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MCN  says:

Poll: Are Triumph right to follow BMW so closely?

The new Triumph Trophy 1200 will be revealed this Friday evening here on, but thanks to spy shots we already have a very good idea what it will look like: a BMW R1200RT crossed with a smidge of Pan European. This follows Triumph's Tiger 800, which looked remarkably like a BMW F800.So do you think Triumph are right to shamelessly...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (20 June 2012 16:22)

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Aug 10

Posts: 54

sar02 says:

Looking at the pictures of the BMW and Triumph tells me that apart from both being motorcycles they have nothing else in common, the Triumph may look a bit like a Pan but it could also look a bit like a Yamaha fjr1300 or the Kawasaki 1400 sports tourer. Motorcycles, like cars, go for streamlining and functionability and thats why they look a lot like the same, look at jet airliners.

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May 08

Posts: 21

DaveK671 says:

Copying is how the world works. Apple make a smart phone, android copies and tries to make better. Microsoft vs Unix, Xbox vs Playstation. They all do the same thing just slightly differently. The idea is take a concept which works and make it better, which Triumph seem to be doing. Imagine where we would be if all the manufacturers saw the 1992 Fireblade and thought, lets go a totally different route and not try to copy and improve.

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Mar 11

Posts: 12

intelinside says:

The way forward

As long as triumph are making there bikes a step ahead of the competion why not copy the Germans they have been making bikes along time with no major complaints and the same applies to Honda. If Triumph feel they need a model to compete in the same sector then why not copy the best parts from bikes out there but remember Triumph you need to be ahead not behind if you want Customers to make the change.

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Oct 10

Posts: 182

zoobaz says:

what about the Speed / Street Tripples?

It works both ways - look at an F800R in profile and it's obvious Beemer wanted a slice of Triumph's sports naked cake.

Also, 3 points to consider;

1)     "Form follows Function" - it's hard to build a big trailie or tourer without it sharing some of it's design with the competition's versions. for example, a big tourer needs a big fairing at the front and big luggage at the back, therefore there's bound to be some visual simmilarity.

2)     why wouldn't Triumph want a slice of these markets? Any business that want's to survive this recession needs to produce products people will want to buy. They've stuck their neck out with the Speed / Street Tripples and they've done well with them - and the Rocket III was like nothing else! so they're not entirely guilty of constant plagarism...

3)     By using visual styling cues from established designs, Triumph are associating their brand with other successful brands - important when trying to penetrate new markets.

I wish them luck! I'm on my 4th Hinkley Triumph with over a hundred thousands miles of totally trouble free riding.



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Sep 09

Posts: 848

Rogerborg says:

"Apple make a smart phone, android copies"

Apple are notorious for nicking other people's products - I should know, I worked on many of them - and then selling them with their own logo and slightly shinier cases.  Their legions of fanbois then spunk themselves dry over asserting - as you've just demonstrated - that Apple actually invented the damn things.

I make this point to illustrate why it can be a good idea to blag someone else's design and then try to style it up a bit, if you do it with enough brass neck and panache.  Maybe in a couple of year's time when we hear "adventure sports" we'll think "Tiger 1215" by default and be berating BMW for making a shoddy knock off in the shape of the R1250GS.

No?  Unpossible?  Well, you just remembered that Apple created the smartphone.  Recollection is a fragile thing.

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Apr 12

Posts: 8

Apple copy Android

Apple re-invented the smartphone! They made a phone that people could actually use! I had a 'smart'phone before my iphone - to get it to do anything other than make calls YOU had to be smart! The problem with your analogie is that the GS is a really good bike - Triumph really do have their work cut out to better it. Apple had such a void to fill that it was easy to impress with the iPhone.

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Jan 11

Posts: 7688

snev says:

Untill recent years..

BMW's had always been a bit staid a little bit too different with a reputation for attracting the older rider, the "day-glow Dereks" and the "wanabee" police riders. (IN MY OPINION). Now though They have struck a seam of gold and about time too in my book. Triumph are clever, just like the Japs, all those years ago. Triumph are being closely watched by MV at the moment with a few Triples being produced. Thats Business.

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

pot and kettle

Hands up all those who think the s 1000r is a japanese bike in disguise ! they even used yamaha and suzuki fairings on the early prototype .triumph made a 500cc twin off road style bike long before the gs models/yamaha xt models pre dated the bmw 650 single.I reckon the only thing they came up with first is the flat twin and even then im not sure if douglas got there first.any classic bike fans know the answer to that ? Typical Germans still playing the propaganda card ,old habits die hard i suppose.

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Jan 10

Posts: 125


Could'nt agree more with rqwan Triumph are a small british company making a good go of it. If they tap into the mega huge asian small bike market as well that will be a great move for a BRITISH company. So be proud we have a company that is doing well. Saying that I ride a CBR and get 56mpg out of it . I find a lot of the  triumphs a bit thirsty even if ridden carefully according to my friends who have various models.

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Aug 08

Posts: 237

Paulvt1 says:

I do like the look of the new Trophy - and as an ex RT rider, i guess i'm the target audience. However most of the Triumph dealers in my area are dire. That's something that Triumph could do with copying from BMW. When you proport to be a "premium brand" then your back up needs to be superb - which in my experience Triumph are seriously lacking.

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