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Liam Marsden  says:

Norton announces Santander TT partnership

Norton Motorcycles has joined forces with Santander to sponsor Norton for this year's senior TT. The Norton SG1 (pictured) will race in the senior TT on June 8, in Santander livery. The SG1, which uses a V4 Aprilia engine and Spondon frame, will be ridden by Ian Mackman, who has had 24 races at the Isle of Man, with a best finishing...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (28 May 2012 15:09)

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Apr 10

Posts: 20

So... that means Hislop's Bike was not a Norton!

I did a quick Google and it gives an interesting theory:

If you look at Norton's last TT win, it was with a bike with an outsourced frame (Harris, although Spondon did make frames for some of the early prototypes) and with an engine from another Manufacturer - Triumph/BSA!

According to some of the nay-sayers, and using the same pessemistic claptrap, that would not have been a Norton, instead, a "Harris-Triumph!" 

Strikes me as xenophobia about the engine and ignorance about the frame in this year's bike. Why else all the fuss?

Wish the Norton guys all the best. Hoping for a decent finish!

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Mar 04

Posts: 55

ivanhoe says:

Norton Santander

What a team.  Norton ripping off buyers and Santander  voted the worst bank by customers.

With everyone withdrawing cash from spanish banks this could be a short marriage.

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Apr 06

Posts: 1216

CosherB says:

what is it with Spanish banks that are skint, and yet they still find money for sponsorship like this?  and the Bankia-Aspar tie-up as well?

i think we'd have cut Norton a bit more slack had they come out at the beginning and said they were going to make a CRT bike with an Aprillia engine, rather than letting everyone think that, by accident or design, that it would be a 100% British bike.

having said that, i wish them well.

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Jul 08

Posts: 30

Shouldn't the headline read ; "Norton sponsored by EU bailout money"?

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Aug 09

Posts: 3

Just The Start

Norton is a small British manufacturer that wants to go racing, we should all be cheering them on not knocking them down! In my opinion it would seem foolish for Norton could spend a few years and a few million £ on a completely in house race bike at a time when they're busy enough with the up-scaling of the road bike production. I think their approach of outsourcing completely sensible. They can get a bike racing far faster with a far smaller investment. They'll still gain the experience of racing, getting a team together, developing a bike, gathering data, experimenting with setup ect. This will put them in a much stronger position to do well if/when they do develop a completely in house bike. It will be much easier to be competitive with a completely new bike if it's being run by a well established and experienced team. I also think people are being very harsh on the bike not being a Norton. There is far more to developing a bike than just bolting pieces together. If Norton spec the bike, commission the frame from another company owned by the same man, design the parts to string it all together, build the bike, develop the bike and race the bike, I'd say they have every right to put their name on the tank. Instead of looking at this as a disappointing finished product, try looking at it as a very exciting starting point!

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Jul 09

Posts: 309

RogerRSV says:

Just hope..........

Norton will answer the phone when you call, don't put you on hold and then read patronising one liners from a printed script ending your hour long call of misery with 'have a nice day'..........

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Jan 05

Posts: 162

nigel100 says:

what is the point?

when all is said and done this is just a sponsored advertising exercise which all the race fans and potential bike buyers will see through, so it is a pointless exercise. There are far better and cheaper methods of keeping your product in the eyes of the public, take a leaf out of ryanair's book.

Would it not be better to use this money on a real norton engined bike in some class of racing? if in the event they cannot produce a competitive race engine for the moment, there is no disgrace in that, but far better to keep ones eyes and funds on the realities of life, trying to produce a better road bike or series of road bikes, build up your reserves while in the background you are developing an engine that is worthy of the norton race heritage.

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Dec 05

Posts: 21

armcharm91 says:

Aprilia engine ! Sponson frame ! So it's not a norton simple ! U can put a cat in an oven but it won't make it a biscuit

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Aug 10

Posts: 22

panmanPete says:

Rooney rides the TT!!!!

Is it just me? But that rider looks just like Wayne Rooney!! Have a closer look....go on the photo and you will see just what I mean.

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May 12

Posts: 1


Norton or not ?

Can I remind doubters on this chat room & the TT chatroom that the very first Norton made by James Lansdown Norton (known as Pa norton)did in fact have a Peugeot engine, would you say that wasn"t a genuine Norton? And as for having a spondon frame, who owns spondon ? Ans : Norton does I think this makes the current TT bike a genuine Norton.This TT endeavour is an info gathering exersise and I dont expect them to win but I can hope. Best of luck Norton !

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