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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner: “I've lost the passion for MotoGP”

Reigning world champion Casey Stoner will retire at the end of 2012, the Australian saying he’s lost his passion and love for racing at a time when the Repsol Honda rider is arguably at the peak of his career. Disillusioned with constant rule changes, weary of criticism that he was a prolific crasher and rumours that the lactose intolerance issue he...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 May 2012 20:51)

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Jun 10

Posts: 26

blah says:

I've stopped watching Moto GP (after over 15 years) precisely because it has become a boring mess. Stoner leaving or staying isn't going to make a diffence to that. The CRT bikes are aiming to replicate the success of moto 2. Is it the right way? I don't know, but I do know that Moto GP hasn't got a hope in hell as it currently stands.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

Hits ' I maybe the youngest most successful rider to retire but that's not important' unquote.

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

guess i'd better get myself to a GP this year then

Very disappointing not to get one more season out of him.

But as Glenn McGrath said, better to retire when people are asking "why are you?" rather than when they're asking "why don't you?"

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Jun 09

Posts: 851

Many of the worst critics of Rossi came from the Stoner fan ranks. They used his ability to ride the Ducati and his speed on the Honda to knock a guy who has won 9 world titles!!! Well he has gone now. I hope he enjoys his retirement and salute his ability on two wheels.  

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Jan 11

Posts: 31

fitzy2009 says:

You have have to respect a man who sticks by what he believes in. I think the politics in moto gp is killing it. It has now lost its best rider! Casey is the most exciting rider in moto gp and he does it the old school way none of this pr crap. I for one am gutted to see him retire but respect him even more for sticking two fingers up to the idiots in charge, well done casey a true racer a real top man!

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1608

'intellectual'... is that a compliment?

Bloodbubble, bringing it home safe is by and large the most critical phase of the whole exercise, you're underestimating the importance of knowing your priorities. Knowing he may not enjoy 'equal' no.1 status because of the early announcement will certainly add pressure while still trying his best to do what he goes there for each weekend and that is to win, regardless.

He is leading by 1 solitary point, things happen, your preconceived notion of his dominance at this stage of the season gives away your opinion more than you would like to admit my friend, Stoner fanboy?. Your confidence for the future of the series is admirable and don't get me wrong, if you think Old Bob will forget to tune in when Stoner is gone... sorry mate, as a fan of the sport, I have a few options especially with Flo still making a cock of himself! Haha. You've gotta admit mate, a 2 year outlook for the future of the sport is not good, given the rate at which Caramello wields the sword? Again, you're an optimist!

Also, I'm not too contrived to believe it's possible to compare eras but I'm confident he's the best out there head to head with ANY of the current crop, at ANY time in their careers and one thing you're forgetting is that he is adamant he still enjoys racing. Now whether or not he chooses to practice or even do warmups still makes him a formidable competitor come Sunday.

I know you're not a total clown despite your desire to prove me wrong, but argue if you feel you must. I'm not into writing Aquarius type novels, so use your powers of deduction to save me having to write things that a fkn 7 year old can understand.

Back tomorrow.

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May 12

Posts: 32

filly46 says:

rossi to repsol?

rossi to repsol honda i wonder????????????????/

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

If only Dorna, could & would just stick to their own knitting as the “promoters” & NOT “technical overseers” – & curb their enthusiasm for meddling - by dreaming-up more Rounds around the World & trying to force the MSMA’s hands to turn the Senior Championship into some sort of dumbed-down, made for TV only “Circus”. I quote Carmelo Ezpeleta verbatim: “ to boost the spectacularity (sic) of the racing.” No, Carmelo – left alone, without constant fiddling & changes – racing will find its own “spectacularity” – it certainly doesn’t need “bean counters & rent-seekers” to keep messing-about on the technical side in the quest for profit return! The Senior GP Class has been continuous since 1949 without any wholesale alteration to the Formula. But then, our friends from Spain become involved & BANG - no less than 1 x combustion form change & then 3 x expensive capacity changes in just 7 years? Shouldn’t they, in conjunction with the FIM & the MSMA instead, bring back long-term stability & common sense! It’s entirely possible that the Big Japanese 4 would all compete - AND BMW & Aprilia too! We live in hope ... The FIM needs to grow some ‘cojones & revert to their true & proper role - to nurture, protect & respect the sport it administers – NOT sell-out it out to showbiz dilettantes ...

The media is WRONG here in asserting that Stoner’s retirement is for “family reasons”. Do we sniff air redolent of a Dorna-directed charm & PR offensive to divert from the REAL issue? Stoner’s reasons, motives & rationale for getting out are as real & as apparent as the nose on anyone’s face – he couldn’t have made his disappointment with the direction the sport is moving in any clearer. This is a Red Flag warning or portent of a backlash that could demean & diminish the sport from its rightful pinnacle.

Let’s be crystal clear: – CRT is supposed to stand for “Claiming Rule Team”- insiders & high-level officials are already using the term, “Constructor Racing Teams”. Ezpeleta dropped his bombshell at the end of 2011 - control ECU’s & rev limits – let’s be accurate & honest (for a welcome change) even if Dorna would try to wash our mouths out with carbolic soap - we are really talking Moto1.

Now that the same Capital Company owns both the rights to WSBK & MotoGP – the FIM has more reason to stand-up & be counted. Already, Italian viewers have a change of TV broadcaster (& far lesser number of free-to-air televised races) rammed down their throats. The whole ambience is more & more dictatorial & less & less about historical heritage, respect for fans and/or the actual personnel & mechanical participants who make it all possible. This is not good.

Stoner has fearlessly stood in the door (yet again) to protest what he & very many others see as a wrong fork - leading to a dead-end in GP’s road.
Are we going to have to go back to the future? Stoner is on record as seeing the 2-Stroke 500’s as the “golden years of real racing” – cost-wise, he was absolutely right? Cheers

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Aug 08

Posts: 74

A7X_916 says:

Fair Play Stoner

For him the passion has gone so has made the right choice, so along with his very obvious ability on two wheel, much respect to him.  It is not always about going out at the top, but for him he is; so like I say - fair play to him.

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Apr 09

Posts: 1407

Richard1967 says:


Can't blame him . Best rider I've seen since Spencer ,there are certain riders I can watch just lapping circuits on their own and Stoner is one of them.

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