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MCN  says:

You ask/you answer: How should I deal with the police?

After two years riding, I got pulled over by a police car for the first time last Saturday. I was shocked and intimidated by the policeman's anger, and admitted straight away that I was speeding. I feel like I could have handled it better, but what should I have done? Your advice could help. Leave a comment below and we'll publish...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (30 May 2012 12:49)

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Nov 08

Posts: 114

GixxerDream says:

I've been pulled


On many occasions, yes admittedly due to speeding and over the past few years I’ve learned that the best approach towards a police officer is to be apologetic and manners go along way. I’ve found that been nice towards them, they soon change there opinion of ‘look at the biker, what an idiot’ to ‘perhaps he’s not as stupid as I first thought and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I understand why they are angry having to pull us over, I mean who would like the job of scrapping bodies up of the road and having the horrible job of informing families of there loss. You will of course always get a copper that has a grudge against bikers but 90% of the time been nice ends up with either a 3 points and a £60 fine or they turn away and use there discretion. I’m no saint on a bike but always be prepared that if your willing to speed there is always a consequence.

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

They Are Professional

I've never met the proverbial copper with a grudge againt bikers. ( I don't live in North Wales). Quite a few of the police drivers are also bikers, it may well upset them to pull a rider who's been behaving like a pillock on the public highway but that doesn't make them anti-bike, just anti-pillock. A policeman who's pulled a car driver over for some stupid or dangerous action might well be a bit angry too but nobody labels him as anti-car. We have lots of bike meets through the summer here in the South West, like the Plymouth or Paignton Bike Nights and the Mega-Ride in a couple of weeks time. There is always a police presence but they are there on their bikes as enthusiasts and will mingle and chat happily with others bikers and the public. To answer the question: if you're stopped by the police remember to stay calm and use good manners, no more than you would expect in return.

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Feb 10

Posts: 196

wesley01 says:

Got pulled with a group of us and had been followed for ages before they did, must admit we were not doing crazy speeds but even so the copper was great, we apologised and he just had a chat and a laugh and just said please just take it down a notch as he explained he may need help if he was on the side of the road without backup we would jump in but if he fined us and acted like a tool we would just ride on, all in all a very cool cop!!

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Aug 09

Posts: 2714

MarcusMarsh says:

Dealing with Police

Remember that the Police are human too.  Also, when things go horribly wrong they are the ones dealing with the mess and making visits to families to deliver bad news.  They are therefore likely to be somewhat sensitive to someone riding like a complete idiot.

On the rare occasions that I have been stopped I am always polite, treat the officer with respect and have been treated in a similar manner.  

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Oct 10

Posts: 306

Cyclonite says:


1. Don't speed where you'll get caught. 2.the officer shouldn't have been rude and aggressive - if they are then call another police officer to the scene? (someone here claiming to be a police officer, wont show me ID, give his name or number etc?) 3. don't admit anything unless theyre nice and polite - more likely to let you off if they're polite.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Hmm, thorny subject this one. Each and every encounter with les flics will be different, as are the circumstances leading to it. To simplify things, police are normally trained and encouraged to "speak to someone the way which you would wish to be spoken to". If an officer is overly aggressive or rude, they may have a valid reason; however, they are required by their discipline codes and regulations not to behave in such a manner, despite provocation (if applicable). Sadly, these days, they are becoming rather disillusioned, so this can be expected more and more, especially as the "old guard" of more enlightened rozzers retire. Time to 'fess up -  I'm one of the dinosaurs who fits the latter category, who loves bikes and can appreciate the whole ethos around them. The new breed aren't as worldly, unfortunately. I'm not defending either stance on this, trying to adpot the middle ground, which is hellishly difficult given the way I've been treated myself while sur le velocipede.....

Sorry to ramble. They're not all bad, but the ones who are need to be dealt with firmly. To make any complaint credible, try to get any witnesses to such encounters and record the conversation as best possible, noting demeanour, language, particular phrases used.It will help strengthen your case in the event of any misconduct investigation. 

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Jan 11

Posts: 8132

snev says:

"After two years riding"....

you deserve to be pulled over , you must be exhausted!

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:


Talk to them as an equal - be polite and calm. They're doing they're job and right now that involves you. When I'm doing my job, it will occasionally involve a copper - do I treat them differently? Nope.

If they're pissed off, it's probably because you were being an utter idiot, they're exasperated by seeing it time and time again and cleaning up the mess time and time again. See it from their side, not just yours. If you're a decent enough person, that anger will probably be short lived.

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Oct 10

Posts: 19

Fragpig says:

Inefficient exhaust

I was pulled over, the copper said it sounded like i was traveling too fast but when he saw me i was going slowly into the village. Anyway he looked the bike over, my exhaust didn't have a BS or E no. on it so i got a £60 ticket, i offered to replace it with the original exhaust but no avail, i genuinely hadn't thought whether the exhaust was legal or not, it'd just passed an mot, the garage said as long as the exhaust wasn't marked for race use only then it was ok. The copper said he wasn't just pulling me over because he was bored, and advised me to change the exhaust in case i got stopped again, and another copper might take the same view. He put on the ticket 'inefficient exhaust' which was the wrong one, the code next to it was for illegal replacement exhaust. He could of exercised some discretion and let me put the old exhaust back on, but he didn't. I was polite up to the point i was getting a ticket, then i blanked him, the tw@t!

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Aug 09

Posts: 19

bulld01 says:

how to act

like everyone else is saying be polite, take lid off and earplugs out, switch off bike and remove keys, may sound obvious but it all helps, as for admittance, never, always let them take the lead and hen you know what you have been pulled for, as for the incorrect ticket code, go and speak to CAB or similar, or perhaps some officers on here could shed some light, if the inorrect coding is used then is the ticket a valid one??

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