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Liam Marsden  says:

Mugello MotoGP: Lorenzo eases to victory

Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo extended his championship lead today, dominating at Mugello to win by over five seconds. Lorenzo took advantage of Dani Pedrosa running slightly wide at the first corner to lead from start to finish. Pedrosa finished second, but was unable to keep up with his compatriot. Tech 3 Yamaha rider Andrea Dovizioso claimed his fourth podium finish of the season...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (15 July 2012 13:59)

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Nov 08

Posts: 95

ChrisSYD says:

As a Stoner fan, i just want him to win, but man it looks like he has spat the dummy big time..... Lorenzo is in a class of his own, ben cold pies on the same bike??????????????. i know USA Yamaha will pay for him but in no way does he deserve next years ride....Dovi was brilliant 3 podiums in a row on a satellite stuff

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May 10

Posts: 318

parris says:

Spies is bad luck?

Lorenzo is cool, he doesn't seem to have the mental issues, meltdowns, temper that plagues riders like Stoner. 

Its only now watching Lorenzo that I have realised how great an advantage having a non-plussed attitude can be. Lorenzo just doesn't let events affect his riding. 

Bradl and Dovi. I didn't know who to cheer for but I new I wouldn't be disappointed either way whoever of them won. Bradl & Dovi both should be given a factory ride if this is what they can achieve on satellite machinery. 

Cal not much to say really, we see it all on track. On Cal's performance this year he definitely isn't up to Dovi's level. Sorry Brits. 

Maybe Ben Spies is just plan old bad luck. He is certainly bad luck for Lorenzo because Spies as Jorge's team mate should be taking points of Stoner and Pedrosa. I think it will be a bit of a PR disaster if Yamaha give the ride to Spies over Dovi. I for one would think it stinks when there is such a massive difference in performance between the two.

Stoner is mentally weak I think. I also think he was frustrated when he couldn't get past Bautista and so didn't make any effort to mitigate the incident once it was happening he simply took his frustrations out on Bautista. Stoner still didn't apologise for being in the wrong he was just sorry the incident occurred. Casey has these incidents week in week out, it just can't be everyone else all the time, Casey is the common factor in all the incidents. These are the reasons I and others can't stand Casey, his personality just sucks. 

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Apr 12

Posts: 586


stoner has gone from equal on points to needing a miracle to now beat loremzo or perhaps even pedrosa in the championship......i admire his never settle for 2nd approach but it could now cost him the championship and running off the track today i think was pressure as he saw lorenzo clear off upthe road with possibly one hand on the motogp crown

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

Stoner apologised, ladies

Broaden your reading a little bit and you'll find out that Stoner has said he's sorry for the incident with Bautista. To be honest I'm not sure there was anything to apologise for - looked like a pretty straightforward racing incident to me. Bautista left a gap, Stoner went for it, Bautista closed the line and they touched. One of those cases where both sides have taken an equal risk: Bautista by leaving the corner open, Stoner by taking a lunge. Bautista didn't even mention it afterwards. Move on.

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1460

9 races to go! Can it be saved?

If I wanted to watch a race of attrition, I'd go down to the local 'Dunrootin' retirement village and watch the old fogies drop off their fkn perches! If the highlight of the race for the yoyos on this site is the position gained by Flo through doing absolutely fk all other than moving forward through others efforts, then lord help us!

Good clean move by Stoner on wobbly Bautista, solid move done in a safe manner by a rider who was clearly much faster. And who says he can't rub fairings? As for his change of fortunes and comparisons against Pedro and even Bradl's performance, just proves how different his style of using fewer rider aids is to the rest of the field. To see such a difference in performance between riders and bikes within 1/2 a season is testament to DORNA's desire to manipulate the outcome of the series. In this case it helped the Yams instead of Flo but it was always gonna advantage someone and no surprise it was the perennial all-rounder M1.

Ben Spies? Him on a motoGP bike (ANY fkn motoGP bike!) next year, is a fkn waste! Time to face facts even from someone who was looking forward to him being there, and he can take that whiney fkn neverwas, Colin Dullwards with him! Iannone to Tech3, Dovi to Factory and Cal to be slapped around for thinking he can ride the ducati like Stoner.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3391

Bultoboy says:

running off the track today i think was pressure as he saw lorenzo clear off upthe road with possibly one hand on the motogp crown

A wobble knocked the brake pads back causing the run on. Nightmare weekend for him all round, never on the pace and Lorenzo will take some catching now. Imperious today. Pedrosa very good, just not quite enough.

As for the pass on Bautista, there have been much harder passes by different riders over the years, especially one, without comment.... As for dangerous, one minute people are calling them pussies not willing to rub fairiings like the 'great one', next, they're being criticised for dirty or dangerous passing. It was nothing compared to Rossi/Gibernau. Funny how the standards change depending on who's involved. Stoner did apologise however - more selective reading.

People ragging Spies again - the bloke had dizzy spells and sickness. More bad luck that he can't control, hardly his fault, but you wonder if they should have let him race in that condition.

Crutchlow again screwed his start and if ever there was a race where being at the front through the first few corners was important it was this one. Dovi made one of the most important moves of the race pushing through to the front off the start. Once Pedrosa and Lorenzo were running one - two, positions 3 to 7 were running virtually the same pace all race meaning bridging gaps was very difficult and passing even more so. Getting to 3rd right off gave him the chance to stay there all race. Running in 7th at the same pace as everyong in front, albeit only a few seconds behind gave little chance of moving forward. Start positions are verything in races like these.

Real shame for Hayden. Great pass on Bradl, who was having a storming ride and who got him straight back which screwed Hayden's line whilst doing so, letting Rossi through. If Rossi had qualified better and been at the front of that group at the first turn instead of the back, a genuine podium was on the cards today.

What's changed Ducati's race pace this weekend - tyres anyone...

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Nov 02

Posts: 18

stidds says:

Great ride today by JL, he is by far and away the best out there.

As for the others, well Cal once again messes everything up for himself by failing to start.  I swear my Nan on her mobility scooter would be quicker off the line.  He really needs to start upping his game if he wants a factory ride next year.

Spies was embarrassing, how the hell can somebody on one of the fastest and best handling bikes, be battling with CRT bikes.  How on earth he is still in a job I don't know, if I was that bad at my job I would be sacked.  Enough with the excuses that I keep reading, poor little lamb had a belly ache, Crutchlow rode with a broken ankle at Silverstone and still finished higher.  The fact that Yamaha are going to reward his naitionality with a new contract makes a mockery of it all.  Dovi should be on the factory Yamaha next year along with JL (sorry Cal), he has shown time and time again he is easily the 2nd best Yamaha rider and should be rewarded with the factory bike next year, unfortunately it seems he has the wrong passport.


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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

One thing for sure!!!!!!!


How dumb is the Aussie ass. Making a shit pig bike his 2nd year. Hopefully the brand spanking new bike Honda will roll out tomorrow will erase all his latrine smelly shit he forced the Honda people to build him. He continues to go backwards. The dolt needs to finish high school after he retires.

Baboon man Baboon man baboon man!!! you continue to do shit on a great satellite bike, while your teammate makes you look like a pretender. Never have we seen a rider unfit to ride a bike. He dnever got it fair and square anyway. The cream always rises to the top.

Well he got here via the Great Britain passport. We can see that for sure. His 2 lucky 4th place is a thing of history, yet the drunkards from Brit continue to sing praises and elevate his continuing legend rise in their minds. Folklore!!! the Brits sure know to make them up.

Rolling Stoner is living up to his name as he exits the sport....what a shit pig builder he is. VIVA LA SHIT PIGS VIVA LA SHIT PIGS VIVA LA SHIT PIGS

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Nov 08

Posts: 95

ChrisSYD says:

Milky...put your dads cock back in your mouth......sick of hearing from you

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


nobody is perfect. and in this mugello race, stoner made mistakes. this year tire really really pain him in the ass. ASSPELATA really success with his scheme to slow stoner.


one thing for sure, stoner now must be more regret he fell at sach. like i said, if he fail get WC, he'll regret it for the rest of his life.


roll on next race.

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