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MCN  says:

1000cc sports bike owners - your opinions, please

The 1000cc sports bike class has now split in two – there are now the ‘extreme’ 1000s and the more ‘real world’ 1000s. Bikes like the Panigale, RSV4, S1000RR, ZX-10R and F4 RR now fall into the extreme class, with their big horsepower figures and electronic rider aids. The Fireblade, R1 and GSX-R1000 are now perceived as more real world. As part...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (28 May 2012 15:42)

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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:

1000cc superbikes

Complete waste of time for the public road. Been there, done that. Wish I never sold my R6 for my R1

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Jul 10

Posts: 23

scottyblade says:

I dont agree at some comments that 1000cc's are to much for the road, ive got a 03 CBR954 and its by far the easiest bike ive ever rode!!  I love it! and also the best handling bike ive owned too!   lets face it anything that does more than 70mph is too much, its all about using the old grey matter, and most modern 600's will snap at the heels of older 1000's on the straights now!!  ........................  but the engines have more torque and bigger gearing so riding is a doddle, pillions carried with ease... ................. well unless its exotic 1000's.......  then its bad backs, swollen wrists, and a wife who think you hate her!! 

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:

Too much for the road...?

Any track focused 1000cc bike will be designed to win races this goes for 600cc as well. To say 600cc is all you need for the road is missing the point.  Manufacturers build machines for all tastes, personally I like to ride a hyperbike most of the time, far from being "totally irrelevant for the road" as some believe, I find it to be totally relevant. allthough if I lived in a big City I would probably ride my CBR600F.

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Mar 04

Posts: 207

v2kiwi says:


At MR NUMBER. I never said Panigale i said Ducati. In say ing that, how many are entered in this years TT as bike of choice??? I don,t know,  I can,t buy MCN every Wed unfortunatly, so I don, t know what is entered,  None of the top teams are running one , and that alone says it all  really. Maybe RUTTER is on one???. I ve seen my share of Ducati break downs thats for sure . I know any of the big 4 will be far more cost effective an reliable over 50,000 km. 

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Oct 11

Posts: 2789

Piglet2010 says:

VFR400 NC30

@ snev - The Honda VFR400 NC30 was never imported here, except for a few modified, track only versions, so the purchase price would only be a small part of the total cost. : (

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Mar 04

Posts: 55

ivanhoe says:


The year is 2015.  I have just returned from the MOT test centre. My KawaYamHonBmSuzi  superbike has failed the mot.

The ABS light stays on, the traction control light does not come on, the electronic suspension control is not operating. Good news though I can get new modules from the dealer at a very reasonable cost of £3000.00 plus labour.

Think I will get my 1996 ZZR1100 out from under the dust sheet.

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Jun 09

Posts: 39

bigbull says:

COSTS (Old v New)

Hi, lots of comments indeed over the ‘extreme’ 1000s and the more ‘real world’ 1000s. I have 35yrs of riding most of the top tackle about over the yrs. Cost is a bit of a laugh when you consider my Duc 916  costing £13250 back in 1996 compare that to your £15k Panigale 17yrs on, not that more expensive!!!  Lets take the Blade £9250 back in 1996 so again compare to today's Blade for what your getting similiar with your R1's & GRXR1000 etc.

Having ridden both RSV4 and Panigale recently yes great bikes faultless with superb handling which are equally at home road or track... The BMW another excellent machine does the lot too. My own preferred option the new R1 it ticks all my boxes for what I need thats why I bought it.

So the COSTS appear relative to 1996. Lets enjoy the fantastic range of "extreme" or "real world" machines we can choose from. What a decision.... enjoy making it... 


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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 226

Fly by night says:

What's the point

I find these types of bikes pretty pointless, yes they are fast but our roads are not that fast so you never get to test them out without the risk of losing your licence.


If you live in Germany you may well be able to, but in the UK there seems very little point to these types of bikes.


It's not comfort as they are not perticularly comfortable, it's not luggage capacity as they usually have none, it's not fuel econemy as they are usually pretty bad on fuel, ok yes they look good, and yes they are very fast but that is about it.


What is the point of said type of bike on UK roads, i'm not saying they should be removed from the road just I can't see the point to them.


You can't even carry a pillion in comfort on the back, your shoulders ache after rding them and you need to wear ear plugs because of the noise.



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Dec 09

Posts: 26

GFYALL says:

Stop complaining

To all the Neanderthals - It's about choice, if you don't want the electronics on an S1000RR, switch it off, and you can have all the madness you want. Personally I ride my RR between Rain, Sport, Race and Slick modes depending on conditions. It is useful on the roads if you ride in all weathers, which most BMW riders do. Secondly the power is just as useful blasting past on an overtake 30 to 70mph or 0 - 80mph on a slip road onto a dual carriageway. There can't be many who wouldn't appreciate the sound and fury or an Akrapovic equipped RR at full acceleration, all within the law. I've never seen this kind of silly discussion in a car magazine - never heard anyone saying Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo are silly because they are not "real world". Looks, sound and acceleration within the law are more than enough to justify the purchase for the buyer (not the moaning minnies who can't afford one anyway). And lets face it you can buy some fabulous bikes for under £20k, how many decent new cars are available at anywhere near that price of entry? Bikes are fabulous value and fun compared to any other form of transport. And if you want to carry luggage, pillions something else. For one up riding something like an RR is a genuine everyday bike, therefore as real world as it gets.

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Jul 11

Posts: 23

If I were to throw my bowfishing reel in the water and fish out a bike, I would definitely not like it to be a GSX-R1000. This thing's no match for the European bikes, it has no traction control or an electronic suspension adjustment. I don't get why they even made it.

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