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Liam Marsden  says:

Donington Park WSB: Rea takes controversial race win

Honda rider Jonathan Rea has won an eventful second race at Donington Park in a race which saw plenty of aggresive overtaking from all the front runners. Rea was fourth at the start of the final lap, with Leon Haslam at the front. Marco Melandri attempted to pass Haslam going into the Melbourne Loop, but ran wide, while Rea passed Max Biaggi...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 May 2012 16:37)

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Apr 06

Posts: 1217

CosherB says:

rawdawg - we are all fumbling in the dark on here as we don't know what Hickman was contractually obliged to do and not to do. if he hasn't had the courtesy to even ask MSS if he could ride for Suzuki at Donington (and i assume he hasn't because he would have been told not to), then he can't have any complaints about being fired. harsh, but fair. i'm more surprised that Suzuki let him have the ride - did they not know he was a Kawasaki rider?! obviously there is no secret stuff on the GSX-R1000 ....

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Feb 04

Posts: 987

Dirty Rider

Marco Melandri is without doubt a very very Dirty rider as it was very clear to see that he Brake tested Haslam in the first race and put him in the chicane and he will run people wide and lift them up as several riders have openly said , still he cost BMW a double (I was there)

but i suppose thats racing at the very top level 

Very interesting comments from riders when you caught them off camera and away from the press regarding the Pirelli tyres ? most are not at all impressed with the tyres and the lack of development by Pirelli one said they were sh*t but they face massive fines if they make any derogatery public comments regarding the tyres

Strange that i wonder why ?

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Jun 11

Posts: 2569

PaceyCasey says:


When i watch MOTOGP what i am watching is an exabition of riding skills but stoner and lorenzo are not riding to the maximum of their ability at the moment because they make very few mistakes.

They make very few mistakes because THEY .......ARE ......THE .......BEST...... IN ......THE..... WORLD! 

And why ride to 'the maximum'? The idea is to win a race as slowly/safely as possible.   

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Jul 08

Posts: 1024

The Couch Potato, The Clueless, and The Cry Babies

Been laughing all afternoon at some of the comments on here. Wish I would of had time to join in.... sad face. The early post of chrisg011 was spot on and Benny has been on fine form (thanks for posting what the actual protagonists said B Boy) apart from the dig at GP riders. Isn't Dovi one of those B Boy?

So where are we? Let me say I am an admirer of all 3 riders involved. Super talented, brave, tough guys... all three. Shame for the Haslam, Melandri, or Beemer fans but a great race nontheless. But all this talk of recklessness and open doors etc is unfounded, at least as far as any single individual.

If you want to be mad.... be mad at Donington. The circuit is to blame. A great circuit faulted by it's cheap extension. There have been many a dull spread out GP and WSBK race at Donington but when you get a good one it always comes down to the car park. There have been dozens of hail Mary block passes, overruns, and take downs in the history of Goddards. I think there is just angst because a worthy Brit not only missed out on BMW's first win in the series but then lost out again when it looked like a win was in the bag in the second race. Oh and many want to hang Johnny Foreigner because he was one of the actors in that particular scene?

I will point out that all 3 of these super stars are accomplished motocross riders and throughout the day all 3 put MX style block passes on others in the car park. If there was the slightest opportunity, what ever the order, the guy in the lead was gonna get passed!

The biggest factor is the run out of Melbourne Loop. Obviously Nostro knows Goddard is a left turn (just a little boo boo on the key board) but he gets it wrong when he says it is flat. Far from it actually. The run out of Melbourne rises significantly, so much so that it is a blind crest. All you see is sky people! Riders brake hard over the crest and then Goddards twists down and around!

So...FFS!!! Haslam didn't cover the entry, Melandri could see him and gave it a shot (leaving loads of room IMO), Haslam lifted only for an instant in case Marco lost the front as the tarmac falls away and only went a bit wide. Rea would not of had a full view of where the BMW's were heading until he was nearly at the crest and hit his brakes and went for the normal late apex to get out of there fast. Meanwhile Haslam squared the corner off to get the straightest line to the finish and met Rea at the end of Rea's arc. Bang! All involved did the best they could from the position they were in as they entered Goddards. Racing incident end of. Just be grateful no one was injured.

Too many complain about boring races then along comes a good one (and there are plenty of dull WSBK races, especially last year with Checa's form) and they complain because they don't get the result they want! ??? Waaahhhhh, sniff, sniff. Not the result I wanted either but hey, at least they had a battle and didn't do the Broc Parkes/Troy Corser ride fast and lonely to where ever I place race.

So here ends the lesson or sermon (?) sorry but what you see isn't always what really is, and some people don't even know what they saw even after a few replays? Please concentrate people.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1024


Having seen good old Fred Merkel on podium presentation duties at Monza last weekend and then watching the fantastic action at Donington park brought something back to me. WSBK the hard case bad boy days. Merkel, Roche, Phillis, Falappa, and Pirovano! Scary mean mo fo's who would be pissing themselves if they read crap like, "ooooh that nasty man brake checked my rider"; "BMW should give Marco a telling off because he didn't be nice and let his team mate win one".

Ha ha.... No this weekend was great because the series has the riders and the machinery it has been lacking for some time. Hard core tough guy racers like Haslam, Melandri, Biaggi, Rea, Laverty, and Giugliano. These boys ain't gonna f*ck about, if they see a gap they will all go for it... anytime anywhere.

Leon Haslam had his version of Dad's retro Arai helmet on Sunday but I reckon' they (and maybe some of you lot too) should all copy the back of Fred Merkel's helmet design. I say design but really it was just a message to the opposition which summed up the early days.

If you want blood, you've got it!

Ciao Mama's........................

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Jul 08

Posts: 1024

clarksonfsworld.......... You were there? You think Melandri is a "dirty" rider? Just him right? I think you got your tickets mixed up mate. Should of been at the Derby cricket match mate. Oh then I guess you didn't bother because it was a bit cloudy and the players would of all stayed indoors while you saps all sat around under your brollies sucking on strawberries and sipping Pimms.

The mind boggles????????????????????????????????????????????

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Jul 08

Posts: 1024

Helloooooo..... ?

Where is everybody? Not over on that stupid Rossi baiting survey crap.......... please!  Oh well.....

RAWDAWG: Great post dude........ what forum experts don't get is how what to me seems impossible yet in reality is just damn impressive/astounding! Stoner, Lorenzo, and Pedrosa can ride the same 4 kms over and over for 45 minutes, each lap only a few tenths (sometimes 1 tenth) different from the last! Jorge had the fastest lap by just over a tenth I believe. Casey strung a couple together within thousandth's of each other! 

But hey Jorge and Dani just cruised around too lazy and lame to try and pass right? But then at Donington the forum fans protest because riders "lifted riders up or made them run wide"? Even bumped into them for god's sake!!! Whatever next? These top riders must be very confused. Just what do you have to do to please the web warriors? I know let's call Valentino..... he will have all the answers! 

Ciao Mama's ................ 

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Jun 08

Posts: 96

motogprulez says:

I was watching the race directly above where this happened, and the tv camara's don't show how far back Melandri really was, it was ridiculous, it's hard enough passing there when right behind let alone 3-4 bike lengths back. Also the tv camara's don't show how wide leon ran wide, because he only saw melandri very late. Jonny Rea was already committed to the corner, and if he touched the brake to avoid haslam he would've lost the front and the same outcome would have happened, just with Rea crashing as well. Melandri only had to settle for 2nd and let Haslam win at his home track, and would've been really close to biaggi in the title race,, but now he may have lost the championship just to pure greediness. Also if haslam had done the same would bmw have reacted differently?

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Mar 09

Posts: 181

jonnyrocket says:


When looking at motor vehicle crashes, we accident investigators always revert back to the cause not the crash iteself, in providing the Govt with statistical information it's the cause that the politicians are interested in when debating road traffic collisions.  In this case through careful analysis, the fault remains with a certain Italian riding out of his depth and causing his team mate to run a wider line, which then caused an ulster man to take the opportunity to cause havoc...simples.


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Jun 10

Posts: 185

ppatel3d says:


I started watching WSBK back when Slight and Fogorty were duking it out. The days of Ben Bostrom, Chili, Promising career of Xaus, the great battles between Bayliss and Edwards. It just got dull when Edwards and Bayliss left to go to MotoGP. But I have always followed the series. I just don't like camera work in WSBK. MotoGP is much much better.

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