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Aug 02

Posts: 78

Cleanwipe says:

Speed limits: 40mph plan for country roads

This is on the BBC website, for f**ks sake what next?


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  • Posted 3 years ago (14 July 2012 17:34)

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Aug 07

Posts: 4227

used2bfast says:

We will

end up with a bloke walking in front with a red flag!:shock:

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Jun 09

Posts: 1050

Amateurcynic says:

Red Flag

Fit the bugger with roller skates & listen to them squeal when you push them!!:shock:

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Mar 11

Posts: 26

Drive at your own pace

The speed limit is exactly that, a limit. More specifically a maximum limit. This doesn't mean everybody should be aiming to achieve a constant maximum. If you deem it to be safe to do 60, then do 60. If it's not, don't?
There's a fabulously stupid comment on that article.
"A brilliant move and 40 yrs overdue.
Just been tailgated at 40mph in pouring rain down a winding narrow country lane for 5 miles by what passes for an intellecutal around here in rural kent - a RangeRover driver.
It won't stop people like him, but might just put the law on the right side of sensible for a change
Why, in such a situation, would this man not just pull over and let the car past? Very intellectual of him...
I ride a 125, often down country roads, when someone comes barrelling up behind me (which is often on a small bike) I pull over/wave them past. They're often thankful because they don't have to sit behind my slow arse and I'm happy because I don't have the pressure of their presence behind me.
Pride ladies and gents - Let's get it under control, eh?
As for the speed limit, when I'm granted access to the Hornet patiently waiting outside, I'll still be doing as the title of this post says.

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Aug 07

Posts: 6169

stevebaldy says:

poor farmers........

............they are going to have to have the added expense of putting limiters on their Fastracks!! :mellow:

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Apr 08

Posts: 9768

old(ish)git says:


there's plenty to choose from.....of course fitting indicators and tail lights  would be pointless because you wouldn't be able to see them through all the shit. A small number plate would be nice though....preferably not made of cardboard.:smile

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Sep 07

Posts: 2856

James600zx says:


What happened to setting the speed limit according to the 85 percentile rule, ie: the speed at which 85% of motorists judge is appropriate?

Regarding driving at your own pace, if you don't have the competence to drive at the speed limit in reasonable conditions and you're not a learner or driving a speed-limited abomination I don't see why I should have to chug along behind you and arrive late (I hate being late). If you were clogging up the drains you'd be criticised. In my view clogging up the roads is no different.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

A bloody

Range Rover driver being described as "intellectual"?? Wonders will never cease :lol:

Round here the 4x4 brigade (inc the RR brigade) put £10 of fuel in (because there's sod all money left after HP / insurance / tax etc) and dawdle about doing a steady 35 on a 60 road trying to save fuel....

The really, really irritating ones though, are those f***wits who come up behind you, overtake, and then slow down once they're in front...they want fed to a hungry crocodile.

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Mar 11

Posts: 26


Generally speaking that's very rarely the case. The vast majority of people have enough sense about them to judge what's an appropriate pace to be going, with regards to the conditions.
Plus everybody's in a rush these days (Minus old biddies who shouldn't be behind driving for more serious reasons than going a little too slow for my personal liking) for them to cause an obstruction. 
Neither do I think anyone, myself included, should feel pressured into driving faster than they feel comfortable, because someone else wants them to. It's my life and I will not slide off on a roundabout underneath a truck's wheels because John Doe decided to have a lie in then make a pit-stop at Starbucks for a soy chai tea latte before his awwwwfully important whiteboard presentation. If somewhere's so important that you cant be late, then it is up to you to set off early enough so as to avoid potential problems; slow drivers, accidents, acts of God, all included. Take some responsibility for your own time keeping. As Chris Rock's daddy used to say "There's no such thing as early; there's on time, or late."
Y'digg? :smile

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Aug 02

Posts: 817

steveb says:


the issue with the 85% rule is there are too many scratchnsniffs plodding along at 40mph on roads that are safe at 90mph plus but because they are single carriage ways with limited overtaking opportunities, the 85% can not progress at their normal speed.

Has the driving test changed in the last few years? When I did my test, failure to make decent progress was a fail...

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Apr 10

Posts: 198

arryace says:


as per usual the press have got hold of this and turned it into something it is not.

the plan is to give more flexibilty. so for example where there is a group of houses on a road with a national limit local authorities will be allowed to reduce the limit to 40 or a junction with a history of casualties.

the document also states the 85th percentile will still be the basis for calculating the apropriate limit.

the National Speed limit has been read its rights and is slowly dissapearing the Dft have been pushing this for many years now that is why we are seeing so many 50's springing up everywhere

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