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Michael Guy  says:

Casey Stoner announces retirement

Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner has announced that he will retire at the end of the 2012 season. The shock announcement was delivered to a packed press conference at Le Mans ahead of this weekend’s MotoGP round. The 26-year-old who was crowned World Champion in 2008 and 2011 currently leads the 2012 standings by one point from Jorge Lorenzo. Stoner cited numerous reasons...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 May 2012 16:33)

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Jul 05

Posts: 24

millarmob says:


I am 54 and seen many Motogp riders over my years of watching races over Europe and at home. Stoner is one of the best I have ever seen but after last season Simoncelli death I think it effected Stoner more than any other rider on the grid. With the birth of his daughter he has weighed things up and decided to be with his family than risk his life every race.I believe that Stoner also feels that Motogp is going nowhere changing the specifications every few seasons or as i would say helping Ducati to get more bikes on the grid not to improve the standard of riders just more back markers to pass

Changing specifications every few season does not give the smaller teams time to delvelop they own bikes and I think that the best way to improve the grid is for the works teams to give the last years bikes to the private teams at no cost. This would improve the standard of bikes on the grid and the private teams can then afford to pay good/better riders not just spainish/Italtian no hopers  


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Jul 05

Posts: 24

millarmob says:


I agree about one thing Rossi will be happy as he will improve next season 8th instead of 9th


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Aug 10

Posts: 523

shawno76 says:

He alone must live with the Decision. Now time for a shake up.

Dissapointing news indeed.  For the fastest man on the planet, I thought he had more fight in him.  Bad news for the sport, but agree with a strategic shuffle we could see the right riders in the right teams on machinery they gel with and we've got a serious viewing spectacle in 2013 (Cal for the Honda if he continues with his pace).  As it stands guessing the 1-2 (depending on the track) isn't that hard (bookies may be relieved).   Wouldn't be surprised if the next photo published of Stoner on a tandem bike with hot wife in tow and baby boomer in the Swiss mountain air.  Fair play to the fella if he's weighed up all the options for his future.  He alone has to live with the decision. I don't think he'll have any regrets, a lot got in his head over the last few years.  Tiz a Shame for sure, but hey - it's his life.

I think Dorna is the biggest loser in all this.  The guy needs to sack his advisers (then himself).  I say merge with WSB (I use the term loosely, but produce something where they come together - planned for the next 2 years).  Let's get a 40-50 bike grid of the very best in the world going.  That's what the fans want.  It would be epic.  More tracks, more racing.  More fights.  And before the engineers and die-hards jump all over it, not everyone understands what MotoGP tried to achieve.  It's just not sustainable in the climate.  So change is good.  Embrace it.  Shawn Cracks a 5.0% stella (coz he knows there to find them) and smiles.

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Feb 10

Posts: 24

Aajkz says:


May have said it already. But didn't he win it in 2007 and not 2008?

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Sep 11

Posts: 402

jollyboy says:


The MSMA members build the bikes that will win within the rules. Dorna make the rules and get them rubber stamped by the FIM. And as if we needed evidence that they can't leave the rules alone they've made some changes this week!

The MSMA's influence was also brought into question by Suzuki's decision to quit. Sure Suzuki were not doing well and they may have cited the world economic situation as a reason to quit. I suspect, however, that a big driver was that they didn't want to go to the trouble and expense of building what would be in effect a 1 litre version of one of the deeply flawed 800s. Like many outside the MSMA Suzuki probably saw the change to 1 litre as a way to get rid of the bad parts of the 800cc regulations, however it wasn't going to happen. If MSMA members had more clout with Dorna I'm pretty sure Suzuki would still be in the sport.

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Apr 07

Posts: 59

olly8000 says:

Wow Stoner gone !!

I think he may regret this later on down the line (my own personal opinion) did not see this one coming there's always rumours in all 3 paddocks but it's always a load of b*****ks started by fans who think they actually 'know' the riders and whats going on behind closed doors , one thing this has done though is open up the end of season Moto Gp seat swap, again my own personal opinion I think Kawasaki should take a deep breath dig deep in the old pockets and put a team in for 2013, seeing Tom #66 at Donny last weekend those ZX10's are really flying, I know different riding style etc etc but it's only taken them 12mths to get to the front against the bank balance of bmw, in doing so they would give more riders a chance at the 'big' time and obviously more bikes o n the grid..........

Psssst #46 Rossi is still my #1 lol

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Jan 12

Posts: 1876

doohanfan says:

As a dog returns to its vomit wosidog

The current evil honda and yamaha are totally different to the  honda and yamaha for whom valentino won all 7 of  his premier class titles, and the current put upon underdog ducati totally different from that team and bike with the similar name for whom/on which stoner won the 2007 championship then, I take it.

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Mar 09

Posts: 233

torryboy says:

dog breath

wosi what a dick you are away back to tossing yourself of to your rossi you ever think before you stick your foot in your mouth? at least you will have a couple of more years watching the media whore fa-goat.rossi has done more to finish of motogp than you can imagine.who wants to watch glorified superbikes i want to see the pinicale of motorcycle development as it was 6-10 years ago.but doubt if you was complaining when rossi was winning by 20 seconds and stopping for a fag half way through a race! on the honda.stoners been on a bike since he was 3 came over to britain at 13 remember seeing him racing a 125 at knockhill in terrible conditions.dont suppose rossi had that bother with his famous daddy getting him in the aprilla works squads and the fact that during 125,s and 250,s he was on one of only 2 or 3 bikes capable of winning races.rossi,s just lucky jorge and casey are 5 years younger than him or he wouldnt have the titles he has now!

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Delusional. Ive seen a few comments along the lines of 'Casey is afraid of not having an advantage and that's why he's retiring'... What a load of bollocks.

Even at a HUGE disadvantage for over 2 years(Ducati) he was a consistent podium finisher and still managed to win races... can you not imagine what he would do on equal machinery?

If anyone thinks that Casey would struggle on an even playing field, then that is the defenition of Delusional. How often has he been beaten by his team mate in his 6 and a bit seasons? He wants the bikes to remain as hard to ride as possible, he wants the traction control to be limited... what's wrong with that?

It's quite sad, the only reason i would want Rossi to retire is so his 'special' fans will run along aswell, some have even admitted they will stop watching after Rossi is gone. The reason why bananas want Stoner to retire is purely because of his personality.... wtf?

The sport has gone to shit, constant rule changes, fans literally hating other riders, it's just turned into a personality contest... i mean, who cares about them actually racing anymore? Reading the MCN, you've got to wonder just what is going on? Making WSB slower - because Motogp is preparing to go slower... bloody stupid. MotoGP - PROTOTYPE Championship, the best riders on the best bikes... not anymore.

MotoGP will go on after Stoner(even though it's a great shame - with so much more to offer) and it will most certainly go on after Rossi. Best of luck to Rossi, but to his fanatic fans.. he will retire one day, prepare for that because im sure it will be very hard to deal with.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2493

supermario says:


one day when he's achieved all he can and made a ton of cash Rossi will retire. What I seriously doubt he will do though is cry off in a big girly huff because somebody said he had a "mystery illness" once.


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