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John Westlake  says:

Triumph Trophy 1200 revealed

Triumph have just unveiled the new Trophy Tourer. The full report will be in next week's MCN (out Wednesday June 27), but in the meantime here are the raw facts from Triumph's press release • Three cylinder 1215cc engine developing 132bhp and 89lb.ft of torque at just 6,450rpm.• Virtually maintenance free shaft drive.• The most highly technologically advanced Triumph with ride by wire, traction...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 June 2012 17:59)

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Oct 10

Posts: 180

flookyk says:

No Protection??

To me this has the same problem as the big BMW's and others like this.

When you have a bike as heavy as this, and my Pan, at some time or later you ARE going to drop it, usually parking it, getting it out of a garage, forgetting to put the side stand down or forgetting to remove the disc lock (we never do the later 2 do we?)

This Trophy, the BMW and most others, have been designed to look good as a tourer but have no built in protection against dropping it. Dropping one of them would prove very expensive, with the Pan it is usually a tip over wing cover or a mirror housing repair, I would dread to think what you would have to replace on the Trophy and BMW, etc.

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Jun 12

Posts: 1

sonofzs says:


That  great lumpen Triumph is just cynical and derivative, like other bikes they've brought out recently. They need to hire some people now who have some ideas, not just the ability to rip off other people's.

BMW has been consistently innovative and made its own markets-  it invented sport touring as we know it, and shown that luxury isn't incompatible with performance. And then there's the GS. And even the flip-up helmet.  Even when BMW has gone head to head in existing markets- the S1000 say- it always makes a genuine new contribution.

Can you imagine BMW doing anything as crass as putting out a vertical twin retro?

Triumph will soon realise that you can't build a brand on plagiarism, especially  in a market as individualistic as motorbikes.

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

mattofasto says:

In what way is it a copy of a flat twin with 22 fewer horses?

Jeez, I'm getting sick of this "copying BMW" drivel. Take away the big headlamp and adjustable screen, and it's NOTHING LIKE a R1200 RT, or a K1600 or any other BMW. It will feel like a Triumph and nothing else, and it won't need a replacement gearbox after 1000 miles. I've nothing against BMW per se, but I wouldn't buy one at the moment because of the reliability problems (a friend's new GS needed a 'box after 1000 miles). I've got a Sprint GT and a Speed Triple, both of which are excellent, reliable 'bikes and neither of which are anything like any BMW. I'm sure the Trophy will be a better 'bike than the R1200 RT as it has so much more power and an equal spread of torque, so Triumph should sells loads purely on merit. And how is an across-the-frame 4, alloy-beam-framed S1000RR so different from a 'blade, gixxer, ZX10, MV F4 etc? It might be slightly better, but where's the "new contribution"?

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Jul 10

Posts: 397

DoomedDog says:

The BMW S1000RR

was a genuine new contribution? oh really, how, in what way? The S1000RR was based on Suzuki's K5 model, they (BMW) did away with the stupid seperate indicator controls that is/was an infliction on their other models, preferring instead to use the tried and tested Jap control layout, and they chose to use telescopic forks.

The only genuine contribution BMW made with their 1000cc superbike was the ridiculous looking headlight arrangement, other than that pretty much standard fair.

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Mar 11

Posts: 3

Bike comparison page

Good to see the page detailing the specs of bikes the Trophy is up against. One small problem, the picture at the top of the Pan European column is NOT a Pan! What is it, a speculative picture of the new Pan or what?

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Jan 11

Posts: 8414

snev says:


funny you should say that...I reckon it might be a picture of the VFR1200 touring based Pan replacement that was banded about, a couple of years ago.

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Oct 05

Posts: 538

evilamnesiac says:


I don't think you understood the point of my post, I wasn't saying all triumphs are shite, far from it. I responded to an earlier post asking if it would be top of the class, which due to a large dollop of bias in MCN it will be. Regardless of whether it's good or not, and while you may not listen to reviews when purchasing a motorcycle some riders, especially new riders do look at them, so a dodgy bias could lead them to by a bike believing it to be the best in its class, only to find its far from it. Triumph are a great British success story, Rising from ashes to become a major player. But let's not end up with the blinkered brand loyalty usually reserved for Harley and Ducati riders.

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Jun 12

Posts: 2

robespierre says:

Too late

Looks like a nice bike and I would have loved to buy British, but too late for me. I bought a BMW K1300GT SE which so far (touch wood) has been great. It also appears to be rather heavy which is also a negative point. Stll I might take a test drive yet

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Oct 10

Posts: 189

zoobaz says:

@ evilamnesiac

fair enough mate - agree with most of your comments - thanks for clarifying.

I totally agree that over exposure and journo bias can alter peoples perception of stuff - but it works both ways - both positive and negitive.. by that I mean there are a few comments on here regarding the over exposure of brands, and I think the Triumph copying this is going a bit far too. Fair enough they've built a big trailee to rival the GS, but they first released the Tiger in the early 90's (near on 20 years ago) so it's not a knee jerk reaction on their part is it? Plus, you can hardly call the Speed Triple / Street Triple Bonneville & Daytona 675 clones can you? they're all great bikes in their own right.

And, like I've said before - 'Form Follows Function' - therefore, if you're going to build a big tourer (and again, the 1200 Trophy was first released in it's different guise 20 years ago) it's bound to share some design traits with the competition!.

for example, take a Ford Fiesta, a Pug 207, a hyundai i20 and a Mazda 2 and in silouette they're all very simmilar... it's fashion!

take care you all,


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Jan 11

Posts: 8414

snev says:

Size and weight...?

Its a tourer so it neads to be big to be able to carry all the Hi Viz, Breath alizers (?) Warning Triangles, Puncture repair kits ect ect that the EU tell us to carry, to stop being Criminals abroad.

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