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Steve Farrell  says:

SMIDSY driver cleared over rider’s death

A motorist who pulled out on a motorcyclist has been cleared of causing the rider’s death by careless driving.  Driver Ian MacIntyre, 58, was found not guilty after a jury heard he simply didn’t see Ducati rider David Blackburn, 53, who was fatally injured. MacIntyre pulled across the A155 in Hagnaby, Lincolnshire, in his Jaguar XF sports car in April...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (05 July 2012 13:30)

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Oct 11

Posts: 2789

Piglet2010 says:

Next Time

Maybe next time, Mr. MacIntyre and his Jaguar XF will pull out without looking in front of an articulated HGV going 70 mph.

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Apr 11

Posts: 32

Hyabusa1340 says:

It's never the Car Driver.

Excuse me this makes me F------ sick. I grew up believing in justice. I do not anymore.

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Nov 08

Posts: 53

Ralinoco says:


I was taught that if you cannot see ahead do not proceed!! I'm finding it hard to believe that any jury member can sleep at night after delivering this verdict. What if their next of kin was a pedestrian and a vehicle ran them down because they weren't 'visible' what verdict would they come up with then?

This isn't justice. When are the victims of wrong-doers going to see the law come down on their side, rather than letting the perpetrators get away with "murder". Next they will be telling us that it's ok to run someone down because they weren't wearing Hi-vis!

"A storm is threatening our very lives today.Gimme shelter, It's just a shot away, it's just a shot away"................

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Jun 05

Posts: 13

r1150 says:

No Justice!!!!!

Realy shocking .......

"The jury heard Mr MacIntyre, who was travelling with his wife, described the sun as low and blinding when he looked to the left as Mr Blackburn rode along the A155 from west to east.

Robert Underwood, prosecuting, said: "On April 9 2011 at about 5.35pm David Blackburn was riding his Ducati motorbike. That motorbike automatically had illuminated it's front light.

"The weather conditions were dry, the sun was bright, the sky was clear blue."

how did this **** get off ????? thoughts are with Davids  family.

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Oct 11

Posts: 199

SundayRoast says:

Says it all

Nice to know that when a so called experienced driver (well I assume he is at 53), is blinded by the sun and cannot see, that his chosen choice is to pull out anyway.

How utterly typical of an arrogant "Jag" driver. They are a breed.

But what sums it all up is he lives in Cambridge. Dont know if any of you have ridden (or driven for that matter in Cambridge), but all the drivers there are totally clueless. They dont look, they have no roadcraft or lane disciple and you get the feeling that they feel the highway code is for "everyone else".

Maybe he is the same Jag driver that pulled out on me =six months ago when I was riding in Cambridge. No sun or weather problems that day, just blind ignorance and lack of ability.

As for this case, I feel for the riders family. Absolutely no justice from a car biased dictatorial state.

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Jan 11

Posts: 13

BradleyRob says:

More legal pressure

It is high time that more pressure was put onto Government by motoring organisations to clamp down on dangerous driving. 

This is not helped by poor public attitudes to condone speeding, eating & mobile phone usage - and lack of driver training after the L test - and no real punishment when found guilty.

We need a specialist prosecution unit for road deaths that show juries it is not the "killer" who deserves sympathy - Sadly too often the prosecution fail to work the jury to think about the deceased.

Also as with the recent case in Plymouth (Triumph Tiger man killed by reckless old lady who failed to see stopped traffic) - judges feel that community service is suitable yet you get a longer sentence for stealing from a shop!



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Oct 10

Posts: 138


I gave up on British justice many yrs ago.I have been badly injured twice by dangerous drivers,1st time a farmer towing a trailor with his tractor exited a field directly in my path,he drove off & left me unconcious in the road,no prosecution by the police,2nd time a stupid old woman turned into my left side on the A64 nr York sending me flying thru the air into the central reservation,luckily i landed between the steel barriers or i would have been killed,despite a police officer witnessing the accident no prosecution was forthcoming.Lets face it,in the British courts & the CPS's eye's we're scum,2nd class citizens & i'm affraid nothing will ever change.My thoughts go out to Mr Blackburns family for this tragic loss.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Oh, there's definitely a "fuck 'em" attitude

There's not an awful lot that we can do about juries made up of cagers, but road traffic policing and prosecution is just appalling.

Slightly exceed an arbitrary speed limit: vicious, unrelenting prosecution, because you could have killed a kitten.

Actually smash nine bells out of someone: well, that's an insurance matter, accidents will happen, boys will be boys.

Perhaps if Dibble spend less time lurking in hedgerows handing out Speed Tax Tickets, and more time investigating the scenes of actual collisions, we could get a few more incompetents off of the roads before they kill someone.

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Sep 07

Posts: 8

ida71 says:

I've had this happen a couple of times where drivers were unable to see due to the angle of the sun & it was made worse by me having my lights on, so rather than appear as a blot in the light, your headlight actually makes you invisible. It's worse because from your view point with the sun behind you the visibility is superb. So when someone pulls out you think OH Fluck & stand on the brakes. I was luck more than once. We need to be vigilant turn lights on when they are useful & off when not.  It's a sad loss to the riders family, but accidents do happen, plus most jury's will be made up of car drivers, so there is always a leaning to the car drivers perspective !  I guess the Police checked the sun angle direction at that time of day, but you never know !

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Oct 10

Posts: 19

Fragpig says:

Look but don't see

In broad daylight on a bright green Kawasaki with head light on a girl pulled out in front of me from the left. She had stopped at the junction, looked my way, straight at me, then looked left, then looked at me again, i was closer now, and slowing, i thought she was going to pull out and she did, she was on auto pilot, going through the motions of looking, but her brain wasn't registering what she was seeing. Luckily because i had assumed she was a would-be-murderer, i braked in time. I got a £60 ticket because my exhaust had no BS or E number, this Jag driver got nothing for murder.

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