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Liam Marsden  says:

BMW makes ABS standard on all new models

All new BMW motorcycles will come with ABS as standard when the 2013 models go on sale. BMW has opted to fit all their models with ABS from 2013 due to the European Union's requirement that all motorcycles sold within Europe should come with ABS as of 2016. Other than the addition of ABS, most of BMW's range get slight changes wfor...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (11 July 2012 12:57)

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Dec 09

Posts: 26

GFYALL says:

Stop the paranoia

BMW isn't the only bike selling ABS, even Harley have them. They are just preparing for the the EU legislation that will save lives for a large number of buyers of future new bikes. Everyone on their second hand Triumphs (what an ironic name for a bike that says the polar opposite about the machine and rider) doesn't have to pay a penny, won't have ABS and can continue to crash and bang when the going gets rough. This is a perfectly good piece of legislation for new bikes only. So credit to BMW for being the first bike maker to be compliant with future legislation. Triumph, when did they come first in anything? Speed? Sales? Profit? Dream on you crazy conspiracy theorists.

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Aug 02

Posts: 46

jallen says:

It was already standard across the BMW Range in reality though. Although you could order say a K1300S without ABS it would take ages to be delivered and the dealer wouldn't want to sell it on later.

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Jan 11

Posts: 127

petedj says:

Computers never screw up?

Computers don't care. I have first hand knowledge of an ABS system releasing brakes and nearly killing me. They can be trusted for many things, but not when your survival depends on them. Has your computer ever taken a dump? As for aircraft, try telling that one to the airbus demo pilot calling for full throttle and the computer decided he was landig and cut the power and landed him in the woods. I repeat, not on my bike.

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Aug 02

Posts: 70

slparry says:

Cars ...

Given that just about every car nowadays has ABS I'd think it's a proven technology and of far more benefit on a single track vehicle!

Sure you may have a 1 in a gazillion chance of it failing open, just as the autopilot failure on the aforementioned jet ... but how many millions of times has it successfully worked and saved lives?

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Jul 12

Posts: 11

JessicaS34 says:

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Sep 10

Posts: 70

RICHARD545 says:

Apologies for my ignorance

not got it on any of my bikes but why wouldn't you want it ?? Does it detract from the riding enjoyment?

OK, in the event of a failure, sure, but thats the same with brakes in general, or most other major components

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Nov 07

Posts: 35

It does work

Firstly... its switchable. This means when the weather is dry you can switch it off and it will make no difference. But when it's wet... it has saved my bike more than once. This paranoia about it screwing up is garbage. My 2008 Adventure has had so many recalls now it's a joke... but nothing for the ABS. Interestingly you can tell its working not because it releases the front brake but because it feathers the rear more. You'll be braking hard and all of a sudden the rear brake pedal will vanish from under your feet (telling you you should be using more rear) and then starts slapping away at your foot. If you were braking right in the first place it wouldn't be doing it. The ABS on my BMW is overall worth it. The electronic suspension is not... but the real life saver is the stability program. I defy anyone to high side a BMW with that on. I was coming out of a roundabout like a speedway rider last March... it got to the point where I was ramming the throttle open to try and get it to crash and it refused... just making me look like a riding god along the way... which I ain't.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:


it's more like a diktat by a bunch of unelected anti-democratic wankshafts who I should like to bet have never ridden in their lives.

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Nov 11

Posts: 202

jimbo8098 says:

Isn't ABS compulsory in Germany? Maybe thats why all their models have it nowadays...

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Jan 11

Posts: 304

TomRR says:


hundreds of thousands of hot biker men and biker babes are there... Gotta Laugh,,,, you made my day.

bet that was a geeza who posted that tosh!  or even SNEV

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