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Liam Marsden  says:

Assen MotoGP: Stoner eases to victory

Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner has taken his first victory since announcing his retirement ahead of team-mate Dani Pedrosa. It's the first Honda victory at Assen since Nicky Hayden in 2006. Stoner now leads the championship along with Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo failed to finish the race after he was taken out by Alvaro Bautista at the first corner as the Gresini...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (30 June 2012 14:13)

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Jul 09

Posts: 739

trailler says:


Paragraphs........:tongue: .


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Jul 12

Posts: 88

hurdyfurdy says:

team orders?

Dani got a pit board saying "T" and half a lap later he slowed for a second. Stoner went past to win. I suspect the T was for Team as in put The team first Dani. Pedrosa has had 7 years at Repsol with no world championships and seems assured of renewing with them for 2013 so is this the price he has to pay? Cal was unlucky but if Lorenzo hadn't been taken out I doubt Cal could have done better than 4th and even that presumes beating Dovi who rode a blinding race. Just my opinion. Went to Catalunya last month to see MOTOGP close up and am in awe of all of them.

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Apr 12

Posts: 586

dear john.....

come on....the yellow cock socks was fukin`s strange because all rossi has done for 3 years is moan!!!!!.....but the yellow sock wearers as we`ll call them say he`s just describing what`s happening,,,,that`s because he`s got his stupid clown face grin on when he`s doing it........i think rossi understands the need for a show better than any rider that has ever been......i think time and again in the past he`s messed with them during a race to put on a show......but now riders are faster than him and i don`t think we`ll see anything like the first 5 yrs of the this century again as all that matters now is winning boring or not

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Sep 11

Posts: 546

TetsuoSama says:

Thanks, John

"Why do I dislike Casey? Could be entirely unreasonable, but like many, I've seen and heard his complaining about anything and everything."

Oh, it's unreasonable, but at least that's in the back of your mind.

"It just seems to me that when you're paid boat-loads of money to do something that you happen to be exceptional at, a little more thinking how lucky you are is appropriate."

So Rossi, who has constantly complained and blamed the Ducati, who has attacked Ducati like Stoner never did, who is being paid much more than Casey ever was, who has a level of support that Casey never got, and only had to endure it for half as long is ... okay?

"Cal, on the other hand, seems to be honest, is grasping the opportunity he's earned, and just gets on with it."

Oh really?  You don't think his two seperate dummy-spits this weekend are getting on with it?  We're talking verbal abuse of other riders (twice) on a new level for MotoGP.  Bizarre.  He was complaining about not getting new brakes.  He was complaining that Dovi's bike was faster on the straights.  But that's just getting on with it?  Bullshit.

Bob may have been colourful about his apprasial, but he's right.  You like to think you're on some higher moral ground but, your attitude to Casey is unreasonable.  Don't expect others to entertain that without having a crack.

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Jul 09

Posts: 739

trailler says:


What dummy spits , and who did he abuse ?.

Can i get a little bit more info......ta!.

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1363

Dear John...

Gee John, that's a mighty indepth reply to a post you'd deemed irrelevant and forgotten about already?

Old Bob lives by the golden rules mate, if you have an opinion, have a reason for it and always do your best to put yourself in someones place before criticising, sort of like the thinking mans version of the 'do unto others' thingy. Doesn't make you right by any means, Christ no but it may prevent you from making a nong of yourself like you've managed to.

My good mates Wosi and co. might be as thick as my front paddock strainer posts and as one eyed as my old Aunt Edna but they rarely take the higher ground that you have. But don't let that put you off posting your well supported opinions in the future, cheers!

btw a Spaniard won motoGP in 2010 and the time before that was 11 years earlier and the time before that?

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Jun 09

Posts: 145

OxonJohn says:

Dear Bob...

I too live by golden rules Bob, and high up the list is not resorting to personal insults of riders, their fans, and other contributors. It would be nice to share opinions and have them discussed reasonably, but if all this forum allows is for the likes of you to ridicule views you don't share, I'll keep mine to myself in the future thanks! Have a nice day! 

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1363

You live by the Golden Goose.

John, I think your opinions are shallow, extremely biased and non-factual and I'm happy to point out the reason why if you wish to discuss them further. Opinions such as those are subject to ridicule and derision wherever you go. Sad but true.

btw you're doing a great job of ignoring me. Cheers.



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Oct 10

Posts: 552

noshow says:

Dear John

Are you saying that the sport needs one personality to keep it's existence? The sport needs many RIDERS and better management and more factory prototypes to continue it's existance  in my view. I choose to watch motogp to see the world's best riders on the best prototype machinery. My view of the current way MotoGp is heading is just a copy of the successful World superbike series. The lower classes of MotoGP are not bringing enough experienced talented riders to the 1st class series. Only 2 riders have made the cross over to challenge Rossi . The way that Rossi has had the first class treatment from not only Dorna but Honda,Yamaha, Michelin,Fiat and other powers that be in the  sport has also damaged the sport. The playing field has not been level in the past and is still not a level field now. From over night tyres to weight increases on already developed bikes the sport needs to be bigger than one man . When Rossi recently crashed out of an Italian race his fans all left the track before the race had finished, these are not the type of people the sport needs . It has become a italian and spainish national class (2 races in Italy and 3 in the spainish area) even if they make lots of money there they are missing out on promoting the sport in brasil or South Africa . I shall not stop watching the sport when Stoner retires the same as I did not stop watching when Doohan retired but If the CRT takes over from the Factory protoypes I like Stoner shall stop following the sport.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5185

Nostrodamus says:

John you old bull rider

It's abundantly clear you've been inculcated into the cultist religion from Tavulia. That's a fallen idol and a fake god you're bowing down to there mate. That's the problem with religion - it always attracts the weak and febble. Simoncelli being groomed as a successor? Perhaps so - for the bloody ignorant sheep like you!

Go on, let a profanity rip, we're into the second half of the year now, you deserve it. 


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