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Liam Marsden  says:

British MotoGP: Lorenzo extends championship lead with win

Factory Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo extended his lead at the top of the championship with a dominant win at Silverstone today. Lorenzo got off to a slow start, as team-mate Ben Spies took to the lead ahead of Stoner and pole sitter Alvaro Bautista. It wasn't until lap seven that Lorenzo started to make his way to the front. Lorenzo had a...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (17 June 2012 14:19)

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Sep 10

Posts: 185

CameronLeeds says:


Is it me or was that a GREAT GP?  And Scott in the 600s - fantastic   :D


Rossi 9th???   -   Physician heal thyself

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Apr 11

Posts: 1514

ow01fogno1 says:


i dont think cal would risk it after the last 2 poor seasons,why spoil an on form run with a shit heap that rossi pulled to pieces,and yes i do believe it was built round him since last season and still only fast in the wet?,hayden even wont stay if he gets another decent satalite ride, cal should sit it out with yamaha, and as for rossi offered a factory yam, i dont believe it one bit.  bradley not ready, readding more deserving od a ride, smith is fast no doubt but no way ready for moto gp, marquez to repsol will be messy,but deal is done im thinking, spies to sat honda.

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Jul 11

Posts: 109

bruce1937 says:


Great race to watch.

Well done Cal, showed true grit.

Carcleanerboy is that really you? Two sensible unbiased comments in a row? It looks like you are not the complete nong that I had assumed you to be. It was a pleasure to read your posts for a change, I hope you keep it up.

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Apr 09

Posts: 477

1986vfr750 says:

caseys in trouble

If he keeps allowing jorge to chase him down like that. Apart from lemans, jorge has chased down stoner and left him in the dust for all his victories, wheraes casey only has won his from the front....barely.  Casey's has now got a reputation as a fader and that will only make jorge stronger in the mental war and casey weaker. When you have to start trying to just hang on instead of attack you have already given up.  Maybe casey needs to do a few more practice laps to understand the durability of the tires better or maybe he is at that grand old age where he is going to have to start to work at it and not rely on talent alone anymore. Hes now closer to thirty than twenty and it starts to get harder, and the fact that he does no practice or training is going to start to catch up to him.  I personally hope he can get it together so that as fans we get to watch a good battle this year not just 3 corners.  The first race of the season i think set the stage for casey's mental fragility to rear its ugly head again,(08 anyone?) and he needs to have a dominant win,ie chase jorge down, to redress the balance, or its going to be a one horse race from here on in

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Jun 11

Posts: 217

Smackbum says:

Shite ratio - 50%

Actually that's not bad for MCN, but maybe when people run out of things to say it will revert to type.

The pleasant surprise of the day was to have a dry race.  The unpleasant surprise is that quite a few riders had significant drop-offs in tyre performance quite early on.  So Ben and Nicky looked good for a short while but quickly faded out of podium contention, and Casey mainly went to the front to try and block Jorge for 12 laps ... which was never going to work.  Not sure about Andrea - he claims it was an unexpected rear-end slide, but it looked like he was running wide and might have got on the dirty stuff.

The only top runners who seemed to have no tyre issues were Jorge and Cal.  I think Honda and Ducati need to engage in a bit of espionage to see how the Yamaha does it.  Either that or pass Bridgestone some paper-bags full of cash to make some tyres that work for them.

And if they can work out these grip problems then all the prototypes will be battling for the win at the end, not just looking good at the start.  The potential is obviously there....

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Aug 02

Posts: 2315

Hedgehog5 says:


"jorge has 21 wins since 2008 casey has 25.So if jorge overtakes stoners total and wins the title he will have proved to be more succesful than casey and thats without having a year to acclimatise to motogp,"

Yay... you've finally got it... if you win more you become more successful... it's taken a while but now it's Stoner struggling it's easier to see... that's racing (& assumes that Stoner doesn't win another race). Stoner's the most successful since he arrived on the scene... Rossi's the most successful since he arrived on the scene... Jorge isn't... yet... but watch this space because it's what makes racing interesting.

... another interesting statistic is that both CS & JL have had 167 GP race starts & both had 42 wins... JL actually leads fractionally in the points tally... how close is that?

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Jun 09

Posts: 883

aquarius says:


The “most successful rider of the 800cc MotoGP era” (2 x Titles & 33 x GP’s Won – compared with your man’s 2 x Titles & 21 x GP Wins) gets barbs & sly bullshit like yours as a “knee-jerk defense-mechanism” – where was VR yesterday again. Oh, that’s right, 9th – thanks to Dovi’s “off” that promoted Rossi up from 10th and just in front of the CRT boys. And, guys – Christ NOT on a bike! – only 2 x “soft” Podiums in two seasons to date – that’s a real “problem”! Not “fading” – more “disappearing”... Oh woe, despair & depression!!!!

Let’s look at FACTS so far this season to put Stoner’s “fading” under the microscope & some sunlight so we can all deduce the truth here: Round 1 @ Qatar- led from Laps 2-19 B4 his tyres went off= 3rd by 2 seconds. Rounds 2 @ Spain & 3 @ Portugal = Won both. Round 4 @ France wet tyre destroyed=3rd by 1.3 seconds. Round 5 @ Catalunya – never in it. Battled for 3rd with Dovi on wrecked rear tyre=4th Round 6 @ England -led Laps 5-11 B4 rear tyre went off – held-off Pedrosa with an incredible display of throttle-control & late braking to take 2nd.

Currently Trails Lorenzo by 25 Points – 140 V 115. At exactly the same time last year, Stoner led Lorenzo by 18 Points – 116 V 98 - as both riders had scored a zero each with a DNF. There isn’t much points & results difference year-to-year & rider-to-rider - and there is another 12 x Rounds still to go. Lorenzo chased & harried & wasn’t really & truly “out of it” until B4 Phillip Island in the penultimate (as Sepang was cancelled) Round 16 last year - when he fell & damaged his hand & finger for a DNS & zero points, handing his 2010 Title to Stoner.

It isn’t the rider at all “fading” – it is an unasked for & unwanted start-of-racing Dorna handicap with 4 x kg’s of ballast upsetting the chassis balance & causing front & rear “pattering & chatter” & rear “pumping” – all exacerbated by the new Bridgestone Type 33 that have affected the Honda’s far worse than anyone else. Ask yourself too – how is Pedrosa travelling? 14 points adrift of “fader” Stoner – that’s where - then its daylight from the 3 x Aliens back. Rossi? Back in 6th on 58 – just half of “fader” Stoner’s points... Stoner knows that if & when HRC can sort the 2012 chassis & tyre issues out –he’s right back in it again - no doubt & no wonder he said post-Brit GP that he is “not concerned” - I believe him, as do hundreds of thousands of others – why can’t you?

Nah - better to keep right on slinging the same old, boring mud, casting unfounded aspersions & suspicions – and ALL because you WANT IT TO BE TRUE – and couldn’t accept reality if it jumped up and bit you right on the arse & the left nut.

When you all queue to post, riposte & abuse me for telling the truth –as usual – please note that I am a New Zealander this time – and NOT an Australian. It seems most dickheads don’t know the geographical & cultural difference. Merely using the Zombie Rossi fan-till-death & Anti-Christ, Casey Stoner’s name - invokes a venomous & seemingly automatic anti-Australian response which is most vexing & unfair to those quite uninvolved. Cheers

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Jun 09

Posts: 883

aquarius says:


MCN appears to attract the worst kind of “alleged” fan – complete with their Advanced Master’s Degrees in sheer wankery & a weird & warped sense of “reality”...

Anyone catch Cal Crutchlow (laughingly, jokingly & self-deprecatingly) saying B4 Round 6 that he’d be faster around Silverstone on a bog-standard R1? Cue some genius to post & launch into a dissertation showing he (the Zombie Moron) truly believes that WSBK machines would be “faster” – and yet another - steadfastly refuses to believe Cal actually said what he said – because he (another Zombie Moron) didn’t hear it himself or read about it anywhere else. Since when did MCN’s Matt Birt have to start listing reference bibliographies & independently-sourced supporting witnesses? Duh! No sense of humour or appreciation of nuance, you see. The exact hallmarks of the intellectually-challenged.

Speaking more of which – our latest self-appointed psychology & mechanical engineering genius – a certain bloke from Maple leaf land with a 26 year-old bike – knows more about the tech-characteristics of the RC213V racing motorcycle than HRC’s Shuhei Nakamoto & Christian Gabbarini put together. Oh, almost forgot, sorry - & Bridgestone’s Hiroshi Yamada & Shinji Aoki too. You get comments like “Stoner the fader” when the supposedly unbiased & independent-thinking scribe’s profile contains qualifying gems like this: “my idea of a great day – watch a MotoGP race (with Rossi winning)...” Mmmm... Too much Canadian Club methinks, Mr. Canuck. Your bike might almost be“antique” now – but its a shock & shame to see such intellectual deterioration & stultification in a bloke not that much older. And 2008 & Laguna Seca was 5 years ago now – HELLO – isn’t it time you let it all go? Of course – there were numerous other close battles between Rossi & Stoner - where the latter prevailed – but “selective amnesia” wipes blank the depressing parts of the Zombie memory-banks – along with lots of “other” relevant information.

OK then – I’ll play your game too today– but I won’t even attempt to “camouflage” my motivations as I have been defending Stoner for 4 years or more from negative idiots & morons like you. Stoner had “mental fragility” so bad that when he returned from his “proven bona fide illness” in 2009 – he got a 2nd & then Won 2 of the last 3 GP’s. Did I happen to mention that he had already WON 4 x GP’s – including 3 in a row, B4 the USGP in 2008? You appear to be confusing 2 quite separate years here – but that’s par for the course for you guys, isn’t it?

Every time we “bury” the ridiculous, biased “myths” with fact & reason – they rise again like Vampires from an open casket, improperly staked through the heart with Balsa wood, spewing blood & bile & farting sparks. Jesus, perpetually playing Van Helsing over & over again is BORING!

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Dec 08

Posts: 80

Cal Crutchlow

I am a proud Englishman - Immense Cal

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Dec 08

Posts: 80


Oh - and by the way, 'aquarius' or is it 'aqueeriearse' - you are one boring mother

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