belittlers of stoner on such forums are not imo in a strong position to complain about the payback though, similarly erroneous and now tedious that may be.

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

The last of the old school riders that worked with throttle cables

Oh ffs this is just getting sad. Every rider on the grid today grew up and cut their racing teeth on bikes with throttle cables. (Most) people on here aren't denouncing Rossi, they are just refuting the weak propaganda his devotees put out to try and prove that he's somehow just better than anyone else no matter what. Mind you it must be pretty traumatic for them right now, so no surprise they start hysterically screaming "blasphemy".

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Apr 11

Posts: 3338

Bultoboy says:

Mind those Bollocks Wosi

You were up late Wosi - tiredness does funny things to your sense of perspective...

The hysteria, as you call it, comes from people like Buel who will claim not be a fan of Rossi but go to any lengths to try and demonstrate that he surpasses everyone, from any discipline, in ability. The F1 references being an example. The circumstances conveniently overlooked, just the bare headline - Rossi breaks lap record. When the true circumstances are pointed out, the usual accusations fly about Rossi hating, no respect etc etc etc.

Same as the claims over the 2004 Yamaha. When the truth is  voiced to put it in perspective, the tantrums and accusations fly again.

Fact is, Rossi is a top drawer racer who is capable of going very quickly on a capable bike. The Ducati period however, has shown that he does not possess the all round ability that he has been lauded for throughout his Yamaha and Honda days. It has shown he needs a bike just how he likes it in order to go quickly. If it isn't he can't adapt. It has also shown that he and JB are not able to administer 'magic fixes' with set-up, as has been relentlessly purveyed by pundits and fans alike over the years, as no matter what they tried, there was no improvement. Proof in itself. It has also shown that he does not give anything extra in terms of feedback that other riders give. Like any of them, he is reliant upon the factory responding to the feedback and as with previous riders, Ducati so far haven't done so (obviously subjective point) 18 months of Rossi feedback and only a few weeks ago he denounced the current bike as no different from the GP11. As usual though, when the bike is good it is Rossi's doing, when the bike isn't it is the factory's doing.

The above will no doubt be regarded as a lack of respect and 'detracting' and 'hating' again, but it is simply a statement of fact.

You mention Wosi, that his popularity trancends the sport (so what) and ask why there are so many supporters in the crowd and where did they come from - 'are they imported know-nothing race fans that will disappear when he's finished'. Weren't you one of those who said he has brought the sport to thousands of new fans because of his status outside the sport by raising the profile of Motogp? So yes, in all probablity, they will disappear when he's finished, just as they disappeared from Misano last year when they realised he wasn't going to win.

People can accept what a good rider he is without liking him or being a fan. What they don't like is the ego and the falseness of the persona, the myth that was created which he also bought into. The bigger than the sport attitude. The crap peddled about how he alone created winning bikes. The 'we found a good set-up in morning warm up' line when it was Michelin delivering special tyres that found the extra speed. Dishonesty.

The hysetria you mention is from his more radical fans desperately trying to cling to his glory days with constant references to records and achievements. The here and now is the reality and that is what hurts most. The fact that he went to Ducati believing he could set the bike up better than Stoner and win the championship. He believed he was better and he wasn't. That is what really bites into the nerves of his fanatics and those nerves will stay raw for a long time, especially if the hated Stoner achieves more success.

If he had been a little more gracious towards his competitors and employers over the years, this discussion would never have taken place.

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Nov 11

Posts: 792

Firebird3 says:


Unless you have inside information and definately know otherwise, how do you know they are not the key to success.  They are obviously a step in the right direction and might shed more light on how to fully understand the Ducati setup.

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May 12

Posts: 192

YamahaRacer says:

Daily Telegraph a reliable source but it can sometimes print non sense like this I think Rossi will retire as a Ducati rider.

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

your deluded bulto

Check Rossi's record in 4 wheels before you start spouting off rubbish.

Your the hysterical one trying to defend yourself against the bullshit you come out with.Just look at the time and effort you go to to try and prove your right.

I come on here for a laugh mostly but it really pisses me off when mere mortals like yourself put down ANY world class riders.

Thought you would have known by now Hailwood was my hero when I was 15.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1570

jamieg999 says:


Excellent post, very well put. You nailed all of it as factually and as balanced ass possible. Bravo. No doubt Buelligan will prove his buffoonery.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1570

jamieg999 says:


He's more predictable than any idiot has any right to be.

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