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MCN  says:

Poll: What would stop you breaking speed limits?

New government proposals recommend increasing fixed penalties for speeding from £60 to £90. Will this reduce the frequency you break the speed limit? And if not, what would? Don't forget to add your comment below. pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (19 June 2012 17:56)

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Feb 12

Posts: 17

Unrealistic speed limits

I believe that you can do what speed you want in a national or motorway or open road as long as it does no pose a high amount of danger to anyone.

 I have always been the kind of rider to stick to 30mph and 40mph speed limits as they are often crowded places.

 Some places are safe to do 150mph+ for a short period of time. However when normally on a sunday back road ride i will stick to 80mph-90mph in nationals where it is safe to do so. I do not believe this poses any threat, and breaks on my triumph daytona 600 mean that i can slow down from 90 to 30 in a split second without even trying. 

 Conclusion - whats the point in having a motorcycle over 250cc's if you cannot use the power?

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Sep 08

Posts: 100

Andy_L says:

As road users we often have campaigners reminding us that "the speed limit is a maximum, not a target."  It would probably help if someone reminded the people who set speed limits of that from time to time.  An awful lot of roads have limits set at "reasonable average" levels rather than "absolute maximum" levels.  If that's how they're set, that's how drivers will treat them.

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Jun 06

Posts: 42

stevowarrior says:

Speed Limits

What is needed is more consistant and APPROPRIATE speed limits, then people might start to respect them.  Todays answer to road safety seems to be 'slap a seed limit on' it will appease the locals. Everywhere you look in Lancashire new or lower speed limits are appearing - wake up this does noty address the problem. And once again to those involved in Road Safety - speed does NOT cause accidents, driver or mechanical error does that. Speed can howver have an impact on the severity of accidents, in short start sorting out the cause of the accident in the first place. 

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Oct 11

Posts: 197

SundayRoast says:


The only thing that has significantly reduced my speed when riding  was attending the speed awareness course. Understanding fully the consequenses of your actions truly focusses the mind. Only when you are aware of what damage you can do to both yourself and other people do you think before you speed.  By the time you crash, it is too late.  Fines dont work. Points hurt but are just used as an excuse for the insurers to charge you more.

More cameras just slow traffic down and cause more accidents with people slamming on the brakes when they realise there is a hidden camera. Speed humps suck and should be avoided at all costs.


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Jan 12

Posts: 53

Preadator says:

Agree with SundayRoast

Completely agree with SundayRoast for exact same reason, i can only assume that the posts from people saying its ok to speed have not attended one of these courses otherwise they would not be speaking such utter shit, to those people i say get your head out of your own arse and grow up!

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Oct 10

Posts: 19

Fragpig says:

Don't agree with them

I have broken the speed limit every trip on both bike and in car for the last 25 yrs, never had a ticket and never had an accident related to speed. If i'm going through my estate i might only be doing 10-15mph if kids are about, whereas some law abiders are doing 30. I drive to road conditions, amount of traffic, amount of pedestrians, the weather, time of day, not speed limits.

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Jun 12

Posts: 15

F0ulOli says:

A grown up approach?

Before Politicians got involved with everything, it was road engineers who decided on speed limits. They worked out that the best, safest speed limit was the speed 85% of people drove on that section of road. Those days are gone. Today, speed limits are chosen based on financial consideration. Firstly, the highway budget, because you don't legally need to maintain a road to the same standard if the speed limit is lower. Lower speed limits give options for the police and the safety agencies to raise funding by catching people going too fast. Politicians like to cut speed limits because it shows them actually doing something positive for the community without it actually costing them anything. They will get all the kudos from all the safety lobby groups, lots of publicity and possibly enough votes to get in next time. That is something money alone can't buy (allegedly!) What would stop me breaking the speed limit? A speed limit I can respect as being there for safety and no other reason.

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May 12

Posts: 2

goggsy says:

Road Conditions

At the end of the day we speed in the knowledge that if we are caught then we are punnished according to the law.

I have lost my licence in the past under the totting up scheme and it was all from mobile camera's in 50mph roads which really didn' t require a 50mph speed limit. But it allows the authorities to prosecute you for an absolute - which is what they like. Interestingly enough all my 4 SP30's were while driving the car - none on the bike. These days I never speed through towns/ cities or villages. But I will exceed the limit outside of towns if the conditions allow and instead I concentrate on 'making progress' through smooth, fluid road crafted riding.

Invariable when trundling throgh a town at 25 to 30mph I end up with some arsehole car driver right up my rear tyre trying to intimidate me to go faster - but it is generally in towns that you will get caught. So degrees of common sense are all that should be required.

By the way - if you do intend on hammering at 120mph+ - even on a motorway - well you only have yourself to blame if you get caught.

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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

Common sense.

I ride slowly in built up areas; more so near schools.

Many a time I've ridden down a stretch of road; sussed it out for cops; and then u-turned and done 150+ on the way back.

Bike riding for over 40 years.

Never had a ticket.

I speed when it's safe and stuff the law.

Most high ranking politicians should be hung as traitors anyhow.

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May 08

Posts: 224

SHIVA_ says:

This is only about revenue

The discussions about speed being brought up by municipalities and governmenets are purely motivated by revenue.  And in order to gain the public's support, they try to wrap it in safety.  Speeding tickets are major sources of revenue.  Don't fall for their trap.

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