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Ped Baker  says:

Poll: Tempted by a Chinese bike?

According to figures from the Motorcycle Industry Association, by the end of July new Chinese bikes will outsell new Japanese machines in the UK for the first time ever, mostly as mopeds or scooters. How tempted are you to buy a Chinese bike? pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (11 July 2012 10:46)

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Jan 10

Posts: 427

rlf3 says:


Funny that this poll has the picture it has and a response option mentions 250cc...?

There's a rumour doing the rounds that a Sinnis 250 will be on sale in the UK soon...

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Jan 11

Posts: 8081

snev says:


Well... My wife asked me to buy one (125 lexmoto) as she wanted to learn to ride, Picked up a brand new one this Saturday £1295.00 OTR. It's done 27 KM's and is now waiting to be repaired. Petrol pissing out of the Fuel cock, Petrol pissing out of the Carb overflow pipe, Can't find neutral, Front brake lever returns all the way to the throttle...(no two finger braking) Apart from that it's ace! I also bought her an NC30 circa 1989.... Rides like new cost £1500.00. End of Lesson.

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Dec 11

Posts: 6

I've got one. It's called a YBR125. It's a cracking bike and gets 115ish mpg but I am suspicious that the swinging arm and exhaust won't make it to the first MOT unless I plasticoat the suspension and repaint the exhaust every week through the winter. I've seen a few Sinnis bikes used regularly round here and they really, really don't weather well but the dealer back up is great from what I'm told and you can ride away on a brand new one for £1400. You get's what you pay for and Chinese bikes are making it more possible for people with less money to get out on two wheels. If we had to replace the YBR and needed another cheep runabout, I'd probably consider a new or tidy Chinese bike.

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Jan 11

Posts: 124

petedj says:

Why not?

My son'sChinese YBR never missed a beat and got him through his test. Very impressed .Not the most high tech but took all the grief a learner could hand out. No compaints.

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Nov 11

Posts: 109

Made in China from pig iron

As an ex motorcycle trader we had a few Korean bikes that were poor but after a few years got really good, we had a fair few new chinese bikes ranging from bollocks to garbage. To put it one way the bikes were less than the sum of their parts. We had a Baimo 125 that disassembled itself in less than 500 miles side panels & mudguard sheared at mountings exhaust manifold studs snapped. These bikes owe nothing to R & D they are very poor copies. Some have disk brakes ABS upsidedown forks that worked worse than £50 mountain bike equipment. The Honda yamaha suzuki "copy" engines are so badly put together they vibrate themselves to death. The Chinese manufacturers do not want to better themselves they have always made the worst quality products in the world and have no interest in British Standards or qc. A 10 year old Honda CG125 will serve you better than any shitty Chinese death trap no matter what the price. Their cars are no better have a look at 2007 Brilliance crash test on you tube.

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Sep 10

Posts: 832

CBR11X says:

Yamaha Trail Bike Copies

I remember a few years ago Yamaha sueing a copy-cat company. Their Chinese knock-offs had a warning that the bikes were only a toy and not designed for road use. Apparently axle bolts would snap off etc. China has become capitalist-at-all-costs. Apparently high tensile bolts were eating at their bottom line so were deemed unnecessary, which is capitalist philosphy to the n-th degree.

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Sep 09

Posts: 886

Rogerborg says:

As noted, the YBR is Chinese

You mean Chinese-branded. It's not the same thing, and neither are all Chinese-branded bikes.  Lexmoto, for example, sell bikes from 4 or 5 different manufacturers, and they're not all the same quality.  The expensive ones are not necessarily better than the cheaper ones either.

I've had two Chinese branded bikes, a Huoniao HN125-8, actually made by Dihao and now sold as the Lexmoto Vixen, and a Lifan/Skygo LF250-B, essentially a nut-and-bolt copy of the Virago 250.

They were both reasonable for the money, both had some issues which were fairly cheaply and easily rectified, and I don't really have any complaints, especially at the price.  A used Japanese branded bike for the same money makes more sense because it won't depreciate, but you're likely going to have to replace parts or do some work on either bike.  Insurance remains a pain in the arse, but they're not totally unreasonable choices.

On bigger bikes, the "CFMOTO 650NK" is now on sale in the UK, re-branded (as always) as a "WK Bikes 650i".  It's a copy of the Kawasaki ER6-n, with all the usual muddy waters about whether it's a clone or whether the Kwak or its parts is actually coming out of the same factory at a higher price.

The UK price on it is way too high - they're asking Hyosung money - and you'd be a chump to buy it new.  But if anyone is brave/daft enough to do so, they might make an interesting option a couple of years down the line, after we can see how they cope with UK winters.

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Aug 02

Posts: 550

Chinese bikes

No way would i buy one, every single Chinese bike i have seen has almost rotted in front of my eyes, appaling workmanship, appaling materials used ... would never, ever own one.

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

hell no

I make my living as an engineer.  I spend loads of hours specifying materials, coatings and processes.  Every Chinese scooter, bike or quad I have seen is made from the worst materials available.  Friends have bought them and we've repaired them together.  They pay no mind to quality of castings and machining tolerances.  Crap welding and electrics too.  All quick and dirty from start to finish.  Every one of these things has quickly corroded, bent, broke or fried something not just from use, but also from being parked.


How about India as well?  Honda and Yamaha are getting ready to offer 125 cc bikes for 500 and 810 USD.  I've paid $900 for a front wheel before.  What kind of crap materials are these made from?  I can't understand how you can procure raw materials for 500 USD, let alone cast/machine/mold it, coat it, assemble it, ship it...  You still have to pay for a facility to manufacture it, engineer it, market it, account it, warehouse parts, purchase, etc.  How good can anything that cheap be any good with this in mind?


The Chincs are laughing at us all for buying their crap and filling up our landfills with their trash, over and over, year after year.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8081

snev says:


Chinese products are everywhere, they cover all areas of retail from clothing to car parts, phones to photography, Bicycles to Binoculars. All of us are surrounded by Chinese Products. WHY ? Because we all think that they are bargains compared to Traditional well made but Dearer Products. So when all the Traditional Companies have gone we will have little choice but to buy Chinese. Fine Engineering is an art that takes many years to develope but moments to copy. I'm guilty of buying a "bargain" Bike, what a pile of poo it is.

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