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Liam Marsden  says:

Le Mans MotoGP: Lorenzo takes victory and championship lead

2010 MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo has won the wet race at Le Mans by 9.9 seconds and taken the lead in the championship by eight points. Lorenzo got an excellent start to lead from flag to flag, consistently lapping faster than any of the riders behind him. Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner took second place off the line, though he was unable to...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 May 2012 14:29)

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Sep 11

Posts: 115

dacron says:


SET to create a new V8 Supercar outfit next season, back-from-the-dead former championship team owner Charlie Schwerkolt has declared he wants Casey Stoner to be his driver.

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Jul 09

Posts: 79

DARMHA900SS says:

Loved it!!!

Well, that was fun!
Great win for Lorenzo and Rossi taking Stoner on the last lap for second.
Who would have predicted that?
I bet that’s gonna keep all the “regular experts” on here scratching each other’s eyes out for hours, if not days.
I think I’ll open a few beers, chill out and watch this site for the rest of the day. Plenty of time as it’s only just gone 1 PM, here in Brazil.
I think it’s gonna be almost as entertaining as the race! 

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Mar 12

Posts: 412


well done Lorenzo you came through in the tricky conditions...good dominant display..kinda similar to Silverstone last year with Stoner.

Milky what the fark have you been smoking? 19 podiums in a row is impressive no matter who you are...if thats some cheap shot for Rossi finally beating Stoner in quite awhile then I think you should go join the rabid Rossi followers on sites going into overload at the moment with your kind of people. But good on the old man for getting the podium, maybe Honda would have perked up after seeing this? who knows. But good on Rossi, especailly after what happened in Italy today.

And SPIES = Biggest LOL! so both the satellite Yamaha riders fell, remounted and STILL beat Spies!! is there a chance that you can change a rider midseason? put Cal/ Dovi in the factory and Spies back in Tech 3? dear oh dear.... the first full factory prototype beaten by CRTs. It doesnt matter who you are, but that WILL hurt. Cal, Dovi and Rossi must be licking their lips at the sight of Spies' implosion. 4th nail in the coffin for him...he needs get something sorted pronto! and Elbowz arent you meant ot be supporting him like the diehard fan you are? lol.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2315

Hedgehog5 says:

Yes Hugs...

"Of course hedges by the same you mean different. 2007 was a flag to flag that started dry, he gambled came in early and won at a canter. Ahem... Was a great ride though. Expect you missed it."

Yup, it was raining one side of the circuit at the start then it started to rain properly... he came in 1 lap earlier than the top boys with 5 other riders... I did say similar conditions... & he did say only Rossi does it... which is obviously wrong... Vermeulen qualified 12th but beat Rossi (apparently the only guy who can do this, but not quite) by almost a minute in that race despite being only 1.7 secs ahead of him when they'd all changed tyres... he won by 12 seconds!...  I could find other examples but I think one's enough... Vermeulen at Le Mans seemed apt.

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Sep 11

Posts: 75

monkeyninja says:

Here's the difference

between last year at Le Mans and this year. Rossi actually fought his way to second in crap conditions. Last year he inherited third thanks to Simoncelli and Pedrosa coming together - realistically it would have been fifth rather than third. Absolutley right about the comment that the Tech 3 riders tried to race Rossi rather than the conditions (they probably thought "yeah, I'll duff him up in the usual manner....ooops!").

Don't know if it's the 1000s generally or if it's genuine improvement by Ducati, but if this was last year he'd have been wobbling around and fallen off exactly where he didn't expect it, rain or dry.

As much as I'd like him to be doing the same in the dry, at least it shows that Rossi's team are making genuine progress and the comments that he has more faith in the bike are borne out by the result.

Whatever you think about him, when he's on it, the action is always more interesting.

Yeah alright, it was only second place but it felt like a win to me.

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Nov 07

Posts: 4

Lorenzo, excelent work! Rossi, as most deadly writers said, doesn't seam finnished! So, he proved that its not him, but he needs a bike ready. Very careful he over pass Stoner easy! Gave us the show long waited! As always, a few of us will find nonsence to say! Rossi did the job! If the rain doesn't stop, we know where Rossi is goint to! Guys be fair on yourselves! Respect the eldest!

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Jul 08

Posts: 917

Where is that Benny!

He needs a cyber slap......... ! After reading nearly 20 posts about how great Dovi was going to do from the front row, how cool he was after his problems, etc, etc, etc. and then look what happens!

I am not superstitious in any way Bleating Benny Hedgehog but after so much drivel I was concerned that karma would come from your ramblings and lay the hand of doom on our beloved AD.

Look what happened! FFS don't big him up or blow smoke up his arse before the next race.... let his riding to the talking you goober............ LOL

It is going to be bad enough seeing the Rossi army going mental on here because he finally beat Stoner (without taking him out) on "a" Ducati! Though I must say great job Vale... good race you must of enjoyed that one. Can't wait to get home and watch it now................


Be ashamed Benny.... very ashamed. :(

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:

Best Race Weekend Ever

    What a weekend,we have had the pleasure of not 1,not 2 but 3 fantastic races.I couldnt ask for any better racing,brilliant.

    Well done to all the riders,I wouldnt like to ride in those conditions let alone race.What a result for Jorge,dominated the race from start to finish,he is one cool dude to be able to run so fast & consistant all race in such terrible conditions.

    Talking of cool dudes,Rossi must fall into that catagory today.Best way to silence his critics,they just need to sort the bike so he can do the same in the dry.Other cool dudes where Dovi & Cal,amazing,I really thought they would take each other out but they didnt.

    Bad luck Casey,a difficult race but he raced it well.He just didnt have an answer to Lorenzo today.Looks like the race for the championship is still on.

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Mar 12

Posts: 412

meregalli having kittens

yeah exactly Benny, i dont know what Yamaha management must be thinking right now. Wasnt Massimo saying that Ben was going to come good at Le mans, actually come to think of it he was meant to come good at Qatar, jerez and estoril too...jeesh. I never thought Ben would win but crossing the line 16th!?!? and out of the points on what is probably the best bike on the grid this year is not doing yourself any favours. though you must be happy there Benny knowing that your lad Dovi (or Cal) is inching closer to that factory ride eh?

And also a shout out to Bradl, the quiet unnasuming German rookie coming in 5th....wonder if HRC are thinking about him for next year....

And one more thing Casey, once again, a bad day at the office and he STILL grabs a podium...pure class. Watch him come back with a vengeance at the next race

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

Oh my! Oh My!! Suddenly the


orange panty brigade want to be slapping hands and back patting Rossi after slagging him from 2010 and up till today's race. Oh my Oh my......their quitter from kangaroo land got a lesson in racecraft perfomance from the very man they slagged for so long and he is still riding the shit pig. Is that why they alll want to be nice to Rossi today, because he whoop Stoenzo's ass.

Once the GOAT got past him he had no answer. None!, Nada! Nein! He did his best holding him up from lap 8. Stoenzo have no clue about tyre management. Nor does he know how to ride with worn ones. Too bad Elvis Presley is taking so long to listen to and give Rossi what he wants.

All Rossi needs a a competitive bike and he will walk all of them!!!!!!!!!! For Sure!!!!!!

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