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MCn  says:

You ask/You answer: When will I have enough experience?

I ride a Kawasaki ER-6 and passed my test six months ago. When do I know I have enough experience to handle my dream bike, the BMW S1000RR? Your advice could help. Leave a comment below and we'll publish the best in MCN. Got a question? Click here to submit it.

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  • Posted 3 years ago (04 July 2012 16:18)

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May 11

Posts: 120

Will125 says:


The question here shouldn't be one of time, it should be one of road experience.. something which you have neglected to tell us. You might have passed for years, yet only ever gone out once a year, likewise, you might have passed 6 months ago, and ridden 100 miles a day.

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Apr 11

Posts: 9

Oldmanwetmix says:

If you have to ask you're not ready

I would think its a bit like getting married. You'll know when you're ready. If the ER6 does everything you want and more keep it, if you're finding it inadequate move on. How about something in between? Cal Crutchlow can outride most people with a 125 (as per MSN a couple of years ago).

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Jan 09

Posts: 210

H2pots says:


Agreed with above, if you need to ask you're not ready yet. Try something inbetween first though, go up in steps.... S1000RR is a long way from your ER6

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Jul 11

Posts: 42

cdlacey says:

Baby Steps

Why such a massive jump? The S1000R will be there in a year or two, why not get one of the previous generation R1's, 'Blades etc, or perhaps something like an 848?

I swapped my bike once I felt that it was the limiting factor, rather than my skill. As a previous poster mentions, it is kind of like marriage, you know when it's time. As tempting as an S1000R is, you would probably get more enjoyment out of something with a little less power but razor sharp handling.


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Mar 05

Posts: 35

glentraman says:

like any powerful superbike, they are pussy cat's around town, on motorways,dual's etc. it's when you open the tap's, that's what you should ask yourself, can i handle the enormous power and acceleration. reading the road for hazard's and potential threats to yourself should be easy if you have been driving a car for a couple of years.  i personally went from a thundercat to a 954 blade to 2006 gsxr 1000 and beyond and on all of them i could open the tap's and handle it (which some of my mates on there's could'nt and some still can't), some people can jump on a bike and be a natural and some are not. it takes time, some people need more time. so if you buy a bmw i say use your head build up to it

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Jul 12

Posts: 2

Stavanger says:

Twist of the wrist

I own a 2010 S1000RR with full options, ABS and traction control. In sport mode with ABS and traction control on it is as safe to ride as any other bike out there. The bike is not dangerous, but the mind that twists the wrist is.... This is my first bike. I was thinking about buying CBR1000RR or '09 R1, but the ABS and traction control eventually won me over due to safety.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:


with six months experience, good luck getting insurance (leastways, if you do get insurance, it'll be expensive).

As stated, we don't know your road experience / mileage (or indeed your age, which can make a difference, or indeed what riding you do / intend to do), and with you being at such an early stage I would say you probably still have a hell of a lot to learn.

There's plenty of good bikes in between the ER6 and the S1000RR that'll let you gain the skills and build up your insurance NCB without a massive jump in power / performance.

When all said and done, a skilled rider on a CB500 will outdo an amateur on an R1 / 'Blade / S1000RR

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Jul 12

Posts: 2

Stavanger says:


Are we talking about driving on the track with the gas fully open or public roads with speed limits??

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Dec 09

Posts: 26

GFYALL says:

AdieR's stupid comment

"When all said and done, a skilled rider on a CB500 will outdo an amateur on an R1 / 'Blade / S1000RR"

It depends where you are riding, fast A roads, or on the autobahn, even Rossi on a CB500 would be eaten for dust by anyone who legally owns and insures an S1000RR.  The insurance in itself is a pretty big disincentive to newbies (other than the rich stupid ones) to ride this bike.  This same starter rider would leave the CB500 for dust at the lights.  He would leave the CB500 rider for dust in the wet, traction control on the S1000RR doesn't require skill.  So other than a race track with lots of tight low speed corners and no real straights (Brands Indy?) I can't see your CB500 being more than an embarassing pile of junk.  But hey if you like riding the 2 wheel equivalent of a Corsa and like deluding yourself you are fast and in control, then I pity you.

Get the S1000RR, I'd even recommend it to a complete newcomer, there are rider modes galore, superb aerodynamics, feedback and it corners like nothing for the same price.  It's light and precise and flatters any normal rider.  But hey I'm sure the Jap bike loving crowd on here will frown at the ABS, traction, rider modes, Ohlins, Fab brakes and 190+bhp and 0-60 equivalent to a £1m Bugatti Veyron.  It's a bargain.

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May 09

Posts: 2573

ally600 says:

my input

build up to it.........a sports 600 is the next obvious choice and i guarantee you will not believe the power in they little buggers.............and if like me when you do get a thou you will find that the 600 handled way better (there's a good reason keith amor only would ride a 600 on the queens highway and i would ask anyone in here including the journo's to try and keep up with him:wink:   

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