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HONDA Honda VFR1200: old vs new VFR1200F

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MCN  says:

Honda VFR1200: old vs new

Honda’s V4s have come a long way since those early, flawed, chain-driven cam 750s of the early ‘80s. That first VF750S led to the VF750F and on to the VF1000 in all its forms spawning junior siblings such as the VF400F and VF500F along the way. After that came the VFR dynasty which prospers to this day. And along side all...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 May 2012 16:47)

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Jun 09

Posts: 195

Pads1982 says:

Am I

The only chuff that wants one. Second hand they seem a bargin! Build quality speed accessory list 8k service interval, shaft drive, better looking than the k1300 gte for people who ride all year what more can you ask for. The busa will tear throughr tyres along with the zzr I don't want a sports bike, adventure bikes are to slow and just as heavy. So what else is there on the market for what u can get for a second hand one. Honda were having a laugh at 12k new but no far off a k1300. Can't wait for a test ride.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Cheers Snev, I did, and all was well. Until someone else did the home servicing.....!

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Oct 11

Posts: 2653

Piglet2010 says:


If we had more reasonable speed limits and less authoritarian police in this country (USA), I would be getting a blue VFR1200F this winter (when the dealers want to get bikes off the sales floor to make room for snowmobiles).

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Jul 11

Posts: 29

FLAT6CYL says:

The VFR1200 is going to...... a complete failure!!!! The Blackbird was not exactly handsome but the VFR is uglier than a Busa...though we've had more time to get used to Busa's looks!Like a lot of others have posted i waited and waited for the promised Blackbird replacement and went to the local Honda dealers launch day ,walked in ,hardly stopped to look at the VFR because i could see it wasn't to my liking and walked straight out the other door.Didn't bother with a test ride because they would have had to be £5000 to make me buy one.Finally retired my 1997 Blackbird last year and will recommission the old girl when i retire.Replaced it with a ZZR1400 and completely and utterly over the moon with it.The ZZR is absolutely stunning in all respects and will definetly take sales off the VFR especially from current and ex Blackbird owners.....go and try one.Honda said that that they brought out the VFR because they couldn't make the Blackbird any better.....would have made sense to continue it but then they probably wouldn't have sold any VFR's!!!!!  

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Jul 07

Posts: 69

steveGSX says:


My 97 Blackbird beats that thing hands down, better MPG, Comfort, Speed, Looks, Handling, Luggage capacity................why dont Honda admit its just a grown up VFR800, and do what everyone want a release a CBR1400XX.................they would fly out of the showrooms

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Jul 11

Posts: 4

buenavista16 says:


.. is a big disappointment.  I generally like Hondas having amongst my collection a 2006 Fireblade and a 1998 VFR800, so was looking forward to trying the VFR1200.  Great engine, but the transmission has more lash in it than a chain drive bike, and on the demonstrator I tried there was vibration from the headstock when the front brake was applied.  It's not a bad bike, but there are a lot better, in particular the BMW K1300 Sport which is just the sort of bike the VFR should be.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8426

snev says:

The Busa and zzr1400 will...

go down in history  and the Blackbird will be remembered as one of the finest bikes ever produced. I have had the privilege of having owned and ridden all three as well as a number of other Iconic bikes.

The VFR1200 is not (in my opinion) a  worthy replacement for the Blackbird, much to the dissapointment of so many Hyperbike owners. Just ask any Honda salesman.

History repeats itself for Honda just like the VF1000f of the 80's, which was quickly replaced by the CBR1000 Which in turn evolved into the Blackbird... With an enlarged Fireblade engine.

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Jan 05

Posts: 3

steeplejack says:

It's just a bit different

to anything else out there. I had a blackbird and binned it, got a maxi-scoot (burgman 650) for a year and then bought a ZZR1400. I thought the ZZR would be perfect and once I'd kitted it out with full luggage (Givis on very tidy removable sw-motech racks) it was close to being just that but it was too hard on tyres and I was hankering for a shaft drive. The speeding ticket was the last straw !! The VFR was available on Honda's offer at the end of last year with luggage included and I think it what I wanted the zzr to be. For year round commuting the shaft drive is a bonus and the automatic box is absolutely awesome. My last 4 cars have been auto and this swings it for me on the VFR. It goes really well, the riding I do I don't really notice the extra weight and it is on a par with the ZZR for MPG (beats the blackbird, the receipts don't lie). I would only change one thing, another 4 litres in the fuel tank, or a trip computer to tell you the range left. Mind you the zzr had fuel computer and I still had to push that half a mile for petrol one day :( I wonder if the new one has that, I gather the increased fuel tank is a paltry half litre :( I do like the idea of Traction Control, tried that on a tuono on a test drive last year and I could get used to that..... :)

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May 05

Posts: 1

High_Side says:

  As a guy who benefitted from the bad press and bought a 2010 demo for a song I'd like to thank the press for failing to put enough miles on it to actually get great mileage, and giving it shitty reviews because it wasn't exactly like the old bike.  It is a great ride and by the 10th fuelling I'm able to get over 300k out of a tank. 

  I suspect that after the hype before this bikes launch there could have been nothing that would have pulled a decent review.  It took me a couple of years and a decent price to finally take the plunge myself.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1

Honda VF's

You make mention of the older VF Honda's some of which suffered cam shaft and similar failures. Then Honda produced the VFR with all gear drive to the overhead and produced the best enging in motorcycling history. It had the most beautuful sound one could imagine and the would you believe the accounts at Honda stuck their oar in and with the 800cc they reverted to cheap and nasty timing chains again and in my opinion ruined a perfect engine. A (wealthy) friend of mine purchased a 800 and only keep it for three weeks such was his dislike of the machine.

I have fond memories of my VFR the red one with the white wheels, I can't recall the year but it was the best motorcycle that I have ever owned in my 72 years. At the time I suggest everyone should at least once in their lives own a VFR.

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