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Andy Downes  says:

Finished Triumph Trophy spied

Triumph's all-new 1200cc Trophy is still months away from being officially launched but an MCN reader managed to get the best shots yet after seeing the bike hidden behind a McDonald's. The Trophy is Triumph’s assault on the class-leading BMW R1200RT, Honda’s venerable ST1300 Pan European and Yamaha's FJR1300. It is also likely to steal sales from the more expensive BMW...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (10 May 2012 13:50)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8116

snev says:

Rif3.. German are they???

Triumph.. Based in Hincley . Owned by John Bloor OBE ..Born in Derbyshire.

Panavia.. A consortium made up of three Countries and Three Defence companies ..Italy 15%. Germany 42.5% UK 42.5%. Tornado Export sales... Mainly BAE Systems ..


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Jul 09

Posts: 15

kdt092 says:

hastyhughie and snev

HH, excellent comments sir as usual taken out of context on here. Your commitment is not in doubt. May your R1 continue to go north just like my northerly-heading Pan. I'll ride with you any day. Snev, thanks for enlightening the population re Tornado etc. We'll turn this into aviation blog yet. I did nearly 9 years on Tornado. Just don't get me started on TSR-2!

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Jan 10

Posts: 429

rlf3 says:


Correct what you say snev,, but so is what I wrote.

Panavia Aircraft GmbH is a German company and the man who established Triumph was German.

Triumph have two factories in England and three factories in Thailand.



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Sep 10

Posts: 1318

SatNavSteve says:


Snev is right about the Tornado and I should know, having worked for BAE for 39 years. Panavia did their share of a collaboration between 3 countries. Each country built a portion of the aircraft before it was assembled, in our case at Warton, Lancashire where I worked. And the Tornados are still being serviced by us at Warton, I worked on them before going on to Typhoons and bloody good aircraft they are too. Anyway, lets get back to bikes! I'll reserve final judgement on the new Trophy untill I see it in the flesh!

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May 05

Posts: 8

Bmw_Mick says:

SatNavSteve - not sure about the 'reliability' being better than BMW, mine has 123K on the clock (123340 to be exact) and I have no problems at all.

Back to the Triumph.  I feel sorry for those who automatically slag bikes like this off because it's a 'barge' or #another bloody tourer'.  No, actually I pity them. They can't be bothered to take one for a ride, they just take a look and declare them to be 'two wheeled cars' or some such rubbish.  FOR FUCK'S SAKE, CAN WE ALL RIDE THE BIKE WE WANT TO WITHOUT SOME TWAT MOANING ABOUT IT??!!  If you don't like what I ride or want to ride, take your narrow little mind and fuck off.  I don't take the piss out of you for riding your R1, Fireblade or whatever, so why should you set yourselves up as the bike type police?  We all ride BIKES.  In my case 365 days a year.  Do I take the piss out of those who only ride in fair weather or on sunny days only? No. I might feel sorry for them cos they don't ride all the time, but it's their choice.

Triumph have decided to go for the BMW jugular with this bike.  And on first impressions, they might just get it too. Let alone the Honda's et al.  It WILL almost certainly be better built than the current crop of Beemer's and probably more reliable at launch too.  Facing off against the class leading R1200RT is a tough act, but if the price is competitive and it rides as well as the RT then I think they are onto a winner.  It might even tempt me away from BMW's. I plan on booking a test ride asap to find out.

Meantime, I will carry on riding my 'two wheeled car' (which actually points out that it's a bike) whereever and however I like.  My BIKE is just that. My Bike. And if you don't like it, stuff you.

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Mar 08

Posts: 11

Stephan35 says:

Wrong title this is the new BMW. Triumph is going chinese, copy copy copy. No good

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Jan 11

Posts: 8116

snev says:


So BMW are British then... on account of the help given to them after the war. B.T. are Indian and my mother in law is Jewish because she lives in Golders Green. I wonder if Mr Bloor Knows that His company is German?

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Jun 09

Posts: 195

Pads1982 says:


That technology into a sprint st chassis and I will have one. However I think the extra weight compared to the rt might be an issue, also the economy on an rt is in the 50s isn't it? Big factor if your doing 15-20k a year

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Oct 11

Posts: 2478

Piglet2010 says:


How does the Triumph Trophy compare to a Gold Wing? Not really at all the same thing. (And yes, the Gold Wing from the very beginning was designed for fat USians).

Also, does Triumph pay their test riders so poorly that they have to eat at McDonald's?

As for slagging off other brands, you have heard nothing until you have been around US Harley-Davidson riders, who out of religious belief consider all other bikes crap (even US made Victory).

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Sep 09

Posts: 887

Rogerborg says:

Whooa, BMW_Mick, where did that come from?

I've never felt minded to POST HUGE SHOUTY RANTS!!!!11!! about things which put a smile on my face.  You doth protest too much.

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