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Jun 04

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lezara says:

How to get MOT when no insurance

it may be a daft question but, I have a bike that I've SORN 'd and the MOT / insurance has run out too. How do I get it all legal and get it to the test centre? Can I get a bilke insured if it hasn't tax/MOT?


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  • Posted 3 years ago (14 June 2012 19:38)

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Nov 08

Posts: 879

Van, trailer or truck...

There used to be "day insurance" available for over 25s, but that has vanished off the market this spring.  Doh!

The bike can be ridden, insurance-wise, by someone else who has "any-other-bike-not-registered-to-self" third party cover.  Many bikers have that, I do.

Alternatively you can arrange cover for yourself, and get it taxed too if the old MOT hasn't run out yet.  Do that a few days before the MOT, then cancel within 14 days of arranging it - some insurers won't charge you even if cover has begun, so long as you don't make a claim, but others will want an admin fee of £25-35 or more so ask first.

Sadly if the MOT has expired you cannot get tax and cannot legally ride it on the road.  In that case then you have to transport it to the MOT test centre on a trailer or in a van etc.

It's pretty stupid really.  You are allowed to drive without an MOT to a pre-booked MOT test, but not without tax, tax which you can't get without a valid MOT.. ..Catch 22!

You can legally drive yourself, or anyone else who's eligible to vote, to a polling station during polling hours.  So, if there were a general election and an MOT centre next door to the polling station, then your luck could be in, but you'd still need insurance...

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Nov 07

Posts: 2424

smidget says:


In the past I have when the need has arisen, pre-booked the MOT, insured the bike and then ridden to the MOT station, it must be the nearest station to where you are taking the bike from and you must not deviate from the route nor stop on route.

Now if this is still the case I do not know so phone the MOT station and ask them, or visit your local police station and get their take on the situation.

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Be careful

Not sure another rider with cover can ride the bike 3rd party. Thought the original vehicle had to be insured somewhere as well?

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Mar 09

Posts: 8941

jaffa90 says:


It`s a trailer job as suggested,also the bike has to be insured for somebody else to ride it on there policy as shuggie says.

If it was me and knowing the bike was roadworthy i would risk insuring it then book it in with proof at the nearest m.o.t. station. (who said that).

Also the garage may collect it for a minimum charge.

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Mar 10

Posts: 1035

bmwgs says:


i just got my bike fully insured then road it to get mot that it passed then ent and got it taxed.

so just get you bike insured then just book the mot and ride it there then ever get tax on the way home or on line.

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Jan 10

Posts: 26

oldenuff says:

Another catch-22

Most insurances are invalidated if you do not have a current MOT although third party cover may still be available. So ring the insurer and be sure that you are insured. I think that it would be a very hard-hearted plod who made an issue out of the tax but the problem rears it's ugly head if the bike fails. 

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Jan 03

Posts: 3072

scorps says:


my bike was insured but had no tax or MOT, I booked it in for the MOT, rode straight to the garage, then on the way home stopped at the post office id passed on the way to the garage and taxed it.

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Jul 09

Posts: 441

gjkt says:


You can ride your bike to a pre-arranged MOT test if you have it insured. Doesn't need to be taxed for the journey to & from the test station. I bought a car in Lincoln once & drove it straight to a garage in Sleaford for a pre-arranged test. 15 miles away. Totally legal according to plod when I checked before collecting it.

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Nov 08

Posts: 879

I checked with my insurer (Carole Nash)

but thinking along similar lines to Shaggie and Jaffa, I didn't believe them until I re-read my Certificate of Motor Insurance:

"The policy holder is also insured to ride with the owner's consent any motorcycle not belonging to him/her and not hired to him/her under a hire purchase or lease agreement and provided that the motorcycle is being used within the limitations below.  This cover is restricted to Third Party Liability only."

The only limitations referred to are: "Use for social domestic and pleasure purposes and for commuting to and from a permanent place of business."

Unlike car policies, where what those posters state seems to be the case, at least for some bike policies you certainly do not require any other cover to be in place.

My legal third party cover does not require a valid MOT either, so all above board then.

For me, getting family member's or friend's bike back on the road, the only Catch 22 issue is the TAX.  Expired MOT means no MOT, no tax; no tax no ride; i.e. MOT cannot (legally) be ridden to.

I believe the idea that it's legal to ride without tax, in order to get tax, is ancient history, if not an old wives tale.  That's not to say I haven't done it, and lot's of folk do without issue, but if you passed an ANPR camera it might prove very expensive.

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Apr 10

Posts: 198

arryace says:

get someone to ride it

you can ride a SORN'd vehicle to an authorised testing station for an MOT providing it has adequate ins. cover.

someone with 3rd party cover to ride a bike not belonging to him/her can take it for you. there does not need to be a policy in force in respect to the bike. but remember it is only insured while they are on it for example if they stopped on the way to get a paper or some fags it would be uninsured while they were away from it.

the lack of an MOT does not invalidate insurance however an unroadworthy vehicle might so if it failed on an item that made it unroadworthy the rider would be commiting an offence of using an unroadworthy vehicle and likely to be uninsured.

no need to take my word for it just look here-

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