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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi: ‘I hope I can race next year with a competitive bike’

Valentino Rossi has again insisted his prime focus is on making Ducati’s struggling Desmosedici a race-winning package. Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta was quoted in a recent interview saying that the 33-year-old will be riding competitive machinery in 2013, but refused to say with which manufacturer. Rossi is understood to have held talks with both Yamaha and Honda but the nine-times world champion...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (27 June 2012 17:55)

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Sep 11

Posts: 305


A lot of f1 fans are switching off in droves, as the drivers are being told to conserve tyres as early as lap 2. It's not racing and if it comes to moto gp I'll be switching off too. What moto gp needs to learn from f1 is how to make money and attract big sponsors

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Jun 11

Posts: 2558

PaceyCasey says:

formula 1 has suddenly found a good balance,7 different winners in first 7 races good for the spectators and viewers.

What about the drivers? Does the newer format in F1 show the fastest man or the luckiest, and does it pander to a fickle audience or Bernies wallet? 



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Jun 10

Posts: 188

Toecutter71 says:

I think that 2013 will be last year for Rossi in  Ducati if he can not deliver to Rossi finally a balanced and full competitive bike, but again I was deeply convinced that what Valentino is in Moto GP in F1 was Ayrton, Ayrton driving power and skill is not only flowing from the drive, but from Ayrton ability to "deliver" to engineers the such information about the behavior of the car, what they no computer is not given (it is talked about a Honda engineer, he had better "sensor" for the lost tenth of seconds in each corner individually, and he knew to tell them exactly why it is losing time, what in the car must be corrected to Ayrton arrived at yet another pole position, like said a British F1 driver ... "the average driver, the last day of training is able to" find the two or three tenths " , Phenomenal driver was able to "find" half a second , while Ayrton finding the second and more a second, which is for 99% percent of drivers was unreal thing, beside of "best car".he was doing same thing in the Lotus (yes the black one JPS) whou..sorry for off...but that is my point, i really was hope that Rossi is bringing to Ducati his knowledge to recognize the technical aspect of why Ducati is not in the competitive range, and together with the designers and engineers make an bike that he will "sit" as nicely tailored glove hand under his bottom but obviously that is not case(y) whit Rossi.:)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:


"Rossi didnt have superior equipment in 2008-9-10 and still finished ahead of casey."

Did you actually write this?... JL who won on the same bike said, after taking the championship on it, that it was the best on the grid & you're saying the 2008/9/10 Ducati was better than it?... no, I  didn't think so. We'll put that one down to a keyboard slip eh?


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Apr 12

Posts: 586

best bike

i think it`s quite funny that everytime casey wins he`s on the best bike......funny though cos nobody else won a solitary race on the bike when he was with ducati and nobody has had not won the motogo crown since 2003(hayden getting lucky doesn`t count  with 1 win in a season and winning the crown was the biggest fluke in history) and never looked like doing till stoner threw his leg over it..........

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Aug 11

Posts: 795

acanada46 says:



Loris won in japan 2007,nicky won the title in 2006 because over the season he had the most points.

Casey only won the title in 2007 because he had the best overall package including bridgestones....

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Apr 12

Posts: 586

points of view

acanada......i`ve said this over and over if the ducati in 2007 was the best package and had such an advantage why is it that the nearest ducati was 7th in the championship??? when a bike is the best package u normally see lots of 1/2 finishes as with the yamaha and honda(although until stoner stepped on the honda it wasn`t winning much...3/4 races max a year).....ducati has never had one and nobody has come close on the the way about having the most points....nicky won in 2006 with 1 win in the whole season (his usual laguna seca)which has never happened before or since,it was a fluke of momumental proportions,winning a title to me means winning races and beating the other guy on the track,no winning by the other guys bike breaking down.rossi retired from 3 races which basically cost him an easy title win

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Sep 11

Posts: 546

TetsuoSama says:


Don't stress about it. When acanada says ...

"Casey only won the title in 2007 because he had the best overall package including bridgestones...."

... he also knows that the overall package includes Casey.

"Where was the nearest Ducati in 2007? That question is immaterial ,casey had the riding style that suited the bike perfectly."

See?  In their eyes, Casey's not really talented - he's just lucky to have a style that suits all the bikes he's ever ridden.

It doesn't matter that it doesn't make sense, the important part is they can hold on their ideas about Rossi being the best ever and not just some guy who has racked up the titles in an incredibly weak era on the best equipment that not even his team mate enjoyed (he's never liked that idea of anyone on equal equipment).

Until last year, Casey has never been on the premium equipment that Rossi and the Spanish golden children enjoy their whole time in the game and he spanked 'em.  He's so dominant, they're changing the rules to gimp him.  I can't imagine why on Earth would anyone have a gut-full of that?

And the whole Rossi on Ducati farce is a perfect example of what Casey's been up against.  The chips are once again loaded in Rossi's favour to look like the hero,  Ducati give Rossi more in the first few months than Casey gets in four years (and that pace of development  continued), yet Ducati get the blame for Rossi's failure while Casey gets the blame for his time on the Ducati.

It's not that their opinions are wrong, they're just the polar opposite of the truth.

Casey can only win on the best equipment?  Retarded.  Casey's the only guy that's proven he can win on B-grade stuff.  Not only does Rossi not win on B-grade stuff, he gives up and yet the fans STILL love him.

Rossi has had a tremendous career and he is an "alien", but he ain't the GOAT by a long shot.  That dude is leaving the building with a winning record against Rossi despite spending 5 years on sub-premium gear, and twos year on a premium bike.  Incredible and undeniably the greatest rider in the modern era.

Well done, Casey.  Eat shit, haters ;-)

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Jul 09

Posts: 79

DARMHA900SS says:

Mark my words

If the Engine change at Laguna Seca does not show significant improvements then Rossi will leave Ducati but he won't be on a Honda.

My guess is that he will be on ben's old factory Yamaha.

Yamaha will sign Rossi. They will also get the sponsorship they so dearly need.

They will tell Jorge and Vale, get on with the job, build a wall as high as you like but come 1st and 2nd in the 2013 championship, winning the constructors championship in the process.

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De Puniet


Sep 08

Posts: 11

De Puniet says:

Simon CBR1000

You dont fluke a world championship son. Have you ever raced a motorbike? Go and rub your two IQ points together and start a fire.

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