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Matthew Birt  says:

New swingarm confusion for Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi admitted he is struggling to explain why a new aluminium swingarm he tested with positive results in Mugello recently created major chatter issues during yesterday’s Catalunya test. Rossi felt the new swingarm improved corner entry grip in Mugello but he ditched it after the first day of practice at Catalunya because it created a chatter issue. Rossi tried again to...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (05 June 2012 12:37)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:


I'm not going to say that Stoner is any better at developing a bike than Rossi... Rossi seems to be getting his Ducati closer to the front than at the start of the season... a big improvement... but his skills don't seem to be doing anything for the other Ducati riders who are still finishing between 30secs & a minute behind the leaders in the dry... so much for developing the bike to be ridden by anyone (a criticism levelled at Stoner). Now it appears some of his supporters would like him to move to a ready-made winner such as Honda or Yamaha... exactly what they've criticised Stoner for. I think he should... the racing could be good if he can still ride at the front... I wouldn't put money on him not (people have been stung for saying similar things about another rider).

To me the similarities between the 2 riders are remarkable... they both give similar feedback when things don't go right... neither design bikes, they both give feedback that is supposed to help the designers. The one outstanding difference is that Stoner could ride the Ducati (in a way that Rossi admits he can't). Without Rossi's move to Ducati their results during their time racing together could have been far closer.

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May 12

Posts: 192

YamahaRacer says:

I thought it was engineers who develop bikes not riders.

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Aug 02

Posts: 191

mike27 says:

is it now?

With Rossi's own words in this article, can we at last put to bed the "world's best development rider" baloney?

The guy is riding round in circles with that bike.  I'm sure many others would have similar issues, but VR looks a bit of a muppet because he mistook the engineering work of the Honda and Yamaha factories for his own genius.

Is there any evidence that he has moved that factory on at all since he sat on it at Valencia in 2010 and got in everybody's way?

Think he'll take a big pay cut to get on a Honda next year (or even a Yamaha if Lorenzo goes to HRC)?


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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:



Deciphering the Spin
by chase winstead
Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Most MotoGP press officers are quite skilled at issuing quotes from riders after tests and races that are filled with words that at times say almost nothing at all.

But sometimes one quote - even one spinning on an axis of PR-speak - can speak volumes. This quote from Valentino Rossi after the test session Monday at Barcelona fits that category:

"We didn't have much new stuff, so we concentrated on testing settings, trying many different configurations," Rossi said. "In the end, we understood that the setup we settled on for yesterday's race was really the best one for this track. We tried the aluminum swingarm, which could help us in terms of grip on acceleration, but it triggers too much chatter, as opposed to during the Mugello test, where it proved to be advantageous. It will be interesting to try it again at Aragon on Wednesday."

Run that verbal maze of contradictions and confusion through the Ovaltine secret decoder ring and team PR Ouija board, and the translation may be quite simple: "We're pretty lost, man."

Rossi said earlier in the season that he is praying for rain until Valencia, the end of the season. (QUOTE ENDS)...


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Sep 11

Posts: 402

jollyboy says:


"Florence is almost always slower than Hicky Nayden during testing only to outperform him come race weekend."

That's because Rossi spends his practice time working on race setup. Hayden OTOH seems to be very keen on setting a good qualifying time, to the clear detriment of his race setup. When you know you haven't got a race winning bike you will, if you have any sense, realise that getting on the front row of the grid will achieve less in the race than using qualifying to improve your race setup. 

Rossi's statements on every new development with the GP12 have been somewhat subdued to date. Each time he has stated that the bike has improved, but that they are still a long way short of being competitive. Don't see a problem with that. And from his results it seems he is pretty much on the mark.

As for Rossi's ability to develop a bike, well I think you need to remember that Rossi asked for the GP12 to be built a certain way and Ducati ignored him. I don't think anybody can deny that Ducati are not employing Rossi or Hayden for their development skills. Ducati build the bikes that their engineers design and don't actually listen to the men who have the experience of riding these and perhaps more importantly their competitors machines.

None of which is to say I have even the slightest sympathy for Rossi. His stated reason for not joining Ducati in 2004 was that they build the bikes that they want and employ riders as meat machines to win races. IOW that they believe the bike is much more important than the rider. He then went on to watch what happened with Stoner, which confirmed what he had thought. And he still signed for them in 2011.

For me he deserves everything he's got while at Ducati.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5186

Nostrodamus says:

Jolly you clown

Just what does 'Ducati didn't build me the bike I asked for' mean? Such a wishy washy, poor me statement from the man who's sucked millions out of old Phil Morris' and Corse sky rocket via discarded development parts.

Corse have bent over backwards like never before in their history for this man and he's given them nothing but whinges, gripes and back pedalling (both on and off track) in return.

Even Uncle Carmelo's devious string pulling hasn't helped him.

Oh lord won't you buy Rossi a  RCV 2013 so we can watch him flap even worse than now.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3344

Bultoboy says:

Bike building Jolly?

As for Rossi's ability to develop a bike, well I think you need to remember that Rossi asked for the GP12 to be built a certain way and Ducati ignored him.

Yes, I'm interested in that statement as well. Exactly what did Rossi ask for that he didn't get? Has anyone seen Rossi's requirements list against Ducati's build sheet? Doubt it, so how can anyone say this.

Rossi wailed that they aren't giving him what he wants following Qatar, sayiong the bike is unrideable and can't be improved with set-up as no matter what they tried, there was no change. Then there was improvement after using Hayden's set-up.

Out of interest, who asked for the CF bike to be ditched and replaced with a new bike with an alloy frame. I thought it was Rossi - therefore getting what he wanted. Maybe we're mistaken and it was Mrs Miggins from the cake shop.

Agree with your last sentence though.

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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:

The Duke

Rossi will be writing his resignation letter now! Bye bye Ducati! Your bike is a pig

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

It's official


Stoenzo have turned the sweet, purring RC213V in a shit pig. Motomatters had this glowing review to say about the bike below not too long ago.

The major leap forward which Honda's MotoGP bike has taken in the past two seasons has come in two distinct areas, the chassis and the electronics. Much of the work of sorting out the RC212V's chassis was done during the 2010 season, when the factory tried out five different chassis variations and several different swingarms, before getting the bike right early in the 2011 season. Parallel to the chassis, Honda spent two years improving their MotoGP bike's electronics, after poaching two of Yamaha's key staff to work on HRC's electronics package. The resulting machine, in the hands of Casey Stoner, proved unbeatable throughout the 2011 season.

All of a sudden a SHIT PIG is now firmly planted on the RC213V with Stoenzo as the lead rider. All the warning signs was there for Honda to see that Bucky tooth idiot with no schooling is a complete ass. He contradicts himselves 10 times a day. His de-briefs which led to the development now has poor Dani crying about how ass backwards the bike have gone.

ASIMO, the robot Honda has built as a technology demonstrator and R&D project, provided some of the crucial technology for HRC's MotoGP machine. The multidimensional inclinometer used by the RC212V to detect the attitude of the bike is a direct development of the system used by ASIMO to monitor the robot's balance as it walks and runs. The inclinometer, consisting of a collection of gyroscopes and accelerometers, provides information on how the position of the bike is changing: Is the bike banked over in a turn? Is the bike wheelying under power, or pitched forward on the brakes? How hard are the braking forces? How fast is the bike being tipped into the corner?

Even with all the stuff poured into the development of the RC213V above, Stoenzo fucked this bike up royally. Now the lil bitch acts bemused, because he now knows he has eliminated the Honda riders and now only have to contend with Yamaha's 2 M1's.

Viva la Shit Pigs is soon to go on his leathers.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3344

Bultoboy says:

Poor Milky

You must be one lonely person with an empty life. And who are you going to moan about when he's retired.

Still, might move Rossi up one place in the finishing order - so there's something for you to look forward to. Unless of course, his stock drops even lower by season's end and no-one wants him.

How's your development genius done today. Another good day's development under his belt it would appear. 8th overall and that's without 2 factory Hondas present, He's certainly moving that Ducati forward.

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