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Jun 07

Posts: 1988

mobileenoph says:

Biker arrested for obstructed licence plate...

Glad I dont live in the USA

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 June 2012 15:23)

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Feb 08

Posts: 6508

StealthSV says:

Just lookin for a reason!!

Any reason! As the rider pointed out he had done nothing wrong so the cop couldn't take his camera! So the cop had to find something, anything in order to arrest him and get the camera!

Good advert for the particular camera tho! Apart from sound quality, the pictures were clear 

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Jul 09

Posts: 306

RogerRSV says:

Last night.

Driving from Moreton in the Wirral to Bidston on a 40mph dual carriageway - 9pm - about a mile from various estates with many social problems. Over a dozen police, four cars and two mobile cameras - I didn't get pulled but there were two women about 50 years of age who had and I can only imagine they were travelling at no more than 50mph - to the best of my knowledge there have been NO accidents on this road but there have definitely been stabbings and shootings on the estates nearby - whoever arranged this ambush needs to be made accountable if there were not enough officers available to respond to the violence that usually occurs every Friday night.

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Jun 11

Posts: 221

meatbaws says:


Gave the passing patrol car at the start the V !

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Feb 09

Posts: 4654

philehidiot says:


They do that using ANPR to find any cars marked with violence / drugs markers, etc as well as anyone who comes up as uninsured. The camera vans may well have been using ANPR rather then speed guns. They have a large number of police to carry out searches and enough cars to maintain the checkpoint if two have to go chasing naughty people.

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Feb 10

Posts: 872


thats rough. Notice it was in Dallas..the highway speed limit is "they" naturaly hate anyone who goes slightly over, and double that if you dare to ride or drive anything which isn't made in the good US of A.    Yeeeee-ha

I have a mate who lives in Florida, he's got a Harley, and a Ducati.   he gets sooo much attention when on the Ducati, that he just loves to ride around to wind the fuckas up...then pull out his ID when he gets pulled.   (Ex US forces, now working for the DEA)....he hate's "county-mounties"...real dumb fuckas.


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Nov 04

Posts: 3830

750FLYER says:

I dunno....

Over zealous fat cunt cop..........  But..

If you keep your gob shut and take the condescending bullshit that's about to come your way then most times they'll tell u off and let you go on your way..... I never understand people giving attitude to cops that pull you over... They're just doing the job(regardless of right or wrong in your opinion).. You're the one who has anything to lose.. No skin off the pig's snout if you lose your licence for a year and have to pay a fine... That's coppersa for ya!

Bite your lip, swallow your pride.. ride another day!!   :wink:

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May 09

Posts: 260

JustBe says:


Hard to feel sorry for him with how he was acting in the first place.

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Feb 08

Posts: 6508

StealthSV says:

Agree with Flyer....

I got pulled doin 80 in a 40 (not big or clever) but swallowed my pride, apologised, acted all humble like and took the bollocking! 

80 in a 40 is ban territory, he let me off! Didn't even bother with me pipes/numberplate/visor which were all illegal too! 

Moral of the story, even if you have done nothing wrong, giving the copper a hard time WILL NOT GET YOU ANYWHERE!!!:ph43r:

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Feb 10

Posts: 4003

halftank says:

Giving speed cop's a hard time ...

Now that's just wishful thinking ... :biggrin:

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Jan 11

Posts: 8195

aehewitt says:

Ferkin ell

There big tits,poor woman.:lol::lol::lol:

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