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MCN  says:

Poll: Should police use unmarked bikes?

In this week's MCN we reveal the number of unmarked police bikes – the majority of which are superbikes or powerful sports tourers – that have been involved in accidents. Sussex police, for example, have had 20 accidents in the last five years on unmarked bikes, 12 of them single-vehicle crashes. But quite aside from the implication that some police riders struggle...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 May 2012 13:39)

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Jun 08

Posts: 137

Ridefree says:

Secret Police

There are pro's and con's of course - catch crimnals v entrap or goad motorcyclists as has hapenned to me, but I resisted even when he was dangerously close in bad conditions


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May 03

Posts: 17

gavinwilkins says:

Unmarked Bikes

Doing my rospa training at the moment with an ex-copper trainer. few weeks ago we were out riding, came through a village and my instructor pulled over for a chat when this R1 went past us at an inhuman speed for the narrow bumpy B road we were on.

I was shocked at the speed this bike went past us, but my instructor just shrugged and said that was so-and-so on the unmarked bike, been following us for 1/2 mile or so, got bored when he saw the Rospa vest and went in search of someone else.



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Aug 10

Posts: 329

gaz1982 says:

@ Somersetblue

You say stick to the rules and have nothing to fear.  Apart from the tosser that will sit two feet behind you.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:


by "tossers who sit 2 feet behind you"?


If someones annoying you at your back, signal left and let them go past (obviously, beware of junctions etc). Its not rocket science, simply good manners (which appears to be in short supply on the roads these days).

Just because I have X amount of power / torque / performance to blast off into the sunset and beyond doesn't mean I need (or want) to use it all in a particular situation. Plus if someone is "intent" on causing an accident by tailgating, letting them go (hopefully) means they won't take me out with them.

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Aug 10

Posts: 329

gaz1982 says:

bollox back

Why can't they have the manners to keep a distance in the first place.

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Jan 04

Posts: 151

venturer says:

well i voted no, as there intent is to catch people on motorbikes, but i would change my vote if they were exclusively used to catch/change car drivers attitudes and carelessness to motorcyclists.   

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Hell's why...

If the police were truly interested in safety, their vehicles would be marked and blantanly so.  The reason is that when the general public sees them easily, people tend to change their behaviour in their presence.  This could mean slowing down to the legal limit, not tailgating, not sweeping across 4 lanes, not talking on the cell or simply not driving like a twat.  It's amazing how effective their visibility is at changing bad behaviour, even if it's only long enough until they're out of sight.  Make enough of a visible presence and it might be possible that people would behave even more and on a regular basis.  That's the theory in the USA and why we reserve unmarkeds for sting type stuff, not patrol.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2546

Piglet2010 says:

Uh, no

@ AdieR – If I rode the speed limit and pulled over every time someone got to close, I would never get anywhere, and would be putting myself in danger of getting hit every time I slowed to pull off. By riding a bit over the speed limit and passing a few slower cars, I gain temporary “blockers”, as many here (US) are willing to tailgate, but afraid to pass.

Would be nice to have un-marked moto cops ticketing all the cagers messing with their smart phones while driving. I particularly hate people who come up the on-ramp to a controlled access road with a phone held to their ear, expecting others to give way to let them merge instead of matching speed and finding a gap.

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may c


Aug 02

Posts: 171

may c says:

unmarked bikes

have no problem with it  might just catch  the woman i saw this morning on the mobile turning onto a busy road with her kid in the back seat  when oh when is the penalty for this  gona be 500 quid and 6 points .if you want to go fast do a bloody track day  im all for safer roads. just to add ive done many track days.

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Mar 11

Posts: 464

johnlad1 says:

they should use them

BUT! in the correct manner some of these unmarked bikes are clearly ridden in an agresive an unsafe way to intimidate other motorists into making stupid discisions there needs to be strick rules put in place to make it so if a police officer does behave in a fashion other than is legal he should face prosecution and anycase agaisnt you should be droped unless for example you were drink driving when caught or doing somthing blatantly illegal

for example if your doing 70 ish on the motorway and they start tailgating you until you react by say exlerating up to 90 to pull away you should be sent to a rider scheme with no points on your lisence and no record of the incedent and he should have his riding acessed and monitored for a month and if it re acures he should be stoped from riding and driving for the police force

in the event an oficers actions cause a crash he should lose his job and his lisence

cameras on the bikes should be standardised througout all forces so that they can acuratley work out from the video footage the distance between the oficer and who ever he is following ect

maybe not very do able but it would be a better way of doing things in my opinion


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