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Steve Farrell  says:

SMIDSY driver cleared over rider’s death

A motorist who pulled out on a motorcyclist has been cleared of causing the rider’s death by careless driving.  Driver Ian MacIntyre, 58, was found not guilty after a jury heard he simply didn’t see Ducati rider David Blackburn, 53, who was fatally injured. MacIntyre pulled across the A155 in Hagnaby, Lincolnshire, in his Jaguar XF sports car in April...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (05 July 2012 13:30)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8645

snev says:


Spot on with the eye contact bit, I also back it up with a blip of unbaffled busa if i'm not certain they have noticed. Hi Vis makes no difference, if they don't look they won't see. Quiet bikes are more dangerous in the same way.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:


"If it was a skip lorry I bet he would've seen it" - I doubt it...

There was a case here a couple of years ago of a 20 year old in a chav chariot who darted across a level crossing because he "couldn't see the warning lights because of the low sun". Strangely, he ALSO missed the barriers across the track, the audible alarm, and 100-odd tonnes of train hurtling down the track at 60mph until it went into the side of his car. If someone can "not see" all that (or hear it), then we've got no chance on a bike....

Said chav got 6 points and a fine (I forget how much) in addition to 3 points he already had.

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Jan 12

Posts: 57

Preadator says:


If the idiot in the Jaguar could not see oncoming traffic due to the low and blinding sun he should NEVER had made the manouver, not that i believe him for a second anyway. I may be stereotyping here but most people that drive a Jaguar XF sports car do not give a damn about anyone else on the road, be it on a motorcycle or not. I bet the pompus twat went home and had a nice glass of sherry to celebrate being cleared of killing someone by careless driving.They should have locked him up and took away his license for life.

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Dec 10

Posts: 12075

preunit says:

Just a shame

Ducati don't make 18 wheelers really.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Let's have the context, please

The defence centered around the sun being low and behind the biker.  McIntyre's lawyer claimed that he looked but did not and could not see the bike, and that no driver paying reasonable care and atttention would or could have done so.  A jury of his peers accepted that "Eh, it was only a bike, they're hard to see, so fuck them, right?" defence.

So let's be clear, the law in the form of a jury of cagers won't avenge us.  We're on our own.

Rememeber, the explicit purpose of your horn is to make other road users aware of your presence.  Me, I've wired an alarm siren up to my flasher switch.  Now I just need to shed that dreadful British reticence to actually use it.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:

If the sun is out

you should be wearing appropriate eyewear and also accounting for it by waiting until any vehicles which are could be in your blinded area make themselves known.

If the motorcyclist is going seriously fast though it's quite easy to miss them whilst looking left right left and in that case the driver should hold no blame.

That case with the lorry makes it clear though - riders are expected to have far greater skills than everyone else. One thing we must always remember is that whilst yes, a person is dead, these people do not go out with the intention of killing anyone and are often decent, hard working people with families who would happily help you out if you asked them.

I approach any junction loaded with a car with a finger on the horn a finger on the brake and with a move from centre to offside which helps distinguish you from the background.

My horn is used liberally.

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Sep 11

Posts: 257

my horn is used

abruptly yeah i like to scare old ladies whilst they wait for the bus then, sometimes ill creep my bike into their backgardens and wait.............till they let little bramble the terrier out for a piss in the dead of the night then ...........BEEEP BEEEEP! r.i.p fellow biker:winkie:A Bikers Prayer
If when I die and I ride up
To those Pearlie Gates
St. Peter comes a calling
Telling me I have to wait.
” Your soul is truly welcome,
But your noisy Bike, it ain’t.”
This cannot be, or so I thought
Did I just hear him right?
That I can pass right through these Gates
But I cannot bring my bike?
“Heaven’s such a quite place,
So peaceful without sin.
A raucous Bike like yours,
Most surely won’t fit in!”
I stood there for a moment,
I guess the choice was clear.
I turned and got back on my bike,
I kicked it into gear!
Now hold on just a minute,
From the back room came a voice.
If you Walk with me a few short steps,
You’ll have reason to rejoice.
Walking down a narrow path,
We came to a garage.
Like nothing I had ever seen,
A Man Cave Taj Mahal .
The door it opened smooth as silk
It never made a noise
I looked around and was surprised
Filled wall to wall with toys
“Old Peter guards the Gate” he said
“At times he’s last to know
We sometimes add new sections here
And word gets round real slow.”
“Everything you see inside,
Is yours without a doubt.
I hope it’s to your liking
For this is your new house.”
He took me round to the back
Still reeling from this news.
Endless miles of open roads
Just waiting to be cruised.
“It was a long time coming.”
The voice said with much delight
“I hope your really happy
And that I did it right.”
Who was this mystery man
That worked so hard for me
Everything was just so perfect
Lacking nothing I could see
I stood there silent staring
Could have knocked me with feather
He took off his Golden helmet
it was Jesus clad in leathers
“I think you’ll need a partner”
Jesus said with lots of pride
There’s no need to take a short cut
Now forever we will ride!”- Skeeter

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Jan 11

Posts: 8645

snev says:

how many times....

have people in queues let drivers out into the opposite direction of traffic flow without checking for Bikers coming down the middle of the queue, with the resulting crash.? When filtering past queues of traffic assume all car drivers are being kind!!!! but for your sake be careful. Just like at Junctions. rev beep and be ready to take action every time.

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Nov 10

Posts: 18

Hwystr says:


........Sorry Mate I Don't Give a Sh*t, and neither did the jury.  What will it take to reign in these out of control car drivers?

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Mar 11

Posts: 477

If the car driver was italian...

90% of you would be saying it was a racing incident.

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