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Steve Farrell  says:

SMIDSY driver cleared over rider’s death

A motorist who pulled out on a motorcyclist has been cleared of causing the rider’s death by careless driving.  Driver Ian MacIntyre, 58, was found not guilty after a jury heard he simply didn’t see Ducati rider David Blackburn, 53, who was fatally injured. MacIntyre pulled across the A155 in Hagnaby, Lincolnshire, in his Jaguar XF sports car in April...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (05 July 2012 13:30)

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Nov 08

Posts: 53

Ralinoco says:

money where our mouths are

rcraven: you're dead right. How does a group of outraged people go about appealing. This case will be cited as being acceptable to use as a bench-mark for other solicitors to get bad drivers off the hook.

I know that MAG have taken this on-board and have highlighted it on their web-site news pages, but how much can a group do without funding? I suggest anyone who isn't a MAG member and feels so strongly about this case, sign up now,join MAG: Strength in numbers! and nothing can be done without your membership funds.

rlf3: you really need to get some compassion in your soul! you hollow shell of a person.

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Nov 08

Posts: 122

rcraven says:


Just thought i would put some info in here for the benifit of all riders and car drivers alike.

If u are out early or late in the day or same in the seasons u will find at times the problem with the sun. thus one was february i think.

If the sun is at your back and u are casting a long shadow in front, the direction u are going,  then its 10 to 0ne that u will not  be seen. If another vehicle in front of u  is looking your way u may as well be a bus or a pantechnican, that driver will be blinded by the sun and there is nothing u can do, even with lights on and high vis u may as well be naked , you will not be seen. 

Understanding this should mean that u ride more defensively, position is important and speed and the anticipation of someone getting in your way. should help u be safer, but thats it and its up to u.

For drivers, i usually, if entering a road and the sun is in my eyes to my right, i throw the visor over to the window and tilt it down,  this shades my eyes and prevents sun blindness and i can see whats coming.  If travelling towards the sun the suns light will be reflected back onto your windscreen by the  black or grey plastics of the horizontal part of the  consul.  it does reduce vision quite considerably so i  place a piece of none reflective material over the consul and it totally restores vision.  Try it with a black T shirt or other none reflective material it works.


For bikers the moto crosser or adventure helmets are good as they have a long upper part which can shield the eyes from the direct effects of the  sun. Otherwise get some electricians tape and put some on the visor at the top and bottom, then the visor can be used up or down and with a slight tilt of the head once again full visibility is gained.  Always protect the eyes if visor up but tinted visors and or sunglasses are a total waste of time[ for  sunlight] as there will still be invisible or grey  areas when wearing them. remember electricians tape. doesnt mattre what colour u could co-ordinate it with the helmet perhaps.





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Oct 05

Posts: 94

boro365 says:

sun blind

rcraven  good advice but it is just as well to say close your eyes as you come to a junction and slow down, The person who pulls out last minute is still going to hit you it don't matter how much tape you have on your lid or how slow you go and you can't make everyone move there sun visor on change there seating position. unfortunately these things happen and always will some people look for a long time some people glance and go they are the lucky ones as you say you could be a bus and they don't see you as the saying goes "live life on the edge take a chance have a glance" or it would if enough people said it

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Nov 11

Posts: 202

jimbo8098 says:

Jaguar Driver!

You just know!

"By jove , the sun is extremely high today. I am sure it will move from my view as I approach this extremely busy juntion. I am sure the rapidly approaching motorcycle chap will slow down and let me out."

my rage. ALL of my rage...


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Oct 11

Posts: 2795

Piglet2010 says:


@ rcraven – I have a Fly Racing dual-sport lid, and it is fine for the Yammie TW200 (which does not like going over 50 mph for any length of time), but is way too noisy for use at higher speeds. Too bad, since it is Hi-Vis yellow-green. Are any of the more expensive dual-sport lids quieter?

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Nov 08

Posts: 53

Ralinoco says:


That's interesting, I can hardly make out at first glance, that the hi-Vis lettering that piglet2010 has included in his comments but I can sure see there's some black lettering against the grey back-ground. Roads are grey. I wonder if it really would be better if the EU make Hi-Vis compulsory? for thought!

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Nov 08

Posts: 122

rcraven says:

Hi Piglett u just have to see others going on safari or around the world to find out how popular these advanture helmets are, Guys and galls on there adventure bikes with their adventure kit and adventure panniers etc


I know that smidsys will still happen even with tape on the visor but dont forget its just advice that would do some good by improving  visibility.  Thos who have put tape on come back to me and say its the best thing they have ever done, what an improvement.

Two other things i have noticed. the first. about 25% of drivers on approach to a T junction, one  that u are approaching look the wrong way first, they will look left first and not right in your direction.  Why is that ? the vehicle driving test is specific and teaches learner drivers to always look right towards oncoming traffic first. Dont say its because of foreign drivers. Locals do it also.

Second. in the Highway code is says that u should not park within 30 ft of a road junction left or right or across the road. It is in actual offence to do so. However painted yellow lines on road are all the way round  the junction and sometimes stop maybe 10 ft onto the main road.  So drivers believe that they can park there, there being no apparent parking restrictions.  This causes a driver the need to pull out and/or edge forward untill the front of his car is nearly blocking the nearside carriageway. not a good state of afairs i think.

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May 10

Posts: 318

parris says:


Can't believe this. He couldn't see so took a punt and went anyway across a freeway. Fck me. Its gotta be manslaughter at the least

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Jul 12

Posts: 5

taylor4m says:

Punishment does not fit the crime

As a relatively new rider this worries me greatly. I am more cautious than most but the fact that this appears not to matter is a grave concern. The PUNISHMENT DOES NOT FIT THE CRIME!! Recently a woman was jailed for two years for ferrying looters around during London riots. I know its not biking but just an example of how the LAW IS JUST OUT OF TOUCH.

Just got back from a 2500 mile trek round France/Swiss/Germany and in all that riding never once had an incident. European drivers move over for you, the roads are better and they just seem more aware.

Hold your head in shame British Justice system - my thoughts to the bereaved family! :(

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Jun 09

Posts: 10

TopCat77 says:


Where is the line to be drawn? "Errrm Mr Judge, I didn't see the schoolchild crossing the road so its not my fault that rode straight over him / her."
I hate to beat the "bias" drum, but I agree that this case would have gone otherwise had it been a car-on-car crash per se. Either that, or our Jaguar driver was in a position to "sway" the decision of the court...

What we don't know is how fast the Ducati rider was going? I don't think that it should make a difference, but it could have swayed the jury's decision had he been speeding excessively?


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