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Apr 08

Posts: 1081

geoffart says:

GSX650f vs CB500s vs CBR600

just bought a GSX650f and exchanged my dying CB500s.  Now, I was expecting a massive power/ acceleration increase.. since 1/4's are 13.2 seconds and 11.94 seconds for the GSX650f.  Which is quite a difference.  I mean the GSX650f is only 1/4 second slower than the CBR600. 

The GSX650 is cool is so many other ways like its cumfy, smooth and looks good.  But I want to make sure its not restricted or losing power.  Maybe Its just the riding position that creates the illussion of a steadier ride?

Its not feeling much faster than the CB500s, if at all!

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  • Posted 3 years ago (09 July 2012 11:25)

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Mar 09

Posts: 743

bikerbit says:

could be the fern

its probably the fern deflecting the wind so it doesn't feel any faster or its power delivery is higher up the rev range than the cb500

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Aug 02

Posts: 2770

spondonste says:

Surely it should be quicker

You need to rev the GSX6 a bit to get the power. The CB5 is a middle size twin so has more low down torque. This might be one of the things that influence the acceleration - power often relates to top speed rather than acceleration and gearing will also influence things. The acceleration figures for the GSX6 were probably from ragging the engine a bit and slipping the clutch. Then again maybe it is restricted/ down on power.

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Aug 02

Posts: 1006

ANichol says:

4 cyl

gives a smoother ride and quicker revving engine which will appear less frantic than the twin which might give an illusion of a more sedate ride. The drop in wind presure from a full fairing will boost this sensation too.

I have a GSX600F (2001 edition), but for a short period of time rode a GS500 as a loan bike. Going back down, ytou notice the power drop more than you notice the power gain on the way up.

Weight of the GSX doesn't help matters though as the bike will feel more sluggish immediately off the line.

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:


As others have pointed out, the different engine configurations will make the two bikes feel completely different ion the road.  Their power characteristics are nothing alike.

There is an easy way to see what your GSX is producing and that is to stick it on a dyno.     

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Aug 02

Posts: 3293

eatcs01 says:


Get the engine warm. Get on an open, clear road. Now pull away in 1st gear, change into 2nd gear where you normally would.

Now, NAIL the throttle WIDE OPEN. DO NOT change gear until the revs hit the red line. Keep going until you're in 6th.

Then tell me the CB500 was as quick..

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Jan 10

Posts: 264

chriscg says:

Hi geoffart

I went from a cbf500(same engine i believe as a cb) to a cbr 600 a couple of months ago.

 Like yourself,i found the ride much smoother,and better for it.I much prefer the faring over naked too.

  The cbr is noticabley faster however,not as much faster as I first thought it would be.Just like you found with the gsx650 really.

 I think this is because the cb/cbf is looked upon as being really,really slow when it just isnt.So you expect more than you get with the trade up in bikes.

 Also,the inline four is so very different than the inline twin to ride that it can take some time to adjust.You have lost all that low rev grunt/torque and gained high rev power.

 Futhermore,no disrespect intended as please appriciate i dont know you but, perhaps,as eatcs01 has hinted at,you need to ride it a bit harder to really find that extra power.

 I used to wide open throttle in 2nd on the cbf quite comfertably but as yet have not done so with the cbr as im too much of a wuss.

For me personally tho,I much prefere the inline four.My cbf would get bad vibes at 65mph and now at 65mph the fun has barely begun.


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Sep 10

Posts: 61

chrisbf125 says:

Twin versus 4 cylinder

For equal engine sizes a twin makes more power in the lower half of the rev range than a four but a four makes more in the top half. So to accelerate quickly from the lights with a four you need to set the revs high (10,000 or so on my CBR600RR!) and slip the clutch. Once you get on the open road fours are faster but you may find a twin easier to ride quickly around town. 

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